Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
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Rising to the Challenge: Jess and Greg Stone
1 hour 39 minutes Posted Sep 8, 2022 at 5:46 pm.
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Show notes

The idea of riding a motorcycle around the world presents enough challenges for the average rider, there’s border crossings, break downs, logistics, and so many other things to consider. But, add to those challenges running a business while you’re on the road, raising funds for a charity you really care about, bringing a 75 pound German Shepherd with you, and fitting everything you need for work, your dog and camping on your bikes. These are some of the things Jess and Greg Stone have been dealing with but they’re having the time of their lives doing it. Now, it’s not always sunshine and roses, they’ve already had their share of troubles, but there isn’t anything going to stop them from riding around the world. Jim talks to Jess and Greg about how they do it, their outlook and we hear some amusing stories of things that have happened to them since they left Guatemala a few months ago. 

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