AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder
AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder
AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder
A Podcast Where Extraordinary Fans Salute This Extraordinary Band
S2E7 - Mike Fraser (Part 2)
In Part 2 of this two-part series, Canadian record producer, engineer, and mixer, Mike Fraser, not only lifts the curtain behind AC/DC’s triumphant return and new #1 release, 'Power Up', but also takes on listener questions from around the globe, tackling both technical and recent band topics. The podcast dives into many of the album’s new tracks, some studio secrets and even its sentimental standout tribute to Malcolm Young. Aside from a dismal 2020, Fraser says that he has been reenergized by the absolute love of 'Power Up'.
Nov 30
50 min
S2E6 - Mike Fraser (Part 1)
If there were ever to be a sixth member of AC/DC, Mike Fraser, Canadian record producer, engineer, and mixer is that guy. In Part 1 of this two-part episode we explore Fraser’s humble beginnings as a studio janitor to recording and mixing the last six records for AC/DC—a relationship spanning 30 years with the band. Fraser goes into great detail about each album, band member, recording process, studio equipment and producers he’s worked alongside. Audiophiles will surely be thunderstruck (and Powered Up) by this latest podcast installment.
Nov 10
1 hr
S2E5 - Wade Sickler
How much would you pay for a guitar lesson with Angus Young? Meet Wade Sickler, investment manager from Bozeman, Montana, who back in 2000, doubled down for the chance of a lifetime to receive a one-on-one guitar lesson from none other than Angus Young himself. How did he pull that off? Well, let’s just say, Moneytalks!During Episode 5 from Season 2, this bus boy turned money manager goes into great detail for the first time about the bidding war, being gifted a signature cherry red Gibson SG from Angus, jamming for hours with the entire band, and essentially landing a golden ticket to see the band play on tour anywhere in the world. For fans where no dollar value is too great to celebrate this magic thing called AC/DC, this episode honors those who put their money where their mouth is.
Oct 29
43 min
S2E4 - Scott Ian
In AC/DC Beyond The Thunder podcast Season 2 Episode 4 we talk with Anthrax founder Scott Ian about his favorite band and getting matching Angus and Malcom tattoos.
Sep 29
38 min
S2E3 - Bob Defrin
Ever wonder who's responsible for that iconic AC/DC logo? If you were one of those AC/DC fans who were first arrested by the sight of Angus Young impaled by his own Gibson SG, or being violently electrocuted, or sprouting devil horns and tail—even before hearing a single chord—then have we got an episode for you. Meet Bob Defrin, AC/DC's veteran art director, responsible for helping one of the greatest bands of all time become one of the greatest brands of all time. Just sit back and relax as Bob curates the stories behind every single one of his AC/DC album designs, cover to cover. If You Want Bob (you've got it).
Aug 31
54 min
S2E2 - Lee Robinson
It turns out that AC/DC’s search for a new singer, back when Brian Johnson's hearing loss forced him to leave the Rock or Bust tour, did not begin and end with Axl Rose, who was eventually (spoiler alert) announced as Brian's replacement. Out of the four known auditions for this gig of a lifetime, Lee Robinson, frontman of the AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck out of Raleigh, North Carolina, shares his incredible experience how, for one day, he was able to stand in the shoes of Brian & Bon to sing in the presence of rock ’n' roll icons.
Aug 1
47 min
S2E1 - Lemmy
Are we kicking off Season 2 with a posthumous interview from Lemmy? You bet your Ace of Spaces we are! Does our favorite mutton-chopped Motörhead treat us to some juicy AC/DC stories? Well, not exactly. But it’s freakin' Lemmy! Who cares? Listen to how this beloved rock 'n' roll icon admits to likening his own band to AC/DC as “birds of a feather”, tries to impress a date by bringing her backstage (witnessing Bon Scott collapse), contemplate his favorite AC/DC track (including the one he covered), and answering the immortal question: Lemmy or God? Forget the Joker on this episode, Lemmy's got the Jack...& Coke.
Jul 1
25 min
Behind Beyond The Thunder - Part 1
Often told by many, including the people being interviewed, that their own "behind the scenes" adventures were just as interesting as their main objective (to find out why AC/DC matters), in this 1st installment and bridge between seasons, engineer Eric Kielb sits down with co-creators, Gregg Ferguson & Kurt Squiers to discuss the origins of 'Beyond the Thunder', how the duo were shot down in flames, the unlikely metamorphosis into a podcast, and what to expect for Season Two. Maybe it is the journey and not the destination, after all?
Jun 10
44 min
Episode 10 - Phil Carson
Don't know who Phil is? Let's just say without him, there'd likely be no AC/DC. This former Senior VP of Atlantic Records opens up the AC/DC time capsule for our listeners, indulging us with stories told first hand by someone who was not only there in the flesh, (and in the trenches) with this undisputed Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band, but also who can take credit for saving and catapulting AC/DC's monumental career. And oh yeah, how Bon Scott broke his wife's tooth...
Jan 29
37 min
Episode 9 - Slash
Saul Hudson would hear AC/DC for the first time, and earn his nickname, Slash...on the same day. Fate? We think so. Go behind the scenes of when this Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist opened up for AC/DC, why Keith Richards loves them so much, and how satisfying it is to give the Grammy's & Rolling Stone magazine the middle finger. Welcome to the Thunder, baby.
Dec 27, 2019
21 min
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