Aetheryte Radio - A Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Podcast
Aetheryte Radio - A Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Podcast
Aetheryte Radio - A Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Podcast
Gamer Escape’s Final Fantasy XIV podcast!
Aetheryte Radio 182: MMO-A-Go-Go
Aldianaux, Rook, and Xenedra take you on a trip into the wilds of MMOs, comparing and contrasting some of their favorite titles with FFIXV.
Nov 16
3 hr 8 min
Lorecast 12: Patch 5.3
Anonymoose and Ethys join the crew for our long promised deep dive of Patch 3.5's lore, along with some bonus Bozja snippets!
Nov 9
3 hr 38 min
Aetheryte Radio 181: Patch 5.35 Hands-On
Rook is frozen in digital time and space as the team discusses what we've seen of Patch 5.35 so far! Housing rears its ugly head once again, but Bozja is just in time to save the day!
Oct 18
2 hr 37 min
Aetheryte Radio 180: Live Letter LX
Today we've got everybody! And some news on both the update coming Tuesday, Patch 5.35, and Patch 5.4 coming in December. Are you guys ready for Bozja?!
Oct 11
2 hr 59 min
Aetheryte Radio 179: Tales from the Shadows (Part 2)
As we approach the end of 5.0, the FFXIV team has given us four more Tales from the Shadows stories to satiate our ever-questioning minds! This episode, we go over each of the last four tales, recounting our impressions and maaaybe doing some of our patented tin hat speculation.
Sep 21
2 hr 58 min
Aetheryte Radio 178: Housing Carousing
We're back! With Yoshi-P's latest letter to the community on upcoming housing ward increases and various Firmament related decisions. You guys know what happens when we get going on housing… It's time for some DISCUSSION!
Sep 13
2 hr 36 min
Aetheryte Radio 177: Patch 5.3 Review
Come one, come all, to the show you've all been waiting for! This week on Aetheryte Radio we'll dazzle you with our review of the latest FFXIV patch: 5.3! But wait! For one night, and one night only (until some time in the future), the fabulous Glenn Ángel will join the crew for our spoiler spectacular!
Aug 24
3 hr 7 min
Aetheryte Radio 176: Patch 5.3 Hands-On
Have you gotten to splash around in the new 5.3 patch yet!? We hope so, 'cause we have, and we're loving it! Don't worry if you haven't, though. This is a spoiler-free discussion!
Aug 16
1 hr 59 min
Aetheryte Radio 175: Patch 5.3 Preliminary Patch Notes
Are you ready for a tall sip of FFXIV content, everyone!? WE sure are! Hang out as we run down the Patch 5.3 Preliminary Patch notes in preparation for the upcoming patch itself!
Aug 10
2 hr 48 min
Aetheryte Radio 174: Live Letter LIX
Get your kicks~ From Live Letter LIX~♪ Today Aldianaux, Xenedra, and FusionX give you a rundown of the long-awaited Producer Letter Live 59!
Jul 27
1 hr 47 min
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