Abundant in Love Podcast
Abundant in Love Podcast
Barbara Bartosh
You gotta believe you deserve it, then you just gotta ask for it.
#25 The "Rona" Episode
Facebook Live recording. We're in our homes, some of us are not staying there, single people are jelly. Multi-person homes are going crazy. Memes are pretty damned funny. News is really scary.
Mar 31, 2020
#24 Catholic Firecracker Mary Z!
She's insightful & fun. Sassy, and happens to be a Catholic.
Mar 23, 2020
#23 Faith II - The Adult Years
A follow up from Episode #21. My Faith Journey during adulthood thus far.
Mar 16, 2020
#22 YesLove OKC
YesLove OKC are advocates of diversity, love, connection.
Mar 9, 2020
#21 The Faith Episode
What this means for you...and me.
Feb 24, 2020
#20 Interview with Life Coach Tina Terrien
Tina Terrien is a certified Health and Life Coach. Tina champions her clients in the areas of self-love. She supports woman who feel frustrated and stuck in their body. She empowers them to take action by creating healthy habits and uncovering limiting beliefs and in doing so, they experience confidence and positive body image in their transformation.Tina loves spending time with her family and teaching people how to be healthy through food prep and sharing recipes. She’s all about making cooking easy, fun and delicious. Join her facebook group to learn more. https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveyourbodyandlife/
Feb 17, 2020
#19 Interview with Eleanor Mariano
I speak with Eleanor Mariano, one of the lead coaches at Life on Fire in San Diego, and a wellness coach for mind & body.
Feb 3, 2020
#18 The "Flu" Episode: Standards
I had two days at home with the flu. I took advantage of a well moment to record an episode about setting high standards which allow people to filter or weed themselves out!
Jan 27, 2020
#17 The Concrete Rose Experience
I speak with Angela about her non-profit that helps survivors of abuse AND the company that sells products to keep women safe while providing survivors the ability to own a small business!
Jan 20, 2020
You are WORTH difficult conversations!
We are worth being heard. We are worth voicing concerns, asking questions, and wanting substance.
Jan 6, 2020
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