Acting My Age with Rohini Elyse
Acting My Age with Rohini Elyse
Rohini Elyse
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Love this Podcast
I really enjoy listening to the podcast. It always puts a smile on my face & lifts my mood. Rohini is a very positive and genuine person and each episode is unique. I relate to her a lot and respect her. Thanks for putting out great content!
Truly disappointed
Lots of unchecked privilege, performative allyship, and a lot of drinking without any talk about safe and health substance use. Disappointed. I used to follow Rohini for her style and fun personality but not addressing harm done by addressing the difference between intent and impact is a no thank you for me. I lost respect there. Apologizing is the very least you can do, she did that, but I didn’t see change.
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If you’re into shallow things, you will like this
Brought in POCs as guests but have problematic views againsts POCs. This host is just in it our clout. All interviews are very surface level.
I literally love this pordcast! Rohini is so fun & relatable and listen, I am so here for the sex talk episodes. Please keep those coming haha
this his hands down my fav podcast ever!! Rohini is an angel, relatable, and honestly it’s like talking/listening to your big sister. She brings the best guests, and episodes with Katherine are always hilarious. Definitely give it a listen!!💕✨
love love love!!
i love this podcast and rohini! she’s honestly so inspiring and gives the best advice. i’m always looking forward to new eps <3
Love AMA Rohini speaks the truth about so much and it is just so fun to listen to
peaceful chats with a friend
coming to her podcast is like coming to a close friend for advice and it feels like you’re just chatting on the phone. I love how much she includes her viewers stories on here and is always open to questions and suggestions on her Instagram. I always leave feeling inspired and with recommendations. I always recommend her podcasts to my besties. 🍂🍃💕
used to love this podcast and rohini, but her lack of accountability has made it hard for me as a woman of color to keep supporting her. i wish she would’ve listened and learned and continued to do what she promised instead of making excuses and centering her feelings over lives being lost senselessly. i’ve noticed most of her followers are white/caucasian and that this space isn’t one for me and likely never was.
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Relaxing and Real
I love this podcast because of how down to earth and real Rohini is. Her topics are things she cares about, so it is interesting to hear her take on things. I like how she isn’t afraid to make mistakes and appropriately addresses it whenever people feel she has. Her voice is super relaxing and it feels like I’m chatting with a friend. Would def recommend!!
Thoughtful stories and funny reactions!
My friend and I LOVE listening to this podcast, especially on long car rides! Rohini’s reactions to her subscribers’ embarrassing story submissions are priceless and lead to even funnier stories from her! Her voice is very soothing and overall nice to listen to! Highly recommend!
Proud of you!
Hi, Hini! I’ve been such a huge fan and supporter of you and all of your endeavors since the early days. Despite everything that’s happened in the last few weeks, I’m proud of the strides you’ve taken to learn and grow! I know sometimes your apologies and posts have fallen on deaf ears, but I’ve heard you, understand you, and will continue to support you on your journey forwards. I hope you continue to use your voice and platform to amplify what matters to you. It’s so refreshing to listen to someone be vulnerable and so deeply human. I’m sending you lots of love! XOXO Natalie
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So disheartening
Intent vs impact. You say you didn't intend to hurt anyone but the impact was erroneous. Let go of your ego, do the real work, and be transparent. You know that wasn't an apology. You know your audience deserves to know that you're actually helping the Black community.
Love listening to this podcast!
Personable and perfect timing
This podcast is my favorite thing to listen to on drives. Rohini is so good at making stories relatable - especially this year. The timing for it starting was perfect.
Best podcast ever!!!
Acting my age became my favorite podcast after the first listen! Rohini does such an incredible job with every episode and you can really tell how genuine she is and how much she loves doing it! Every episode feels like I am just hanging out with my closest friends, it’s so uplifting, and truly inspiring! The topics are always so good, I especially love when she reads submissions from other viewers. It makes me feel so connected even on my loneliest days!! Love you Hini and thank you so much for creating something so wonderful 🤍🤍🤍
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Kellybelly 86724
Nothing better!
Rohini is truly a sister to me. I’ve always felt connected to her channel and content. I slip my earbuds in during a walk and feel so connected to myself and her messages. Really makes me motivated and want to do the best for the rest of the day. Thank you Rohini, my sister!!
Love this podcast!! I recently started listening but I wished I would’ve found it sooner! I love to plug in my headphones and listen to it for hours. Rohini’s voice and persona is what makes this podcast what it is. Recommended to all my friends :)
Steph Giraldo
The only podcast i listen to and probably will ever listen, love you like the big sis i never had robins🥺🥰😭
A gem
She’s so personable and real and down to earth! What is there not to love!
love rohini’s podcast!
Yes girl yes!
I love your podcast!! It’s great vibes all the way 💕✨☺️ I feel like I’m sitting and chatting it up with you and your girls :)(hehe I wish)! I can’t wait for 2021 szn 🥳
I’ve been a fan of rohini for a while on youtube, and listening to this podcast makes me love her even more. She is hilarious and I love listening to her voice on long drives. WOULD RECOMMEND!!!
Danielle Shap
Forever Follower
I first started following Rohini through YouTube, she was attending my dream school at the time as I found her through Mia Freda. I fell in love with her content and personality. I’ve eagerly awaited every video and podcast episode since. She is warm, passionate and obviously dedicated. Rohini, thank you for creating content that lifts me when I’m down. You’ve opened me up to so many possibilities, you’ve furthered my interest in spirituality and astrology, and you’ve made me excited to live the life I manifest. Love you and the Hini’s!!
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happy little fly on the wall
rohini is a super grounded presence on her podcast— hearing her conversations makes you feel like a happy little fly on the wall, learning intimately about the lives of other people. it’s a wonderful insight into not only rohini’s own life beyond her youtube channel but that of her friends and guests who come from a host of different backgrounds!! It’s an easy, lovely, natural listen. So listen!!
#1 podcast !!!
your podcast is the best part of my week. seriously have taught me so much about manifesting my dream life🥺🥺 love you!
When You Need a Friend
As an introvert who doesn’t have many female friends, this show has been my saving Grace this quarantine. Rohini has a very intentional manner with guests on her show to where it feels like a big sleepover. Her solo podcasts are also so relatable and relaxed so it’s easy listening without any sense of ‘try-hard’ or people pleasing tendencies that other podcasts have. I can tell she is herself as well, and doesn’t change for the podcast - as she is very open minded and really brings a safe, comfortable space for everyone.
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Relatable and Honest !!
I’ve been a longtime subscriber to Hin’s YouTube channel and I just love her ~vibes~ ... I feel like we’re on similar paths of continuous self reflection and self betterment but also not taking ourselves/life too seriously! Hini is one of those gals that makes you feel like you’re her BFF immediately and she keeps the podcast interesting and engaging. Queen Rohehe is an absolute gem 💖 xoxo, HLY!
Anonymoose :)
Favorite podcast!
Always boots my mood<33
Really fun and cute!
Really cute and refreshing podcast! Would definitely recommend it :)
Breath of Fresh Air
Rohini is such a delight to listen to her and podcast fills that girl talk hole I constantly need in my life! Seriously feels like your having a chat with an old friend every week even though I’m sitting in my car during rush hour completely silent and zoned out by her classy transition music lol! A must listen.
not a safe space for BIPOC
I can't continue to support her
Really disappointed with many of the things Rohini has said (and has NOT said) in regards to the blm movement. I used to adore her content and she seemed like such a genuine person but I think her privilege has allowed her to ultimately become defensive, especially in regards to criticism from POC- who she needs to be listening to!! As a fellow white woman, she really needs to acknowledge her privilege and her ability to avoid discussing politics. I hope all of the valuable feedback she is receiving helps her reflect on her views and the things she’s said on this podcast.
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Beautiful Intentions, White Fragility
Rohini, I hope that this message reaches you with education and love. I’ve been drawn to your content (especially this space) for around a year now, and I find so much fun and relaxation in your online platforms. However, your recent response to the BLM movement and your followers of color calling you INTO the conversation about race, makes me extremely uncomfortable supporting you. I know that you have beautiful intentions in life, but your privilege and fragility as a white women are of deep concern to me. It seems to me that you’ve reached a point where you are no longer open to the opinions of others around this subject, because you feel as if they are misjudging you. Take responsibility! You are very uneducated on this topic and the immense privilege you have in being able to stay sentences like “being open minded in politics” or “respected all opinions.” Yes we need to be open minded and come together as a human race at the end of the day, but for you to not immediately address that this does NOT include racism, sexism, homophobia etc, after saying that sentence, shows you have a lot to learn. I deeply encourage you to read the book “Me and White Supremacy” by Layla F Saad and do the journaling prompts. This will change your view on this entire view on the situation, I promise. You are being CALLED INTO becoming a incredible ally. If you have a space on the internet, it is your duty (and should be of your priority) to speak out about racial injustice, the most deeply rooted form of hatred on the planet. Thank you for receiving, I hope this message finds you well and encourages you to open up and receive suggestions and knowledge.
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Rachel 🌿
she just asks guests about their astrological signs, and then when they ask her what it means....she has no clue! she is a complete poser and is so fake. she only asks people about drinking, boys, and astrology. get with reality.
Like being with friends!!
I love Hini's podcast and it couldn't have started during a better time than this pandemic.. I'm an art student and had to do all my studio work from home which was really difficult for a lot of reasons, but a huge reason was that I wasn't with all my friends in the studio chatting about fun things while working. Listening to Hini's podcast while working brought a sense of community back to my practice and honestly helped me to get my work done because I had something else to focus on than the ball of clay sitting in front of me in my basement! Love you Hini thank you!
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love it!!
rohinis pod is one of the first i listened to! i didn’t think i liked podcasts but only because i hadn’t found one that suited me well. i feel like she’s having a conversation with me? it’s just fells really open and honest and i love that. of course there have been things i don’t necessarily agree with her on but i do recognize how everyone, including myself, should to be more willing to hear what others have to say. overall i enjoy the vibes every Wednesday :)
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my favorite podcast <3 Rohini always brightens my day
A huge fan of personal growth, wellness, and lifestyle chit chat types of podcasts and this one is high up there! Rohini has the most soothing voice; I always finish the podcast in such a reflective and content state. Definitely recommend! My favorite so far is by far the friends to cherish one. Helped me put words to so many feelings and really reflect on the nature of my relationships.
This podcast is wonderful! The host, Rohini, covers a diverse range of topics from self growth to relationship advice to astrology and beyond. Rohini has a beautiful way of keeping her listeners engaged and staying relatable. I definitely recommend this podcast.
I love this podcast, I haven’t missed a single episode. The vibes are always good, the guests are always hilarious and insightful and Rohini is so genuine and relatable. 10/10 would recommend 😊😊😊
very surface level content would not recommend
i’ve been following rohini for over a year now; however, she’s become very hard to like recently. putting aside that she’s been problematic (not following through with her promises, not creating a safe space for BIOPIC, traveling multiple times during a pandemic, etc) the content in her podcast seems very lazy. it lacks the creativity that her old YouTube videos once had. for example majority of her episodes consist of her followers stories and experiences. without her followers this podcast would not exist. it’s all very disorganized. i’m not sure how i would explain the podcast to someone other than a narration of a privileged white girl’s life experiences. she claims politics and human rights are ~controversial~ so she only covers surface level superficial content about her skin, diet and astrology. will no longer be listening and supporting.
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love you Rohini!! ❤️
Disappointed former listener
I discovered Rohini’s podcast a few months ago, recommended from a couple of my fav youtubers. I really loved her vibe and looked forward to new episodes every week. However, after both her social media episode and the way she’s handled the situation in the aftermath, I can no longer support her. As a woc her social media episode made me VERY uncomfortable when I listened to it, especially when she repeatedly centered her own feelings and talked about how bad SHE felt about the blm movement (she also referred to it as something that “happened in the summer” as if it hasn’t been an ongoing movement for several years now). I stayed subscribed to give her the benefit of the doubt, but since then she has continued to be defensive instead of actually listening to the justified grievances of her bipoc listeners/subscribers. She also issued an “apology” on her ig stories which consisted of more defensiveness and excuses (and also was super hard to read in an effort to maintain her aesthetics bc it seems like that’s her main priority). Literally whatever criticism you have for her she will come up with some sort of excuse instead of actually owning up to her mistakes and trying to be better. Her platform is clearly only a space for other white women, she has made it clear that us bipoc folk are not welcome and I can just no longer support someone like her.
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mike pences wig
this is...not it
this podcast is not it. I have been suspicious of rohini for a while, but ever since she was first called out for her performative activism on insta in may/june it all sort of clicked. she has continued time & time again to gaslight her followers, center her white self in conversations about BIPOC, every ‘apology’ she has issued is straight up defensive and even more upsetting since she refuses to take any ownership over her actions (& lack there of. there’s a lot out here in the podcast world, so I suggest you skip this one-trust me you’re not missing out.
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gwen carmichael
you can’t keep ignoring this!
First, I want to start out by saying that I’ve been a huge fan of Rohini for years. I have always enjoyed her aesthetically pleasing and down to earth content. However, her recent behavior has been eye-opening to say the least. Rohini’s content (particularly this podcast) has become a safe place for white priveledged women. She has hurt and betrayed her bipoc follower community by not taking any accountability for her actions, deleting any criticism, and continuing to promote racist books. It's clear she has so much to learn, but a hard to read "apology” on instagram stories isn’t enough. For someone that spouts open mindless and kindness, it’s mind boggling that she can’t stand up for what is right. This all-sides-the-media-is-toxic spirituality won’t save anyone. I am so saddened and dissapointed by this development.
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The Best for Car Rides
I recently started listening to Rohini’s podcast and I really love it. Her voice is so comforting and I love all the stories she shares about her life and experiences. I love how she shares inspirational things and how she shares her dreams and invites her audience to be a part of the storytelling too. I always look forward to Wednesdays because of you.
Lohanny Santos
Honest in the best way
Rohini has been incredibly relatable, honest, and enlightening. I thought I was her biggest “fan” before listening to her podcast and now I have a new found love for her! She is intentional, she is inspiring, and she is very insightful. In addition, she’s also extremely entertaining when talking about her experiences and gives a special outlook on her unique life. Keep an open mind while listening and explore the other ideas outside of your comfort zone! xoxo
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ch I'll iutddyjkofc
Rohini is like my older sister
When i listen to rohinis podcast I feel like my older sister is talking to me. She is honest and open about her personal experiences. She is unafraid to speak about any topic really. That’s so important because people get so uncomfortable talking about specific topics but in reality it helps you to gain understanding. For some reason people have a difficult time speaking on topics such as mental health and sex. But it’s important to have those conversations because it affects most of us. Rohini speaks so calmly and her voice is soothing, this podcast is truly a treat. I’ve learned a lot through this podcast. Rohini please never stop being yourself and don’t listen to the negativity.
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marielena diaz
my comfort show
Always such good vibes when I listen to this every Wednesday!! Rohini always has such good advice💖💖
Strawberry lover25
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