A New History of Old Texas
A New History of Old Texas
Brandon Seale
Explore the history of early Texas as you’ve never heard it before, using new research and recently uncovered documents.Season 1 traces the identity of modern-day Texas to the first 160 years or so of San Antonio's history, from its founding in 1718 until the arrival of the railroad in 1877. Season 2 covers the Battle of Medina, the largest, bloodiest battle in Texas history...and the narrowing search for the battlefield itself, which has eluded searchers for more than a century now! And Season 3 tells the remarkable story of Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and his journey across the North American continent. -- As seen on the Rivard Report, KSAT12, GreatDaySA, the Austin Chronicle, and the San Antonio Business Journal! --
The Gospel According to Cabeza de Vaca
What the legacy of the four old Narváez expeditionaries in the New World amounted to. How their legacy back in the Old World may have been more meaningful. How Cabeza de Vaca saw his legacy. And how we might think of it as well.Pages: f63v-67r in Zamora...
Sep 21, 2020
27 min
The "Ideal" Conquest
How the four expeditionaries translated their gospel into terms their Native American followers might understand. How the four expeditionaries then translated the Native American worldview into terms Castilians might understand. How they became apostles...
Sep 17, 2020
20 min
Four Horsemen
What the four expeditionaries found when they were reunited with their countrymen. How they were horrified by what they saw. And how they resolved to do something about it.Pages: f56v-f60v in Zamora (1542) Edition as published by Adorno and Pautz...
Sep 14, 2020
22 min
Crossing the Divide
How the four expeditionaries crossed the Continental Divide. How they re-connected with the Castilian world. And how they saw the first signs of the devastation wrought by their countrymen on the Native American communities of which they now considered...
Sep 10, 2020
23 min
The Arrowhead
How Cabeza de Vaca removed an arrowhead from the beating heart of an ailing native. How the four expeditionaries' "authority" continued to grow. How the expeditionaries abused that authority. And how they came to repent of it.Pages: f49v-f52r in Zamora...
Sep 7, 2020
20 min
All Things to All People
What clues Native Americans left as to how they viewed the four expeditionaries. Why they seemed so determined to carry the expeditionaries up into northern Coahuila. And how the expeditionaries entered the spiritual heartland of Native North...
Sep 3, 2020
22 min
The Inexplicable Turn
How the four expeditionaries came to within a few weeks’ march of the Rio de las Palmas, their goal for the last seven years. How they turned away from their goal. And how it becomes apparent that the spiritual movement they were "leading" wasn't really...
Aug 31, 2020
20 min
The First American Ponzi Scheme
How Estevan prepared the way for his companions as they crossed the Rio Grande. How to interpret the agendas of the "headmen" leading the natives now surrounding the four expeditionaries. How the expeditionaries realized they were still, despite their...
Aug 27, 2020
20 min
Mala Cosa
When the expeditionaries came to question their medicine. How they came to fear that they - perhaps - might be bringing the evil they thought they were curing. How they stopped healing. And how that made things even worse.Pages: f38v-f41v in Zamora...
Aug 24, 2020
20 min
Signs and Wonders
How the expeditionaries' cures became increasingly challenging. How their faith continued to work for them...and for their patients who were cured by it. And how Cabeza de Vaca raised a man from the dead.Pages: f37r-f38v in Zamora (1542) Edition as...
Aug 20, 2020
20 min
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