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Andreessen Horowitz
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A dirty diamond in the rought
The hosts and guests are all smart and interesting people but somehow it feels like there’s a lot of bloat, forced and ultimately provides little value.
Daniel Olshansky
Love Web3 related content!
Really enjoy the guests on the show! The style of editing is a little unnatural and anxious though.
Great show, fascinating guests! 💥
No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend a16z enough. 🙌
Beat tag
This podcast should start with”DJ on da beat so issa BANGA”
Great show!
Andreessen, host of the a16z podcast, highlights all aspects of business, tech and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Super Helpful
The mini episode about the third vaccine choice really opened my eyes and answered some very important questions I had. As a potential recipient of the J&J vaccine, thank you for making that episode! Keep it up!
Great content
I learned about this podcast through darknet diaries(which I’ve been completely addicted to haha) and this has been good enough to pull me away from it. It’s comprehensive and has a very satisfying amount of technical details. It doesn’t leave me with questions and has at least a few insights per episode that had some mild “mind blown” effect.
Awesome show!
The hosts are fantastic at interviewing key guests and teasing out the valuable knowledge they have to share. I really enjoyed the interview with Andrew Chen and Brian Balfour on how leaders can still pursue growth even during the turbulent times we’re living. Great podcast.
Mark Colgan
Good conversations, Terrible production value
Love the topics, but I’m astonished that that a bunch of tech nerds seem to have no idea how to properly use recording technology.
Consistently excellent
Guest selection is great, and I like the balance and interviewer / guest dynamics. Sonar, you’re fantastic!
Jaron herad
Annie Duke review - pandering
Annie I love your book but OMG when I heard you speak with that valley girl upspeak I had a hard time listening to your important ideas. I guess you adopted that speech pattern to fit in with the SF crowed but I found it beneath your status. Andreessen does not talk that way. Minus one star for the pandering.
Volume should be higher
Please make the volume higher. Everybody can volume down, but. Sometimes volume up is not possible. Education episode has an issue with that. Come on guys, you are editing them just make your podcast accessible by bringing base volume up
Episode 588 was disappointing
The issue with these episodes containing “discussions” is the speakers are speaking in idealistic theories that overlay on top of each speaker rather than actually debating the issues and topics at hand. Would have liked to see the facilitator introduce a x vs y point of discussion rather than a 45 minute run on sentence with connector phrases such as “well it’s not even X you could expand that to Y” - superficial topic knowledge exemplified by explaining topics as “but in theory you could take all community college classes and offer them to everyone” is not particularly helpful from a learning perspective. That’s obvious. Where true knowledge is gained in these podcasts are when folks explain alternative replacement views rather than alternative rephrasings of what’s already been said.
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Interesting...but not EVERYTHING can be tied to entrepreneurship
Conversations w ppl like Alex Honnold are so great - then it becomes so boring when “then we start talking about revenue....” Keep the gold, cut the fat. Or “junk mileage” as Alex said. Sometimes it’s smart enough to have these convos w AH folks and global leaders.
Too political
We get it, you hate the US.
Loving the Journal Club
I’m really enjoying this series. The host is well informed and the guests (and their studies) are really interesting. Keep it up 🙌
Mostly really interesting
Most episodes are interesting, and presenters are super insightful on current trends across a range of topics. Pick and choose the topics you’re interested in!
Was expecting higher quality
Was expecting higher quality
John Tounger
Completely healed after 37 major operations
I love this, after being hit as a pedestrian I have healed myself completely. Medicine free, pain free, and fancy free. I have been study and doing alternative medicine modalities, fitness, Nutrition and spirituality for 33 years. I have held myself completely and Live in a state of peace, love, happiness, compassion, kindness, joy, & gratitude. I made him a miraculous recovery that is unbelievable. With catastrophic injuries you would never know anything ever happened to me. Much gratitude, Stacy Rosman
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the real Bionic woman
Identifying quality comapies <> producing quality content
Stay in your lane (or prove you can stray outside of it). a16z has been incredible at identifying firms that will generate long term shareholder value, at least to a greater extent than other venture firms (certainly some active participation in there). however, they have no expertise in creating valuable and consumable content, and this podcast is evidence of that. This is garbage. They allowed associates to create this podcast for the sale of job satisfaction. At some point the GPs have to tell them that this is sub-par and stop propping up their value and egos. I’m done.
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Good A16Z Content, but unwanted feed fillers
The podcast is insightful, but it overloads your feed with other podcast series they are promoting by publishing under this podcast line. Wish they would stay in their lane because that’s what we subscribed to.
Too much interruption
Host interrupts too much and doesn’t add value. Otherwise the content is great
just a Rangoon listener's
Great pod!
Great but...
Great content, but the primary host/Interviewer interrupts the guests quite a lot with her own thoughts. It’s unfortunate - please, let them speak.
john rickland
Is it possible to cut back on jargon?
As a dumb rube who didn’t go to business school, I sometimes get lost in sections about “first principles” or “ infomediaries”. Is it possible to at least explain some of these terms when they come up? Otherwise I love the pod, it’s always super informative and brief which is refreshing.
Couldn’t get through one episode
I tried listening to the episode on capitalism, technology, and the environment, but it was a joke. The guest MIT economist was making 300-year old arguments from Adam Smith in support of capitalism that have been debunked by Marx, Luxemburg, Lenin, and other non-bourgeois economists. He seemed to conflate capitalism with markets (one is a system of production, the other of distribution) while falsely dichotomizing capitalism and cronyism/corporatism. He argued, with I assume a straight face, that capitalism is the best system for delivering goods and services. Really? So everyone in the US who needs whatever medications to survive can easily afford and obtain them? Everyone who wants to work has a job? There’s no better way of delivering food and shelter to people? Come on! Also, try reading Engels’s “On the Condition of the Working Class in England” before talking about how great the industrial revolution was for everyone.
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F sub G
One of the best podcasts imho
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now and it’s been super helpful in both working at companies, starting and now running my own (Puma Browser, check it out if you care about privacy or new ways to monetize content 🙃)
be brave you are a grown up!
Could be terrific but don’t pander or sensationalize. The material is awesome without excessive interpretations from Sonal. Let your experts speak. Audience is sophisticated don’t need to dumb down as to how terrible the opioid crisis is. If you must shed a tear do it in private, be brave during show.
Insightful and Sometimes Very Verbose
Eclectic topics and guests draw you in - however, sometimes there’s quite the verbal battle for “most buzz words” in a single sentence or battle for the mic. Great insights also delivered - and with some work and self-reflection they could really have a deeper impact.
Super insightful conversations
Super insightful conversations, great guests, and deep-dives into pressing topics. Audio quality can be a bit awkward at times but overally a great show.
Quality all over the map
Some topics better than others which can’t be helped given wide ranging nature of topics (not every topic relevant to every listener). What can be helped is how certain moderators/interviewers seem to wish they could do all the talking. Too often the guest gets talked over by the interviewer trying to show off how smart they are. Too bad as ruins what would otherwise be a good show.
Horrible moderator
The interviewer needs to shut up and stop interrupting the guests. Completely disrupts the flow and very disrespectful to the guests. Listeners are here for the guests, not the interviewer.
Awesome Podcast!!
The host of the a16z podcast, highlights all aspects of technology, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Better than the book!
For the episode on the book “Farsighted “ — they managed to make the cast > audiobook . Which is in itself an achievement. 😘😘😘
I like that everyone speaks quickly on this podcast
The subject matter is also interesting
Joseph Bassett
Based on talks that are 4 months to about a year old
These are consistently old. Would be awesome if it wasn’t for the huge delay between recording these conversations and when they release the podcasts.
I wish they would listen more..
Great example of people talking over each other all the time, and just waiting to get their point in. I wish they would actually listen to each other especially when they bring on someone to interview. Great content but puts me off every time on how much arrogance comes through.
Improve the production quality
Want to like the content but the cuts of dialogue are so rough and obvious that it’s distracting. Didn’t you guys invest in Gimlet? Get those guys to produce your eps.
Great content, but let us decide the talking speed
The topics explored by the podcast are far-reaching and touch on tough questions facing society today. But for such sophisticated content, it is puzzling and annoying for the creators of the podcast to have the talking speed doubled in all their podcasts. It would seem ethical and correct to allow the listener to decide the speed of the podcast, rather than the other way around. I understand the hurdle of keeping podcasts short but from what I understand, the hurdle to elongate podcasts is only of time and hubris. Please allow us to listen to your podcast at regular speed if we choose to. I don’t like deciphering sentences that are being run over one another.
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emerson from cal
One of the absolute best
Maybe the most underrated podcast out there.
A great podcast for anyone in high tech or startup culture
A16Z covers a wide variety of topics in innovation and technology and has great interviews with executives and book authors in the space. The podcasts are well done and have no commercials and are usually about the right length for a work commute. The individual topics vary so if a particular podcast isn’t relevant to what you are doing just move on to the next one. I usually end up learning something even if I felt initially that the topic wasn’t going to be that interesting.
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Carl from chicago
Game changing
They're not all great but the podcasts that are great are really really great. I'm an entrepreneur so I find them extremely relevant but I think they're just really good discussions in general on tech, startups and business
Pure Gold
I would pay money for this podcast. This is my absolute favorite number 1 podcast. Hallway style conversations about the future of technology, distribution, and scaling with the smartest people alive.
Can you please publish the podcast on Google Play Music?
So that it can be easily accessible on android.
zach guo
Great topics, but audio processing makes it unlistenable
This podcast covers a range of topics usually connected with the tech world. Unfortunately, they can't resist processing the life out of the audio by cutting silent gaps and accelerating the audio. It sounds like a Micro Machines commercial. Please release an unprocessed version of the podcast.
Great show for technology and business!
Thank you for providing an entertaining and informative show for your audience!
A well produced podcast
I've listened to a few episodes now, and I'm thrilled with the host and production. Thank you kindly.
Shanta Shanta!!!
An Informative Podcast
a16z is a great podcast that covers current trends in the business and tech industries. If you like information presented by great minds in these two industries, this is a great podcast for you.
AWESOME podcast
Great conversations with some of the smartest people on the planet that help me keep up with tech and all other sorts of fields!
Fascinating conversations on emerging tech
Fascinating conversations on emerging tech
Rai 1234987
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