Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
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RIDER SKILLS: Adventure Motorcycle - How to Ride Obstacles on Downhill
1 hour 42 minutes Posted Sep 22, 2022 at 4:46 pm.
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Show notes

Riding a motorcycle downhill isn’t particularly difficult, but what does make it difficult and unnerving for many riders are the obstacles encountered on the hill. If it were just a steep slope with plenty of traction, the type you may have ridden in a parking garage or some other paved steep decent, it would be no problem. But in the dirt, surfaces are not flat, they don’t necessarily have good traction, they may have ruts, rocks, roots and a host of other obstacles that add to the challenge of riding downhill. On this episode of Rider Skills, Clinton Smout walks us through how to deal with each obstacle. Then he has some simple downhill riding exercises that you can practice with your own motorcycle at home, and you wont even need a hill.

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