This Might Help with Matt Braunger
This Might Help with Matt Braunger
Matt Braunger
Ep 86 - Laura Leigh Abby is a Lot of Things, Including Here to Help!
1 hour 9 minutes Posted Jan 25, 2022 at 11:19 am.
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Show notes

Laura Leigh Abby is a mom, wife, writer, TV personality and many other things. In fact, when we connected online I noticed a bunch of spin bikes behind her. She was recording from her fitness studio, of course! You might know her from her stint on the show “Newlyweds” on Bravo TV, or from her writing, but you’re about to know her from her new podcast, Seventeen. In it, Laura will have a VO actor read from HER ACTUALY HIGH SCHOOL DIARY and HAVE THE ACTUAL LIVING PEOPLE SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT on the show to comment. That, my friends, is what the old folks call “Having some sand.” Laura and I really connected on a lot of levels and this is a great one for anybody who doesn’t know where they fit, are married, aren’t, or do or don’t have kids (LOL everyone). Listen, like, and subscribe! I’m no longer describing the calls because I want them to be a surprise. Thanks, Mightys!

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