This Podcast is for anyone who is interested in Ableton Live. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, there’s something for all. I talk to lots of different Ableton user’s who I think are using the program in a cool unique way. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro, we’re all finding our way together. My goal is that each episode helps each one of us discover new things about Ableton, and inspire us to continue creating our best work yet! -Kevin Swartwood, Host
Episode 24 – Kojo Samuel (Stomzy, Pussy Cat Dolls, Jess Glynne, Rudimental, Plan B,  Labrinth, Ella Henderson and Anne Marie)
What an honour to get to speak with Kojo Samuel. Kojo got started playing keys with the Sugarbabes, and then from there  became musical director for some of the biggest artists out there. Kojo has worked with Stormzy, Jess Glynne, Rudimental, Labrinth, Ella Henderson, Dave, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Plan B, as well as many others. We get a chance to talk about Stormzy’s incredible 2019 Glastonbury set, and how he utilised Ableton for that performance. We also talk about working with Jess Glynne and The Pussy Cat Dolls and the many hats you have to wear as a musical director.
Jul 8
53 min
Episode 23 – Martin Roberts (M83, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, Schiller, Aelius)
Really cool to interview Martin who is a keyboard player, musical director, producer, and playback engineer. Martin and I talk about how he uses Ableton for his keyboard rig, and how he was using Ableton with M83, and Shawn Mendes as a playback engineer. Check out Martin’s band “Aelius” . If you haven’t already please follow me on Instagram.
Jun 26
1 hr 2 min
Episode 22 – Dave White (Ed Sheeran)
So cool having Dave White on the podcast. Dave is the playback tech for Ed freaking Sheeran!! We talk about the custom plugin that Ed uses within Ableton to loop everything while he performs. What it’s like to be on a tour that big, and how many people it takes to pull off something that BIG. Check out Dave’s studio .
May 26
43 min
Episode 21 – Hector Hernandez (Hektagon)
Today it’s a pleasure to have Hector Hernandez on the show. Hector is an Artist, Producer, and teaches Ableton courses at Point Blank Music School. Hector knows Ableton inside and out! We talk about recording sounds in nature to bring back into Ableton, what it takes to stream with OBS, some of his own 3D plugins, production tips, and building relationships with labels. Hektagon is a Bass House and Dnb producer with releases on labels such as Bass Machine Records, Fat!, Z audio. His début album named London (Freaks of Nature) carved him it’s own space inthe UK Dubstep/Bass music scene. Since then, he has remixed the likes of Baobingaand ID (Fat! records), High Frequency Bandwidth, which is a side project of AlexPaterson from the Orb (Malicious Damage Records), Piece of Shh…. (SvetlanaIndustries). His music has also been remixed by the likes of Culprate and Elemental. Check out Hektagon on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud some Links from the episode
May 7
48 min
Episode 20 – Laura Escudé (Ableton, Kanye West, Bon Iver and much more)
It’s a complete honour to interview Laura Escudé. Laura’s an Artist, Musician, Entrepreneur, and so much more. Laura was the first ever Ableton Certified Trainer. She has worked with Kanye West, Bon Iver, Jay Z, Porter Robinson, and many more. Links “Interested in working with Laura to level up your live show skills? Check out her online live performance program The Transmute Accelerator which starts May 4.” our sponsor – Feel free to email me at
Apr 16
36 min
AbletonCast Lockdown Update
Hi guys, I just wanted to take a min to tell you about some great deals online from Ableton and Soundtoys. Also in efforts to give you guys a bit more content to consume, I’ve started a Youtube page where I can post studio tours from previous guests, and helpful lessons for anyone interested. So check it out, we’ve got a great studio tour from Josh Gale – . And Nathan Mckay has very kindly done a cool lesson on how to create “Trap Hats” quickly and efficiently – . I hope you guys enjoy the extra content, and most importantly I hope everyone is safe and well. Nate’s tutorial Josh’s Studio tour
Apr 11
3 min
Episode 19 – Josh Gale
Josh is a producer, artist, and all around creative. It’s a pleasure to speak to Josh about how he uses Ableton in the studio and Live. Check out , , and . Special thanks to our sponsor “Recording Studio Rockstars” Podcast. Please be safe, and stay inside if possible. Sound Toys are currently giving away their “Effect Rack” to use for free till June. Check it out at Also please check out the great studio tour video of Josh’s studio on my youtube page. Thanks Josh!!
Apr 3
41 min
Episode 18 – Rachel K Collier
It was a complete honour to get to talk to Rachel about using Ableton in the Live situation. We talk about her gear, how she loops things, and what goes into making great videos for Youtube.
Mar 27
58 min
Episode 17 – Eric Downs
Eric Downs is a professional drummer/producer/musical director based in Los Angeles, CA known for his tight, producer-like drumming, extensive technical knowledge, and deep commitment to the emotional impact of the music he works on. Whether playing drums, building and directing live shows, or producing tracks for film and TV, Eric is able to draw from a breadth of musical experience to enhance the music at hand.
Mar 16
52 min
Episode 16 – Adam Marcello (Katy Perry)
Today it’s a complete honour to have Adam Marcello on the show who has played with Katy Perry for more than 10 years. He’s the musical director and knows Ableton inside and out! Today it’s also a pleasure to welcome a wicked sponsor to the show “Recording Studio Rockstars” .
Feb 17
1 hr 7 min
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