A New History of Old Texas
A New History of Old Texas
Brandon Seale
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The Best!
I am an avid podcaster and stumbled upon this show when searching for more Texas history content. This show does NOT disappoint! I share it with anyone who will listen to me go on and on about Cabeza de Vaca😂 I’m now half way through the history of San Antonio and this show really puts it all together for me on how Texas’ independence came together. BRAVO 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Somewhere in South Texas....
The research and his story telling abilities will quickly have you grasping for the next episode. I just fell into this podcast by accident and I can’t believe how amazing it is.
pat meyer
Informative. Brandon talks really fast though.
Nic R C 829
A Wonderful Explanation of Texas History
Ever since I found this podcast I have been unable to stop listening. The stories Brandon tells and how they’re told keeps you needing to hear more and more. I am a fan of my states history and even though I’m born and raised in Arlington, Tx, I know my favorite city in Texas is San Antonio. The amount of history and culture this city contains is mesmerizing. We will be visiting soon at the end of the month! I am almost done with season 2 and I can’t wait to start season 3.
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Z. Farmer
Finally, someone tells Texas’ History well balanced.
As a lover of history, my experience is, it depends who you read or listen to, to get “a side of a story”. I feel Brandon does a great job at attempting to describe history as it was, without an agenda or doing anybody favors. It’s probably his personal multicultural experience that allows him to speak freely and unbiased. Can’t wait for future podcasts. ¡Excelente trabajo Brandon!
The Story of Cabeza de Vaca
Brandon I really enjoyed your live presentation of the condensed version of Cabeza de Vaca’s story. Looking forward to listening to the full podcast version, which I know will be as informative, engaging and entertaining as your earlier productions!
Talk faster!
Especially when pronouncing Spanish names. Great info not delivered well at all.
Excellent story telling
Great podcast - excellent story telling - good production - research, sound and and all the things that make a podcast enjoyable and entertaining really enjoying Cabeza de Vaca and will circle back to previous topics that do didn’t catch my eye the first time Add my enthusiasm to you Medina chapters as well - I did circle back
I am TheSheik
Season 3 is binge worthy
I don’t recall how I found out about this podcast but I am so glad I did. The writer and narrator, Brandon Seale, does a wonderful job of telling this most amazing tale in season 3 of Cabeza de Vaca. The Spanish expedition to explore, conquer and exploit Gulf coast Mexico turns into a 10 year ordeal of survival, suffering and endurance for 4 of the 600 original participants, the rest perishing along the way. Seale does a very admirable job of researching the expedition and then commenting on his findings. I found Seale’s narration very engaging, as if he were there telling you a wonderful tale. I dare you to listen to just one episode. You will want to follow it with another and another to find out what lies next at every crazy turn in this incredible tale.
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That was by far one of the greatest historical series I have ever heard. Excellent work! You perspectives and reflection throughout this series was perfect. Great work and thank you
Drew Axtell
History from many perspectives
It is refreshing to hear a retelling of history as it takes into account the perspective all involved. I realize that there is no way to be 100% objective in anything that is historical that is recorded primarily from the perspective of the victor. However trying to give the best context from both sides and the effort of the narrator Brandon Seal to uncover and include the nuance of the historical record. I am proud to be a Texan and proud of Texas history. My effort to rediscover more about history is to understand that not everything that is part of our past was done well or for the right reasons. This is not in anyway diminish Texas’ important role in the United States.More historian should follow the leadership and and style of this podcast’s genuine effort at objectivity in History.
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Spur houston
Excellent Series - Binge Worthy!
This is an excellent podcast for anyone who has been to Texas, lives in Texas, or wishes they lived in Texas! I’ve never been so drawn in by a history lesson that I found myself binge listening. But this series was done so well, with such great storytelling, that you just have to listen to “just one more episode!”
Chris B - Native Texan
Kudos to Brandon Seale for putting together such an interesting series of podcasts. He delivers each one in a very interesting narrative form with excellent insight and context. I truly wish he would write a book with the material.
I saw someone post about this podcast on a Texas History page on Facebook. I didn’t look at what they said, but was interested in Texas History and needed something for the drive to work. I love this podcast. Brandon Seale speaks in such an engaging manner that I can’t wait until the next episode. I went back and listen to season two and currently in the middle of season one. I truly enjoy this podcast!!!
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As a life long Texas History fanatic, I’m hardly as impressed with any new publication as I am with this podcast. The series on San Antonio is great, and I have been listening to each episode twice before moving forward. The subject of Dan Antonio specifically should be more central in Texas History classes. The episode on the Battle of the Alamo was amazing. Based on the different point of views used in the narrative, it is clear that the episode (as with the other episodes) are very well researched. Never leave reviews, but had to after the Alamo episode.
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C. Wade.. Clayton
Enthralling and informative
Really can’t recommend this enough. It would be hard to exaggerate how enjoyable and accessible Brandon’s writing is. Brandon- Thank you for highlighting the unique and culturally diverse history of Texas, still the best place in the world.
History of Texas
Never EVER stop doing what you are doing. The entire family kids and all are loving your podcasts!!!
Better and better
The first 2 seasons were so outstanding that I thought season 3 might fall short. It hasn’t. These podcasts get better and better. The Cabeza de Vaca series is great!!
Wonderful storytelling!
I’m listening to Season 3 as we are home during this pandemic. We gather around our Bluetooth speaker like families of old used to gather around the radio! Love this podcast! Cabeza de Vaca has come alive to me! I can’t wait to go back and hear Seasons 1&2. Superbly narrated!
This Guy Rocks!!
The narrative provided by Mr. Brandon Seale is bar-none one of the BEST I have heard in a long time—his engaging tone, mixture of Spanish with English, and just Great Storytelling actively involves the listener and gets you talking about the episodes with others immediately after he leaves you with a cliffhanger (in preparation for the next)! And surprisingly, Mr. Seale isn’t a Historian or Literature Major by profession—he’s actually the President of Howard Energy Mexico (a businessman in the oil & gas industry) and does the storytelling as a side-gig as the result of his Passion for History! A Great Role Model as he is a storyteller—can’t wait for other future works he ends up narrating! 👍🏽
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As a native San Antonian I was always proud of my city and state. Now, after finishing Season 1 my pride is bursting at the seams. Texas history is a requirement in the Texas Educational System. So much was glossed over. Thank you for the in depth well researched information that not only opened my eyes to the true past but also to the present. Now on to Season 2. Keep it coming!
Great pod cast
Excellent work !
Great work Brandon
Doughting Thomas
Must Listen for All History Nerds (like me)
I started this series with Finding Medina (Season 2). My five star review of Season 2 can be found elsewhere. I circled back around to the first season, which was excellent as well. I just started Cabeza de Vaca (Season 3). Honestly, the series was already good. But now, it’s gone next level. The enthusiasm of the narrator is matched by the engineering, sound, and music. If this series doesn’t grab you by the teats, then you're a stodgy turnip farmer plain and simple...and you better get your teats tested.
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Your Friend Jeb
A new history of old San Antonio
Thank you Brandon for making this podcast and thank you for inviting me to listen to it. I found it fascinating to learn about the history of San Antonio which I was not aware of. I’m so excited to continue to learn more through your podcast and learn more about the amazing city in which I live.
Erin Affeldt
How did I not find this podcast sooner? Brandon Seale’s enthusiasm and passion for Texas history is contagious. I wasn’t born and raised in Texas but have been here for almost a decade and absolutely love it. I’m excited to learn more about the great city I live in.
Melissa Montelongo
A must-listen
Even as an avid history buff and native Texan, I’m continually surprised by the amount of new and interesting things that are shared on this podcast. Definitely deserves a listen!
A New History of Old Texas
I have enjoyed Texas history for over 60 years starting with when Texas students were required to take a course in Texas history in the seventh grade. Having grown up in West Texas and lived my adult life in San Antonio, I saw the sites of where so much of Texas history occurred. As a former mayor of San Antonio I was particularly interested in the civic and political actions, culminating in the Battle of the Alamo, that formed Texas into something very special. I’ve sought and read many books on Texas history, in particular those by TR Fehrenbach. This podcast series by Brandon Seale brings all of that history together in a most enlightening and interesting way. I encourage all Texans, and those who want to become Texans, to listen to these podcasts and you’ll learn to love Texas even more. Bill Thornton
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Great Work
Came across this podcast from a referral from the Wise About Texas podcast. I have not been disappointed with the information presented so far.
MKG 2626
Excellent Texas history podcast
Excellent work. I will be listening to this over again.
One of my favorite podcast
I’ve listened to this twice. And makes me love texas even the more!!
Great !!!
Very well done thanks for your hard work
So glad I came across this!
Wow. What a well done podcast. As I’m preparing to move from Texas back to the Midwest I’ve been enjoying learning more and more about this great state. Not only is this incredibly fascinating, it is so well done and leaving me anxious for the next episodes.
Super entertaining & packed with great info
Really appreciate the effort put into this series by Brandon and the team. Great detail and pace.
Perfect way to learn ALL of the history of San Antonio and South Texas
I have lived in 16 cities, and I usually delve into the local history. I have been in San Antonio two years, and I'm sad that I have not done my usual sleuthing to learn more aside from visiting the museum at Mission San Jose three times and the Witte once. I enjoy learning the background of place names, and I still have not gotten it all together, but listening to episode 1 of this podcast today sure helped a lot!
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Phenomenal look at the history of San Antonio!
Great job of sharing the history of this great Texas City!
Well done!
Having grown up near San Felipe I’ve always viewed the Texas Revolution through the lens of those in Austin’s colony. This podcast has been a nice change of perspective that helps me better understand the lead up to the Texas Revolution. Very good job all around
Armadillo Jackal
Great look at Texas history.
This is a must listen for Texas citizens and even all Americans.
Rowdy Flogger
More than I ever learned in school.
This covers all the fascinating history of San Antonio that we never learned in school. Listening to it during the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo and preparing for Fiesta! Viva San Antonio!
Tx lady 753
Slow Down
Great podcast, please slow down a little!
nelly pea
Great podcast
This podcast should be required listening in Texas history classes. As the descendant of early hispanics/tejano settlers in Texas, I have trouble expressing how much I have enjoyed listening to this podcast. These stories deserve to be told, and Brandon has proven himself to be the right storyteller. Brandon, gracias por tus esfuerzos.
Great podcast. Very well done.
Wonderfully entertaining, educational and inspiring. I couldn’t wait to listen to each new episode.
Brandon’s perspective on early Texas history brings to life an untold story
New History of Old SA
This is an awesome, engrossing retelling of our history! It dives into historical events and brings those heroes back life! Enjoyable and in depth studies into overlooked historical episodes, enjoy and be enlightened! It’s great to live in a state with such inspiring patriots in our history!
Born and raised.....
I learned a lot! Very compelling.
Deep dive on San Antonio
I am 3/4 of the way through Season 1. I am hooked. Always loved the history of my adopted hometown. This podcast is excellent listening for anyone interested in Texas history. Great work!
Best San Antonio history teller ever!
Catch the stories that lead up to the Alamo battle of March 1836 then stories of the contentious years between Republic and statehood. This is the best researched San Antonio History I know of, including my grandma.
Phenomenal Series
I stumbled across this podcast about three weeks ago and was hooked immediately! Brandon excels in factual content, interesting character details and very professional delivery. He speaks very well and the script is so well written. So impressed was I with this podcast that I downloaded his other works and have almost finished them as well. There are many good podcasts available on the various topics of Texas history, but Brandon’s work successfully navigates the overly academic and the interesting story with Grace and succinctness!
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I found this podcast while driving from well to well, it is professionally done and very informative. It keeps your attention while giving detailed information! Great job and looking forward to other content by Brandon Seale!
Brandon Tinney
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