A Scottish Podcast the Audio Drama Series
A Scottish Podcast the Audio Drama Series
Jester's Baffies Productions
'A Scottish Podcast' is a serialised modern audio drama. It chronicles the story of Lee, a washed up former radio DJ who launches a paranormal investigation podcast. Lee wants to see his show The Terror Files mentioned up there alongside podcasts like The Black Tapes, Limetown, and The Message. And he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. Aided by his jaded musician pal Dougie, the pair travel the length and breadth of the country in search of Medieval Demon Kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Sea. So why not join them on this unique tour of the ancient and mystical lands of Scotland? You’ll walk through the long-forgotten catacombs under Edinburgh. Sail out to the lonely and abandoned island of St.Caillic. Visit dingy pubs, run-down industrial estates, and obscure non-league football grounds. The show contains strong language, “adult situations” (whatever that means), and isn’t for the easily offended.
Fish Supper Over Innsmouth | Halloween Special
Doug is down in the English seaside town of Innsmouth for his old pal Barney's leaving do. Barney is a member of the infamous Marsh family, and will soon be leaving Innsmouth to "work offshore".  Cast & Credits
Oct 2
16 min
Ode to a Podcast | Burns Night Special
Doug recites some of his poetry to an enthusiastic crowd Find them at ScottishPodcast.com/Poetry
Jan 25
5 min
Spirits of Christmas Past
"In the bleak midwinter"  We're rolling back the years to the peak of Lee's radio career. It's Christmas Eve, he's just finished his shift on Drive Time, and he's meeting Dougie in the pub for a couple of pints. What could possibly go wrong?  Cast & Credits
Dec 12, 2019
19 min
Gone | Episode 12, Season 2
The Season 2 Finale.  The curtain comes down on The Terror Files' trip up North.  What does the future hold?  Stay subscribed. Let's see what happens.  Cast & Credits Stories from 'A Scottish Podcast'  Full List of Episodes
Sep 13, 2019
21 min
A Dead Sky Over a Dying World | Episode 11, Season 2
Lee hears a supposed first-hand account of the Drumsyde Manor outbreak.  He's encouraged to leave the area as soon as possible.  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
Aug 9, 2019
14 min
The Others | Episode 10, Season 2
More details of the dark history of Drumsyde Manor are revealed - along with the true extent of Professor Chalmers' horrific Lovecraftian experiments.  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
Jul 6, 2019
14 min
Flames | Episode 9, Season 2
As darkness falls over Drumsyde Manor, the trio gather round the campfire to hear the gripping conclusion of Doug's High Fantasy manuscript.  Necromancer Bryar's undead horde approach the fragile defences of the Southern town wall, prompting the forces of Brutus the Merciless to launch an attack from the North. Against all odds, can the Empire forces hold out?  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
Jun 2, 2019
16 min
Send Yer Casuals Over Here | Episode 8, Season 2
The trio prepare to spend the night camped outside the grand ruins of Drumsyde Manor, and it's time to return to Doug's novel. There, we hear of the Dark Coalition's plans being executed to perfection. It's the eve of the Great War, and it looks like the odds are stacked firmly against the King's forces.  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
May 6, 2019
18 min
A Hooded Figure | Episode 7, Season 2
The Terror Files crew arrive at the derelict Drumsyde Manor to investigate the legend of Dr. Laura Chalmers and her Lovecraftian wartime experiments. Meanwhile, Randy's evening is brightened by news of some potential additions to his team.  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
Apr 1, 2019
18 min
The Darkness Under the Mountains | Episode 6, Season 2
In Doug's novel, Brutus the Merciless draws up his battle plans to invade the Empire. Meanwhile, Paladin Guinevere, Bard Leon, and Scribe Dougal must face down a hulking cave troll.  Credits Stories From 'A Scottish Podcast'
Mar 5, 2019
13 min
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