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13. "We Can't Do It All" (Interdisciplinary Relationships) with Stacy Jowett
28 minutes Posted Sep 12, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes
Welcome back to Able Voice Podcast with certified music therapists Hayley Francis Cann and Kimberly Dolan. We are excited to release this episode with Stacy Jowett. Stacy has been practicing in the field of recreation therapy for over 20 years primarily serving individuals living with mental health issues and living with dementia. Recently, to add to her therapeutic recreation education she received her B.A with a concentration in Gerontology and has also begun taking courses in end of life care. Interprofessional collaboration has always been an important aspect of Stacy’s service delivery as she believes that when professionals from different backgrounds support individuals together greater outcomes can be achieved which can be empowering and powerful for the service recipient. We’re grateful for the interdisciplinary relationship we have built with Stacy over the past few years, because as she mentions in this episode - WE CAN’T DO IT ALL!

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