Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
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Will Trade Cat-Sitting for Accommodations - Sharon and Doug Wildeboer
1 hour 34 minutes Posted May 18, 2023 at 3:00 pm.
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Show notes

Sharon and Doug Wildeboer are a close couple, used to spending time together and both ride their own motorcycles. Doug is the original motorcyclist of the two and it was his idea to travel by motorcycle in Iceland and through Europe. Sharon is a skilled rider but she describes herself as a reluctant rider although a lover of travel. Being a reluctant rider can mean a lot of stress for Sharon, which for Doug may be difficult to recognize since he’s not feeling that. But that isn’t the only challenge that Sharon and Doug have had to work through on their trip. Before they left they had saved money and rented their house out with the plan being to work remotely on the road. And so far they’ve been able to keep their trip, in their words, cost-neutral. So, travel by motorcycle, on the cheap and work on the road. How they’ve managed to do that and more, on this episode.

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