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Episode 12 - OSINT and Journalism with Teddy Wilson of Radical Reports
34 minutes Posted May 17, 2023 at 9:00 am.
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Join Joe Gray and Gourd as they welcome Teddy Wilson from Radical Reports onto their podcast. Teddy, a former US Navy crypto analyst (1999-2007), has leveraged his expertise in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) to become a successful investigative journalist and researcher in the field of the US radical right. In this engaging conversation, Teddy shares the importance of patience and attention to detail when utilizing public records, such as county property tax records, as valuable resources for uncovering information. Discover how Teddy's military background has honed the skills necessary for thriving in the world of investigative journalism. Don't miss this captivating discussion with Teddy Wilson of Radical Reports, where he provides insights into the intersection of OSINT, public records, and investigative journalism.

About Teddy:

Teddy Wilson is a journalist, researcher, and consultant, with more than a decade of experience in covering the U.S. Radical Right. Wilson was previously Staff Reporter at Rewire News Group, Research Analyst at Political Research Associates, and U.S. Investigations Editor at openDemocracy. Wilson is currently the publisher of the Substack newsletter Radical Reports, which provides research, analysis, and intelligence on the U.S. Radical Right.

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