A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast
A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast
Charles Eisenstein
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Empowering the Collective
What stood out most as I listened to my first episode ( #59 with Nathan Riley) was the respectful and objective examination of the topic. Where most conversations the media offers are divisive , and therefore destructive to our evolution , this conversation allowed me as the listener to consider all sides ; to ponder the workings and underpinnings of the system rather than taking aim at the players . Our work is cut out for us as we come to terms with ideologies and systems that no longer serve us . We will dismantle and rebuild them once we reach critical mass and act in solidarity . Thank you Charles for facilitating discussions that ignite and invite the collective to rethink , together.
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Mind Expanding
What I really appreciate about this show is the moments it completely catches me off guard and has me almost cringe or flinching when it butts up against the mainstream narrative. This has become a fast favorite. I feel my mind expanded and nourished by educated alternative discourse to the mainstream narrative. It feels radically important to keeping a flexible mind, and truly changing the world.
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Loving these conversations!
Always glad to hear your voices. A compelling and inspiring show, truly.
Eva N D
Love this podcast
What a wonderful new find! Just list finished listening to the interview with Devorah Brous whom I have admired for quite some time, as well as her sister Sharon Brous, both powerful women adding incredibly important ideas into the world today. Charles, thank you for your vulnerability. I highly recommend this podcast.
On the episode with Devorah Brous
I was deeply impressed by the work Devorah has done in Israel and the lack of blame of either Israel or Palestine - she works to build cultural bridges and admits her youthful idealism led to burnout for her. I have great respect for Charles’ intellect and honesty but I feel he was pushing the perspective of Israel as the oppressor. He then inserted his own psychological process around burnout into the last half of the podcast putting Devorah in the role of his therapist and veering off topic. She fielded his questions graciously.
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Upsidedown Cowboy
Abba om
Consciousness and metta expansion galore
j finicky
Charles’ spirit and wisdom shine
I deeply appreciate the influence these authentic, thoughtful and heartfelt conversations have on my own thinking and interbeing.
Melody Hayes
Mellody!! Mellody. Standing with you all the way. You speak directly to my spirit. Love you. You are a radical! Keep on.
Simply Brilliant!
Charles offers both simple and innovative solutions to so many of our world's esoteric and practical problems. It's impressive how many topics that Charles has been able to address, while keeping it all relevant. Fantastic Show!
Absolutely Groundbreaking, Profoundly Healing & Undeniably Life-Changing
Charles Eisenstein has a very deep understanding of the story of “interbeingness.” In this podcast he brings on very well selected guests who share in his reverence for life. The discussions presented in this podcast are all filled with Joy, Hope & Love. The conversations always fill me with encouragement and motivation to go out into the world and give it all the love i have inside me. This podcast has been instrumental in my healing process & i believe for the healing process of the world around me. Thank you so much for your work Charles!
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Solid if you’re ready to THINK
I’ve been reading Charles’s writings in Pathways Magazines and as a vitalistic chiropractor inherently we know there is a depth to life that most of modern society sedates with every form of ‘drug’ in existence. This podcast is the antidote. The ability to see, contemplate and take action on that depth is everything to creating a life of profundity and meaning.
Amazing & empowering
I’m so thankful that my path led me to Charles Eisenstein. He’s forward thinking and truly one of my heroes, if not my top hero of the 21st century.
Original & Empowering
Such appreciation for the intelligence, authenticity and candor of this conversation. Eisenstein is such a fearlesslycompassionate visionary - an inspiring invitation to 'the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible'.
Clarity Coach in Utah
So important
Thoughtful, heart centered, nuanced, brilliant conversations. Passionate and spirited without being polarized.
Thank you
This podcast is amazing, intelligent, and kind hearted. I have learned a lot listening and You will too!!!
Psy Surreal
Fantastic Podcast
Charles is one of the most powerful thought leaders of our time and his podcast is incredible! Highly recommended
I learned some amazing things
I feel a lot of gratitude to these two men dispelling the myths I grew up with and opening my eyes to a new reality: one where all people are truly equal without being born into wealth or debt. Thank you!
The Best Podcast
I am learning so much from this podcast. It is changing the way I live my life.
RN from NH
Deep & eerie resonance
I love this human. If I had to describe Charles in 2 words it would be “think whole”. He’s the most holistic, hopeful, and non-dogmatic philosopher I know. The word “holistic” doesn’t even do it justice. His philosophy goes all the way to the bottom... to the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, humanity, Earth, and reality. His work is intellectually impeccable, yet sings to the heart! His work has been deep, existential therapy for my mind, heart, and soul.
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Visionary & heartfelt
Charles’ work has touched me greatly over the last few years. His humility and intelligence are incredibly inspiring to me and I am so grateful for his work. Thank you Charles for your heart and ways you share and live your life.
kim l 88
Dear Charles Eisenstein
Your voice and perspective are beacons of light to me during this strange era. You have a way of talking and thinking about these crises facing the planet that is transcendent, both spiritually pure and intellectually challenging. Just a few episodes of listening to you in conversation with other serious minds has had an impact on my own mind, and trajectory. Thank you.
Love Charles Eisenstien!
I Love these conversations Charles has with people who want to change the world through grassroots efforts. It's so refreshing to hear stories of how many others are engaging to strip away the powers of the Corporate machine in the West!
Hope springs eternal
Charles' work and these interviews speak to possibilities for a way forward with our planet and culture that, for me at least, resonates deep inside, instilling a blissful feeling of elation, as one realizes that we are coming out from underneath a set of conceptions that our culture and planet was severely shackled with and damaged by and realising that they were in fact delusary after all. His eloquence, honesty, willingness to be with the uncertainties, to wait and trust in what this transition entails is also a blessing. Kind regards
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Humble, real and inspiring
I first found out about Charles Eisenstein on Russell Brand’s podcast. Since then I have read two of his books and feel like he is one of the few philosophers alive who have a vision of the world I can stand behind. And this podcast is another chance to learn about the people Charles who feed into his idea space. Another thing I love about Charles is how real and humble he is. In a world full of flashy promo and ad filled media, his podcast is refreshing to the soul on all levels.
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Paradigm shifting
The only podcast I follow completely. Charles' message is one everyone should hear. Cannot recommend enough.
The Growing Edge of New Culture
Charles’ work has touched me deeply in so many ways, since i first read a book of his many years ago. most notable is the authenticity of his searching for truth, digging deeper, leaving no stone unturned. he shows us the interconnectedness of reality. ecology, economy, education, agriculture, relationships... no aspect of life is exempt from this inquiry. how can we live into the new story... this podcast highlights the aliveness and relevancy of his work, in conversation with leading thinkers, activists, human beings in many fields of inquiry who are passionately midwifing the dying dominant / mainstream culture into a culture that celebrates life, reveres connection, honors wisdom. listening to this podcast and any of Charles’ talks (some available on youtube too) helps me love into the “More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible.” thank you, Charles & team for your amazing, important work.
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A New and Ancient Story
Charles’ work has been indispensable to me in so many ways, not only because of his own contributions (books, essays, etc.), but also because of the many people he’s introduced me to in this podcast.
A New and Ancient Story
A must-listen to podcast. Charles has opened my eyes and my heart.
A Deeper Exploration of the Connected Human Experience
There is hope for humanity if we start to seek deeper meaning and connection than the stories that dominate our Westernized society. Charles and Helena give practical suggestions for how to find deeper meaning and a sense of belonging in this world.
Heart and Soul Salve with Smarts
Sometimes, I can barely listen because the resonance is so big. Always, I feel richer having given myself the chance to feel that alive, that much longing, that much hope.
Listening to this changed my behavior on social media.
... on Earth as it IS heaven
Charles' expression is a beautiful meld of willingness, integrity and intelligence. It's prolific, as one expression of willingnesss will display - no subject or angle is left out. He is able to provide "personal" exxamples as well as friend's and generic ones that provide piercing insight opportunities through this "triangulation". The connections through an enormous variety he presents, is an amazing experience of the expansiveness of Heart that "b(r)others" to do all this! And I love the humility and modesty that riches like these testify to when they're not "owned" and shines the light into the emptiness of "personal" riches. And a PS, I've been loving non dual teachings, that Charles expression I've found a perfect "feminne" and grounding expression of - the expressing of Earth AS heaven.
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Blown away... phenomenal!
My first time seeing and listening to this podcast and my first review. Totally refreshing, honest, life-affirming. I will listen to more, just subscribed. Thank you, Charles!
Grateful Granny :)
Depth and Nuance
I find myself pausing and rewinding segments of this podcast, at times to listen again to better understand the discussion and at other times because I so appreciate what is said that I want to hear it said again. Eisenstein and his podcast guests dive in and explore life and the challenges before us in such depth and nuance that I find myself thinking in different ways after listening, and I suppose there are areas where I might not be in complete agreement but with the kind and generous spirit of the discussions it lands on me in a wonderful way.
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Nova Nathan
Orland Bishop part 1 (E26)
Wow. So much to contemplate. Can't decide if I should move on to part 2 or listen to part 1 again. I feel like I could listen several more times and get new bits of information each time. Thank you Charles and Orland for some nourishing food for thought.
how many?
A gift that keeps gifting
Undoubtedly this series will help propel us into the next level of interbeingness. Thank you for sharing your gifts!
Space Court
A New and Ancient Story
Fascinating conversations, refreshing perspective, deep and necessary wisdom.
Am Zwack
The Best.
Charles tells stories that my mind craves. The episodes with Orland are saved in my phone forever. The Sheldrake episodes are also a great place to start. This podcast is a treasure.
tiny tyny
A refuge of views
It's rare to find a podcast (or anything, for that matter), that speaks so directly to the depths of our humanity. Full of voices that do not fit the conventional conversations, and yet, say what we secretly feel all along.
Charles’ talks never disappoint — courageous, heart-felt and critically-important content, full of razor sharp distinctions and profoundly realist yet inspirational (no small task!:). Couldn’t hold the tears back at multiple points during his talk, and that says a lot for me. THANK YOU Charles, keep up the incredible work speaking on behalf of Gaia and in the name of an awakened humanity!
Listen to this man!
Charles is one of the most intelligent people you will find. One of few with a plan for navigating these troubled times.
clouded path
He inspires the way!
I've been following Carles Eisenstein for many years. He is pointing the way for us to see what's possible and showing how we can do it...NOW...not in some distant future. We just have to listen to him carefully, deeply listen, and step out of our conditioned thought patterns. And then begin to ACT from that place our Hearts Know is Possible! In this Podcast he brings us people we might never know about otherwise. Those with courage and strength who are moving in directions many fear to go. Thank you from my soul, Charles. You inspire me!
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Jacqueline Elliott
A must listen
One of the most forward thinking speakers I have ever heard. I am afraid his ideas will not be truly embraced for years to come but eventually we will all wake up to deeper truths.
Fresh perspectives brought out
Charles Eisenstein consistently has a way of stepping out of stale conflict and framing experiences in a fresh light. Somehow he manages to sidestep bombast with refreshing and grounded humility that is at the same time, unafraid to ask big questions. Try this podcast for the wondering it will bring to your awareness if nothing else. World-broadening.
A New and Ancient Story Podcast with Charles Eisenstein
I suggest this podcast to anyone interested thoughtful, nuanced discussions. Charles is a gracious interviewer who allows his guests to speak at length. I have learned so much from this podcast!
I've listened to Charles for some years now. His work always lands for me like a medicinal dose of sanity in an increasingly insane world. So grateful for his voice in the cultural conversation and for the guests he invites onto his podcast.
A New Perspective
I love listening to Charles' interviews b/c they always help me see things from a new perspective. Sometimes I have to listen closely, and repeatedly, but I think that's what we need to do to break through our old habits of thinking. Very grateful for his voice.
My favorite podcast!
Charles brings ancient wisdom to modern times and give the listener access to a different and more beautiful lens on which to see the world and its crisis.
Love this podcast
I stumbled on Charles Eisenstein about a year ago and I have gobbled up his books, articles, podcasts ever since. He digs deep into important themes. I love the breadth of guests Charles has on his podcast.
Best podcasts I have found!
I listen to everything Charles Eisenstein records and read everything he writes. Not only is he absolutly brilliant, but he gives me more hope and inspiration for our times than anyone else-- and I am a total junkie for podcasts, interviews, articls and books.
Sparks & Leaps
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