AFP: American Family Physician Podcast
AFP: American Family Physician Podcast
American Academy of Family Physicians
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Needs format change
I’m begging .. please change that intro. You could also consider bringing in the authors of the articles discussed and doing Q&As / case discussion. I think that would help with getting audience engaged
Spotify please!
Love the podcast, thanks for all your hard work! I would really like it to be added to the Spotify podcasts so I can mix episodes into my driving playlists!
Always a joy to listen to.
Easy way to learn new EBP.
Love it.
Awesome Podcast
Excellent way to keep up with American Family Physician. Keep it up. I appreciate it as a busy Family Doc.
Mookie Boston
Great Fm review
Please add take home points to summarize
I think it would be beneficial if you could add a take-home points section at the end of each topic, so you can drive home what you are asking the listeners to learn/remember
Love this podcast
Keep them coming please! Such great information. Love the variety of topics and the Q&A
That theme song... Podcast used to have a lot of pearls but is now just hokey and has very little relevant content
Maine Mags
Valuable resource for med students!
Hope to keep seeing these for a long time!
Highlights Please
Severely lacking in any meaningful delivery of clinically relevant material.
Ras Twaka
Thank you!
I have a long commute to work and this podcast is a wonderful use of my time. It helps me stay up to date.
Nice podcast!!
Hosts keep the topics pertinent and focused but add a great personal touch and humor. Keep up the great job!
What happened?!?
This used to be a fantastic podcast for staying up to date and also allowed for a few laughs here and there. Unfortunately, it’s taken a back slide lately and has become droll, dry and boring. The few jokes that are attempted are just NOT FUNNY, and take up way too much air time. Case in point: the July 1st episode with the “what sound is that?” segment. Waste of time.
Colorado FP
This is wonderful! Please keep it up!
Thanks, I've been waiting for this!!!!
This is now one of my favorite podcasts. These guys do a great job with keeping it fresh and entertaining. Thank you, thank you and keep up the good work.
AFP Podcast is simply BRILLIANT!!
I'm a full time family practice physician, working mom of two small children and am also taking my board recertification exam in April for the 1st time. Finding AFP podcast on the app store was like finding a life saving oasis in the desert, it's a treasure and I enjoy listening to it every chance I get it. The team that produces the podcast is not only knowledgeable but also funny and makes the whole presentation quite entertaining and educational at the same time. I just wanted to thank the University of Arizona residents, fellows and the faculty for doing such a wonderful job for the rest of us family physicians.
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Asher MD
Refreshing and informative
Really enjoy the presentation of EB material in a fun way.
Love this!
You all make me laugh in my car every episode 😃 It’s a great start to my morning commute! I’m a NP and this helps me stay relevant and I also enjoy the content I am learning-bonus! Cannot thank you all enough for starting this podcast!
Good job
I am a primary care doc with over 20 years of practice experience and teaching experience in a family medicine residency and with medical students. I liked the format of your podcast. As an author I also enjoyed hearing about other physician authors. Nicely done!
Jack paulson
Very useful!
I like to listen to it when I'm driving. I highly recommend for medical students, residents, or anyone else interested in family medicine.
Great : great job
Great work. Enjoy listening to this during my commute to work. Thanks a million.
Great summary of each issue
Great podcast for FNP students!
Granted, I’m not a doctor and never will be, but as a FNP student after 22 years of being a critical care nurse, I appreciate the “bullet point” approach to this show. The docs are fun to listen to and make material that is not always “stimulating” fun to learn. Great focus on EBP. I’ve recruited so many docs into listening. You know what they say, “telecom, telephone, tell a nurse!”. Thanks for all the hard work!!
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Great when driving
I'm a 3rd year medical student and I use it when I have to drive long distances for rotations. Great way to jump in and immerse yourself in the medical world.
Great to listen to On my way to work, thanks!
Thank you for this podcast, especially helpful before the Boards! Love the comic-relief joking. Too much theme song, but I appreciate that it was written and performed by family doctors- could you vary the song more perhaps?
Useful and fun
Great job docs!
Big help for young busy doctors!
Time is always tight and I love that I can listen to this to and from work or at the gym. Let's me know what the current topics are and encourages me to look deeper into current guidelines. It doesn't hurt that the hosts and production quality is top notch!
Your Podcast
I am a medical professional, doing data input of emergency room cases for our hospital. This is quite tedious work, so one of my co-workers recommended I listen to Podcasts. Yours was one of the first I have tried, and I love it! Not only do I get very useful information for job purposes, but also for me as a person. I love the interaction between everyone, and your sense of humor. These podcasts help me get through some very tedious days.. And in addition, I found out about Sawbones, from one of your podcasts, and now and quite entertained by that one. Thanks you!!!
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Journal podcast
VERY well done and easy to listen and retain the information. Their sense of humor is nice too. I've been able to listen and go to the CME app and pass the tests which is further evidence to me that I am getting the info.
Mobile AAFP
Brings a busy mom up to date in 20min and entertaining at the same time ;))
Great adjunct to the journal
This is great when you need to bump up your CME hours. After listening to this, I was able to answer about 40% of the questions on the AFP questionnaire re. that issue. I can then read through to clarify whatever I missed, read another 2 articles and finish off the quiz. The reviewers are clear and bring in good practical, clinical points. I may have to increase my rating to 5 stars as I keep listening to these.
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Simply fantastic
The best medicine podcast I have found. Short and to the point. Hits the high points of the journal. High quality sound. Keep up the good work!
Best medical podcast there is!
I love the cast, they keep it light and fun!
Great Way to Stay Current
The American Family Physician is a super publication and this podcast brings it to life in an informal and entertaining way. Don't miss a single episode!
Excellent podcast
Concise and fun summary of the AFP journal
Outstanding way to catch up on AFP and CME - I hope it continues forever!!
I am a podcast addict, and finally there is one that is catching me up on the journal of my specialty and my CME. The format is concise but informative and the hosts are good podcasters (it is enjoyable listening). I feel like I am learning a lot in the most efficient way possible (I can listen while working out, cooking, etc.). Generally, there is enough info to do the CME quizzes just from listening to the podcast, but I usually have the AFP iPhone app open with the full text available while I am completing the quiz just in case. Sometimes if an article is particularly relevant/practice changing for me I go back and read it in full, but in general the podcast does a great job with telling me what I need to know from the issue. I’m in love with this podcast and I hope that it continues for many years to come so that I don’t have to come up with a new plan for keeping up with AFP and CME!!
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Keep them rolling
Great podcast! Concise but all of the information I need to know! Now one of my favorite medical podcasts.
Great podcast
Thanks for making this podcast. Format is entertaining and informative. Keep it up.
Time saver
As a busy mom, I don't have any time to myself to sit and digest an article. I love that I can listen to this podcast and if needed Reference article for more details. Great presentation you guys. Please keep it up.
Great for busy residents
Presented clearly. Great to get caught up on AAFP journals on the way home from work.
consumer/student of EBM
Fabulous and entertaining. Great music and information for the consumer.
V interested listener
Great Podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast. I listen to it on my morning and evening commute. Great updates from the AAFP journal. I recommend it to other residents.
CFM Intern Patel
Smart Residents
These residents are smart, and pretty entertaining too.
Fills a niche!
Great review! Fills a void in medical podcasts, a comprehensive review that is brief. Entertaining, focused. It's now my 1 "go to" medical podcast.
Fantastic Podcast
Fantastic podcast! I appreciate the down to earth, fun resident hosts. I find the material relevant and interesting discussed in an academic and evidence based approach. But that theme song.... Oh boy it's rough.
PA Marshall
Love it!
Really excited to have this as it is a great way to keep up with learning while driving. I've really wanted a podcast Journal Club for a long time. The only thing I wish they would do is have all of the co-hosts speak at the same volume. It is a little annoying to have to change the volume based on who is speaking.
Intelligent and Entertaining
Even if you are not a physician, there is a lot to glean from this podcast, and a lot to enjoy. The hosts are funny, witty and whip-smart. Their common-sense approach to efficacious decision-making is a technique everyone in any field should emulate. This podcast is wildly compelling, and I wish these were my doctors. Full disclosure, this podcast is sponsored by CBT. On a mission!
Brad Laybourne
This has been a missing get part of the CME equation for busy docs who might only have a commute or time with paperwork to stay UTD with the AFP. I see myself using this to cover the highlights and then reference the magazine/PDF as needed. Hope this stays around!
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