Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
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Simply the best Motorcycle podcast.
Jim is a good interviewer. His guests are The Who’s who of the motorcycle world. If you love travel, adventure and motorcycles this podcast is for you.
Excellent interview. I always look forward to each podcast and this interview about the Ural Moto ventures was just as riveting as many of your others.We’re hoping to find an English version of the movie to get the visual of it all.
Moonshiners MC Norcal
Simply the Best, Better than all the rest.
These Martin’s put together an intriguing show with guest content that draws the listeners into the adventure stories and audible explanation of technical riding skills to promote safe practice and improve rider performance. Sponsors can’t find a better motorcycle podcast to showcase their wares. Excellent job Jim and Elizabeth, very well done.
Simply fantastic!
I discovered ARR just a couple months ago, and now I listen to it everyday - while walking the dog, going for a run, driving etc. The dscussion topics are highly relevant to my riding, the guest speakers are very knowledgeable, and Jim Martin is the perfect host/moderator. All adventure riders (young/old, newbies/exerienced, male/female, in the U.S. or anywhere in the world) will enjoy ARR podcasts. And let's all support this amazing source of information/pleasurable listening by contributing $$ directly, or indirectly by supporting the sponsors. I did it, and will do more.
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Adventure Rider Radio is the best
If I only had to listen to one motorcycle podcast this would be it! Always informed topics that make you want to ride.
This podcast is quality. It could be a radio production, but thankfully it isn’t as there would be 5 minutes of commercials for each 3 minutes of content. And, while I get the add free version, occasionally I listen for the adds. The products that endorse the show are solid and work well. The content is really the heart of it. Rider tips that even experienced riders can use as a reminder. Discussions with people who’ve “been there, done that” which can help avoid hardship. I would like to see some rider tips on trip planning and packing; maybe some YouTube content....
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ARR is the best
I’ve been a listener for years basically from the beginning. Undoubtably the best producer, interviewer and best guests in the motorcycle world. I listen to many motorcycle and adventure style podcasts and what I appreciate the most is how clean this show is. I can listen to this show with my kids and wife. Jim always has the best most relevant motorcycle content and steers towards political neutrality, and clean programming. Other shows are so full of garbage it’s almost difficult to wade through it all to find the content. ARR is truly a high quality program In every way. I Look forward to every Thursday. Thank you guys so much for giving me an enjoyable hour every week! It has become a staple in my life!
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One of the best ADV podcasts out there!
Jim has some of the best guests, best topics, and best responses of any ADV related podcast I listen to. I’m a local rider, getting away maybe a week at a time to go do BDR routes nearby and while much of the content seemingly relates to RTW styled riders, so much also translates to the riding I do. Thank you Jim!
Very informative
This is a great show and has a lot of really good information for new adventure riders and those wanting to learn different techniques.
On 2 Wheels
Big fan
Well if you’re into ADV riding, look no further. Great host, great content.
Great Podcast
I’ve been listening for about a year now and figure I better rate this podcast. Excellent interviews and information. The host has great delivery and a good quality setup. There are a lot of episodes too, I recommend going back and listening to them all.
Well done!!!
Very engaging. Great guest. Great Questions by host. Letting the guest tell their stories!!! If you are into travel and motorcycles, this podcast is for you. CHAPEAU!!!
Great content and awesome production
I can't wait for each new episode of this podcast. The topics, conversation, and guests are always top-notch, and the quality of the production is way above the norm in the podcasting world. Guests are almost never on the phone with the resulting crap audio, rather use reasonable audio gear with great quality no matter where they're connecting in from. It's also 100% family rated, both in content and language. Nice work!
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Great Show
This is a great ADV focused podcast for those who enjoy day trips, multi-day rides and beyond.
Well done
I found the show intelligent. Enjoyed it.
Too many ads
Full host, boring conversation, feels like a 2 hr long advert.
mat tel
I have been searching for a moto podcast. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am a new fan! Thank you so much for continuing to do this work.
My favorite podcast!!
I love to listen to all the moto related interviews, Jim always asks great questions and has super interesting guests. I really like the rider skills segments! Top notch! Cheers from Montana!! Keep up the good work.
montana jmac
A top Choice!
I love motorcycles and I want to get into traveling on one. Adventure Motorcycle Radio is a premium podcast with great real life stories told by the adventurers visiting the show. There are also great motorcycle and travel tips. This is a show that is so good I signed up on Patreon to support their fantastic work. Check it out!
nut grabber jim
Motorcycle Travel Experiences and Skills
I’ve been listening for a little over a year, and ARR has taken me places I will probably never go, to experience things I’ll never get to experience. I absolutely love hearing the experiences of various travelers in almost real time, as he interviews people while they are traveling. Jim Martin is one of the best interviewers I have ever heard because he asks the questions most people would never dare to ask. He also keeps the interview light on technical jargon, asking the guests to break things down in orderly, understandable bites. This is a high quality, professionally produced podcast, with an amazingly good selection of bumper music (to match the content that week) and excellent guests. If you ride a motorcycle and are looking for something more than just another podcast about how to buy another bike or buy more stuff for your bike, this is for you. This podcast is about 60% interview with travelers, 30% riding skills, and less than 10% about “stuff.” When he does a segment on “stuff” it is usually very informative, has an interview with the manufacturer, and includes first hand experience with the use of the product. For example he did a couple of segments on Satellite communication/tracking devices that included an interview with GEOS, the global call center that facilitates your rescue if you use the service. Those episodes were easily worth the (free) admission charge for the ride. The whole show is light on advertising with about 3 minutes of advertising broken into 3 segments near the beginning, middle, and end of the show. The podcast is mostly funded through donations.
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Simply the best
Interviews in depth with people who do amazing things in adventure travel and with those who just travel for its own sake. Information on places, products and techniques that any.rider can use.
57years in the saddle
Great Podcast!
June 2020 | Discovered this podcast while looking for interviews with Ted Simon. Listened to a few episodes and love it. The clarity of discussions, the range of topics, and the variety of interviewees are excellent. Well done!
Exceptional content and interviews
Although I ride a road bike and don’t ride an adventure bike off road, the content is interesting and pertinent for anyone who likes to ride motorcycles. Jim is an excellent interviewer who does an excellent job with his guests, the discussions seem almost like two friends talking and interacting. A good mix of travel tips, biographies, travel stories and rider skills/training. I feel like I always walk away from each episode with some new knowledge. It also makes me more and more tempted to get an adventure bike and try some off road riding. Thanks Jim, and Elizabeth, keep up the good work!
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The best Adventure riding content over the air.
Jim and Elizabeth have assembled world class interviews that are so valuable and entertaining. This podcast and RAW have such amazing stories about adventures all over the globe. The Rider Training is top notch… I look forward to taking my first rider training this summer, virus willing. I’ve been riding for almost 50 years and have learned so much from your show. Thank you Jim, Elizabeth and all your guest.
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My Motivation
Clearly One of the Best
I’ve been listening since the beginning and have gotten a tremendous amount of benefit—as well as joy & entertainment from Jim and Elizabeth Martin’s Adventure Rider Radio podcast. I’ve supported the show a couple of times—and this reminds me, it’s time again to provide support. Regular listeners please make time to go to the ARR website and support this outstanding podcast. Mike Margas
Best Motorcycle podcast bar none
I listen to many motorcycle podcasts and this is hands down the best. Jim does a fabulous job putting together the ideal subjects and he is an absolutely fabulous interviewer. The content is always spot on just what I need. I do a great deal of motorcycle travel and Jim’s advise has saved me many times. Enjoy
Have to agree with all the reviews. This podcast is outstanding.
Informative and entertaining!
A combination of adventure riding travel stories mixed with practical information on gear, motorcycle models and even maintenance. Never boring and always inspirational.
Interesting and Informative
By far my favorite podcast. I've learned a ton about motorcycle travel specifics and travel in general. The show is a great outlet and resource for learning about riding technique and events in the adventure world. I've even recommended the show to friends and family who have no interest in motorcycles, but do like to travel. The show is inspiring and a great listen when I'm stuck at work and dreaming about being on the road.
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Little Joe 13
Absolutely love this podcast. The interviews are wonderful, the rider skills segments are informative, and it has really inspired me to work on my off-road skills, hopefully including some professional instruction this year. Can’t say enough good about this podcast!
Rode my first ADV Bike last week
Found this podcast a few months ago. Don’t know why I didn’t hear of it sooner. I have been riding a Honda Shadow 750 for about 10 years. Mostly day trips. Lots of Tail Of The Dragon trips. Never even considered any other brand or style. But after listening to about the first 15 episodes of ARR I asked a good buddy if I could ride his 750GS and now I am so hooked. Just looking for the right bike for me now and planning on attending Overland Expo East in 2020. Absolutely LOVE this podcast. Well done Jim!
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Not what I expected.
I was skeptical and almost reluctant to listen to this podcast. I didn’t think it could offer me anything since I’m not an “Adventure Rider”. I ride a cruiser, usually to and from work, but on the weekends I usually ride through old Santa Fe, New Mexico and its surrounding cities. I do plan to travel home, Boston, from Santa Fe in the future. To my surprise this podcast is not what I expected. Each episode has a wealth of knowledge to offer. I have become a fan of this podcast and have started from the beginning. I look forward to catching up someday. Thank you.
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Jim is very professional and a great interviewer. He has guests who are famous among motorcycle travelers and skills segments from top American and Canadian instructors. Occasionally he even has something a bit off beat. Not the drivel you get from some other m/c podcasts. This is good.
Travel insights
Love listening to Jim and his guests. I'm probably not headed out on a RTW journey, but tons of great info tucked away into these episodes! * updated I just can't recommend these enough to any motorcyclist who loves to travel, lots of great tidbits in these interviews. You can hear the level of his preparation into these pieces, great questions, great guests. have a listen!
Awesome show!
Learned a lot!!
Good advise
For someone who is getting ready to travel from Alaska to South America getting a lot of good advise keep it up
Great Show
Love you guys! Keep up the good work!
Casey Reece
Excellent Podcast! Entertaining. Useful Tips. Wonderful guests.
I've been listening to this podcast for several years now. Jim is a great interviewer (a skill so many podcasters need and don't have). The guests are wonderful and bring an electic view as they come from all over the world. The rider training skills are very useful and you can put them to use even if you don't get to go offroads all that often. Keep it up! I also support them on Patreon because the caliber of entertanment is worth the few dollars a month.
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Jim does an exceptional job interviewing interesting motorcycles riders.
Quality pod riding
For all the adventurers out there, including the weekend rider, country crosser, continental explorer and round the world traveler.
Hands down the best radio show on the planet.
DK adv
Wonderful, not only for motorcycle riders!
I have recently discovered the Adventure Rider Radio podcast and I love it! I've started listening to all the shows from the beginning when it started back in 2014. Jim Martin is an excellent host and interviewer. The show is not only about adventure motorcycle riding, but it's about living life with integrity to one's deepest values, besides great practical advise on everything motorcycle. Thank you, Jim. This shows greatly contributes to my life!
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Honest and fun interviews
This is my "go to" adventure when the weather is just to terrible to ride. Hot cup o joe, iPad, easy chair, and I'm set! Thanks.
Loyal to Marriott
A Great Resource and Source of Inspiration
This podcast is such a great resouce on many motorcycle related topics. I have found the skills segments very helpful. The personal stories shared are inspirational and motivational. I have recommended this podcast to several of my friends because it is such a great connection to the ADV community and motorcycle riding in general. Thank you for your work on the outstanding content!
Down the Home Stretch to FI
Best Motorcycle Podcast
You don't have to be an "Adventure Rider" to really enjoy this podcast. Lots of fun and tips for anyone that likes to travel by motorcycle.
Great Resource/Info and fun listening.
A great resource, not just for ADV riders, but for any motorcycle or travel-interested people. This and the RAW show are top-notch.
#1 Adventure Motorcycling podcast
What an amazing source of information for everything ADV motorcycling. The vast amount of info provided is matched only by the entertainment value. I have learned so much from Jim and his guests and that knowledge and inspiration has pushed me to ride my motorcycle to two foreign countries. Keep up the good work!
Amazing Motorcycle PodCast
One of the premier, well thought out and most interesting guests. i'm never dissappointed. Listen to it on my 4 hour daily commute to work and can dream along w/the many many great stories and people interviewed. cant say enough about how well this podcast is run!!!
Podcast excellence
Jim & Elizabeth have found the secret for the perfect motorcycle podcast. Prefessional done, yet Jim has a way with this guests that allows them to open up & tell their very different life stories. They also have guests that teach about riding techniques which are so informative & helpful. I hope you will give them a listen...this podcast will not dissapoint. Thanks Jim & Elizabeth for all you do!
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Very well done show
Great guests, really interesting topics. Of all the podcasts I listen to this one is my favorite.
nailgun nels
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