A Podcast with Charlie Swenson - To Hell and Back
A Podcast with Charlie Swenson - To Hell and Back
Charlie Swenson, MD
This podcast series, “To Hell and Back,” is focused on the nature of hellish experiences in life, how people get into them, and to present and discuss tools for coping with hell and getting out. The various podcasts will move back and forth between different varieties of hell in life, and different tools for coping. The tools will be drawn from dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), from other treatments, and from other life experiences.
Wise Mind – Episode 110
Charlie provides an in-depth discussion of WISE MIND as used in DBT. What is it, why is it so valuable, what are perspectives on it, what are its features, how do you access it and use it? He then discusses a painful example from his own life when he needed wise mind but failed to access it.
Mar 9, 2023
1 hr
“As Bad A Year As It Was, It Was As Good As It Could Have Been” – Episode 109
In a manner that is absolutely true to these words from her DBT and life mentor, Seth Axelrod, Andrea Gold has completed her one year of prescribed treatment for breast cancer, with the best results one can hope for. Tune in to this episode to hear Andrea celebrate the completion of the year and reflect upon how she managed the suffering (a lot) and created fun and connection through it all (a lot). She brings an infectious and intelligent enthusiasm, an emotional and affiliative personality, and a bad-ass exposure and DBT lifestyle, to rather grim cancer-related events: diagnosis, staging, mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, and survivorship. Listen, connect, reflect...learn from her.
Feb 23, 2023
1 hr 7 min
Skillful Mind Training, Embodied – Episode 107
"In this episode, Nicole and Charlie tap into the wisdom that Cem Eren has gained from two decades of training elite NBA athletes, boxers, bodybuilders, beauty contestants, and ordinary humans of all ages. In examples that extend to therapy and coaching, Cem shares how he meets his clients every single day with freshness, compassion, dignity, and nonjudgmental presence, helping them connect with their strengths while building toward their goals.
Nov 16, 2022
47 min
Identity Grammar – Episode 106
Nov 10, 2022
1 hr 8 min
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