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Episode 6 - Exploring the Intersection of OSINT and Red Teaming with Rey Bango
1 hour 11 minutes Posted Mar 9, 2023 at 9:00 am.
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Joe and Ray discuss how OSINT is used in offensive security scenarios, focusing on the importance of doing in-depth research. In order to properly use OSINT, Ray explains that it is essential to identify and map out the risks associated with an organization, as well as to do research to understand the company's structure, assets, and resources. He emphasizes that it is important to look at where the information lies, in order to get an idea of who the key people are within an organization. This could include looking for patterns in social media accounts, websites, and other sources to uncover insight on those individuals. Ray also advises that when doing the legwork, it is important to not only look at public sources, but to dig deeper. By using OSINT, companies can better understand their adversaries and develop a more effective security strategy. He further explains that it is important to constantly monitor the situation, as adversaries often change their tactics or target different areas. With the right tools and strategies in place, organizations can stay one step ahead of potential threats and be better prepared to respond. 

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  • Phone Infoga:  
  • CSI Linux:  
  • Flare VM:  
  • Parrot OS:  
  • Kali Linux: 
  • Axiom:  
  • SANS SIFT:  
  • Volatility Framework:  
  • Shodan:  
  • Michael Bazzell's Extreme Privacy:  
  • Michael Bazzell's Website:  
  • Joe's Podcast with Michael Bazzell:  
  • Joe's Podcast with Justin Seitz:  
  • Justin Seitz's Hunchly:  
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