Across the Hall
Across the Hall
Cade Somers & Michelle Shelton
Across the Hall: ELA Strategies from One Door AwayAcross the Hall is a podcast for ELA teachers seeking tips and examples on how to bring the latest tech tools and strategies into their classrooms. Join hosts Cade Somers and Michelle Shelton, ELA colleagues themselves, as they seek to share actual classroom experiences along with the expertise of special guests from the world of education and ed tech.
ATH E16: Grappling Grading Part 2
Cade & Michelle return to the subject of standards-based grading to discuss their first-hand experiences with transitioning to traditional grading this school year. This episode is a follow-up to the ATH duo's interview with Khristie Goodwin in episode 15. Find out about how they have laid the groundwork for SBG at the secondary level with their students and parents, tackled early challenges, distinguished academics from behaviors, tracked progress, determined scoring practices, and corroborated effective scoring through calibration.
Oct 6, 2018
52 min
ATH E15: Grappling Grading with Khristie Goodwin
Many educators are finding that standards-based assessment is the way to go in order to best meet students' needs, guide instruction, & track growth. In this first segment of a two-parter on SBG, Cade & Michelle interview Khristie Goodwin, curriculum coordinator and special education coordinator at Oxford City Schools, where the ATH cohosts are piloting SBG in their high school. Tune in to learn more about why schools & teachers should consider SBG. They also discuss providing effective feedback, creating high quality assessments, developing dependable proficiency scales, and more. Come grapple grading with us!View the show notes at
Sep 24, 2018
1 hr 2 min
ATH E14: Redefining Relevance
A new school year is starting, summer PD is ending, and you're likely riding right down the middle of a wave of excitement and anticipation mixed with anxiety and denial. But one thing you know you want accomplished this year in your classroom is to find greater relevance for your students. Michelle and Cade discuss their thoughts and others' in this episode aimed to help ELA teachers redefine what's relevant in their classrooms. Instructional content, key skills, and targeted tasks all become topics of conversation as the ATH hosts review some high-interest summertime Tweets.To view the show notes, visit
Aug 16, 2018
43 min
ATH E13: Cultivating Culture with Joy Kirr
Been thinking about how you'll improve your classroom this fall? Think culture. Tune in to this episode to cultivate your classroom culture, led by the ideas of Joy Kirr, Genius Hour "evangelist" and author of Shift Learning: How to Implement Gradual Changes for Massive Impact in Your Classroom. Learn ways to shift how you arrange your classroom for maximum impact, build relationships with your students, transfer ownership of learning from teacher to student, communicate with parents, garner greater collaboration, and place emphasis on learning over grade-getting.Check out the show notes at
Jul 19, 2018
1 hr 18 min
ATH E12: Tech Talk with Kasey Bell
You know your students like tech. You know they need tech. But you also know that to get the most out of tech, you should use it with purpose. Join the ATH hosts as they welcome author, blogger, speaker, Google Teacher Tribe podcaster, and Google tools expert Kasey Bell for a discussion about managing tech in the classroom and carefully matching tech to specific learning targets. In their interview follow-up segment, Cade and Michelle finish out the episode adding their own flavor to some of Kasey's fantastic ideas.For the show notes, visit
May 29, 2018
1 hr 17 min
ATH E11: PD Party with Rich Czyz
Don't like the way your school does PD? Heard others whining about what they wish their school's PD offered? Then we're hosting a PD Party, and you're invited. No, not a pity party -- a P - D - Party. You know, as in professional development. Join the ATH hosts as they interview Rich Czyz, author of The Four O'Clock Faculty, to learn proven ways to make professional learning practical and even a little bit fun (the ideas he gives are actually VERY fun, but we understand if you don't fully fess up to your friends the fun PD can be). And don't miss the follow-up segment. It features a pop-up-PD-style discussion with Cade and Michelle and two of their colleagues, Mark Fuller and Lauren Phifer.For more, visit our show notes at
May 9, 2018
1 hr 17 min
ATH E10: Creative Cruise (Student Take-over Edition) with John Spencer
Take a little trip with Cade and Michelle, as well as some of their students, through this episode featuring John Spencer, author of the books Launch, Empower, and Making Learning Flow. Spencer discusses ideas about getting students to tap into creativity and answers some of the hosts practical questions about using design thinking in the classroom. Cade's and Michelle's students also get involved, offering commentary and interviewing IDEO Teachers Guild fellow Theresa Shadrix. Join this creative cruise and find out how you can make your classroom space one where students are encouraged to take risks and come up with practical solutions for real problems they or others face in the world around them.Visit our show notes at
Mar 27, 2018
1 hr
ATH E9: Wrestling Writing with Connie Hale
What's more exciting than grammar? Believe us, we know what you're thinking: Nothing! Okay, sometimes we have to wrestle with writing more than we'd like. In this episode, the ATH hosts interview Sin and Syntax author Constance Hale to discuss creative ways to stoke the fading embers of grammar instruction so that students can revive their writing and take greater pride in their craft.Learn how to pump up your students' passion for verbs, word choice, vocabulary, structure, style, and even punctuation in ATH's first episode of 2018.For the show notes, visit
Feb 21, 2018
1 hr 4 min
ATH E8: Pirate Pedagogy with Dave Burgess
Straight off a stint in the Caribbean the pirate himself, Dave Burgess, The New York Times bestselling author of Teach Like a Pirate and president of Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc., joins Cade and Michelle in a laugh-laden, energy-enriched episode all about taking teachers' traditional classrooms off life support and re-envisioning them through their non-patched piratey eyes.  Dave discusses the pirate's pedagogical life and describes how every teacher can embrace it to increase and maintain student engagement. This episode also features a discussion of the PIRATE acronym, tips on how to cultivate a pirate-like school culture, and Cade and Michelle's own Teach Like a Pirate-inspired hooks. To view the full show notes, visit
Oct 24, 2017
1 hr 17 min
ATH E7: Revving Up Writing with Angela Stockman
Is your love for teaching writing waning because your students just don't seem to be into your traditional approach? Guest Angela Stockman, author of Make Writing, discusses the research-based strategies she developed to get students up & moving, tinkering & building to -- yes, you know it's coming -- write. Discover along with the ATH hosts how to rev up your resistant students' writing using some design thinking strategies that are sure to stir up the latent love of writing your students have within.Check out the show notes here:
Oct 12, 2017
1 hr 5 min
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