Abnormal Psychology Lectures
Abnormal Psychology Lectures
Dana C. Leighton
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Loved the Discussion
The only issues I really had with the podcast were that I couldn’t hear the students very good. I really like how he talked to his students about abnormal psych and how interpersonal the discussions were. He genuinely listened and validated the students feedback and gave honest straight forward replies in a very respectful and enlightening way. He also has a very laid back teaching style which made listening to the podcast very enjoyable. All around good discussion soothed my adhd brain very much :p
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Very interesting podcast but i couldnt make it through one episode because the teacher saus; uummmm 1-4 times in every sentence.
First episode
I am only one episode in and so far it’s okay, I really think that as a abnormal psychology podcast you should refrain from sharing false information. Your episode on childhood disorders featured a women who worked in a psych ward. She painted borderline personality disorder in a horrible and false light. Then also joking about “if she wanted to kill herself she would have” us down right inappropriate. Not everyone who has borderline personality disorder is violent, or self harms, or is dangerous. Those 4 point restraints she was talking about were used so she didn’t kill her self and then she makes the joke I mentioned previously? Also, not a fan with how she painted schizophrenia either. This isn’t a joke. These people are suffering every day. If you are going to have people share their opinions, maybe it should be on a day where you start off by saying that their views are personal and if they are uneducated. Spreading false information in this setting is detrimental to educating those in mental illness.
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Can’t hear!
If you’re going to let the students talk so much, give them a microphone. I feel I’m missing a lot of insight and information by not being able to hear the audience.
Not updated for the DSM 5
For anyone interested in accurate informations, do not listen!!! These lectures are old and based on DSM 4 information. They have not been updated to reflect the newly published DSM 5.
excellent intro to abnormal psych
Lots of good, solid info for an intro class. Even 7 years on. Sound quality isn't great, but the lectures are fascinating and info packed enough to make up for it. The only negative reviews seem to be people who are only interested in very specific sections and not abnormal psych in general. If you are interested in the big picture and not just a part, this is for you.
Not impressed...
First of all I think it's extremely rude to start your class off insulting the city of Spokane. Calm down because Spokane is not that small. It is the second largest city in the state, so I question your education. It's one third the size of Portland, yet you make it sound like some tiny Podunk redneck town. It's actually a really great place and it's pretty big, so you either have never been there or you exaggerate more than anyone. These lectures are so so. I find a lot of episodes lacking actual historical facts, he just kind of rambles on about his opinions. Not sure what the point of recording only yourself is, when students are constantly asking questions, but you can't hear what they are saying. I guess it doesn't really matter since most of the time this professor has no idea. He literally answers their questions, "I don't know". Wow and you are qualified to teach a college course? According to who??
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Someone who loves someone else
This guy knows very little about eating disorders. It sounds like he is trying to sell you something..:( People suffering need unconditional support from family and most importantly friends. Then they need to go to inpatient treatment where they can be detoxified for at least 2weeks and then supplemented with all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients they need. And then and only then to be treated by a new MD with a fresh outlook. After that there are tons of things that help but only if the inpatient detox and nutrient restoration is complete. It's not rocket science. My spouse is alive and healthy today... It took us 20 years with the best MD's in MN and I still had to figure it out for myself, but we still have her and she is better than ever!
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Chad Terch
Great listen for anyone interested in psychology. This Guy knows his stuff. Any way to mic the students better? I often can't make out what they're saying. It would be useful to hear them better.
Extremely helpful!
The lectures went hand in hand with the material from my online class. What I didn't understand from reading, he made up in his lectures. Definitely recommend!
Great lectures, annoying students!
I Just started listening to this lecture series in preparation for taking a writing intensive abnormal psych class next semester and I am enjoying it a whole lot. Dr. Leighton gives a great lecture and I find him very easy to listen to and he holds my attention well. I definitely give five stars to Dr. Leighton but I'm giving an overall score of four stars because some, or maybe just one quite possibly, of the students is EXTREMELY irritating. Actually kind of glad u can't generally hear the students because somebody is just rambling on to hear themselves talk and taking up a lot of lecture time. I understand asking pointed questions to clarify something for your notes or getting involved in class discussion when invited, but interrupting the professor to express your opinions and interests in the middle of lecture is rude to the professor and to the other students that are probably much more interested in the prof's lecture than they are in yours. I'm not saying it's wrong to have a discussion about issues with the prof but please save it for after class or during their office hours. I'm sure if you bring up something that he or she feels would benefit the class they will bring it up there. Don't assume what you have to say is more important than what the prof had to say. And does anyone think Dr. Leighton sounds kind of like Dennis Miller? I think that's part of the reason I find him so enjoyable to listen to.
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Excellent knowledge
Love the information in the podcasts. Only wish is to hear what the students are saying as well - especially Victor who seems to have lots of stuff to say :-) Thank you Dr. Leighton.
Absolutely Great
I found this podcast incredibly entertaining, interesting, and very easy to follow. He is a great speaker and knows how to keep the audience interested. I just wish there were more episodes! My favorite podcast out there. I strongly recommend! :)
Great lecture but so many coughing & throat related noise
I really enjoy listening to Prof. Leighton's lectures. He makes phsychology so easy to understand. Only rather huge problems I have are the noises he makes. He coughs and drinks a lot, and those noises are amplified 1000 times, like sound of thunder. In Episode 3 biochemical neurotransmitter, he made huge water-sucking noise, coughed and came back up with completely altered voice. It was comical. I really wish he would physically move away from microphone when makes these horrible sounds. I put up with all and still listen to his podcast. Prof. Leighton, please don't make horrible noises into the microphone. I beg you.
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The Best Podcast of It's Kind!
Dana C. Leighton delivers the information on Abnormal Psychology in a way that is easy to understand. I wish that more people would listen to this and be more tolerant of those who suffer from mental illnesses. We certainly need people to be more tolerant and understanding of people who suffer from these disorders, and Dana Leighton's Lectures are very enlightening. I hope to have the opportunity to hear a lot more from Dana C. Leighton in the future. I watch for new episodes of this podcast religiously. Thank you so much, Dana!
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