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Vincent James Perrone - on Poetry & Writing
Vincent James Perrone is an award-winning writer, editor, musician, and visual artist. He is the author of the full-length book of poetry, Starving Romantic (11:11 Press, 2018), the microchap, Travelogue For The Dispossessed (Ghost City Press, 2021). Besides writing, Vincent composes and performs music (with the groups Lacan and Glynn Court), directs, scores, and edits film projects, and is a member of the collectively owned bookstore Book Suey in Hamtramck. https://vincentjamesperrone.com/publications/ 
Oct 9
31 min
Kay Kay - ‘Bully Friends‘
Written by a woman who dealt with bullying and bully friendships during grade school, Bully Friends teaches everyone (even the bully!) about how dangerous bully friendships really are. This book covers everything from defining what a bully friend is to how to heal from a bully friend relationship. Along the way, Kay Kay shares personal stories of her heartbreaking experiences with bully friends and how she went on to find herself and form healthy relationships now and in the future.  https://www.kaykaysway.com/about-kaykaysway 
Oct 6
18 min
Kristy Cooper -‘I Was a Stripper Librarian‘
For years, Kristy hid her stripping history to fit into the mold of a respectable librarian, but as time went on she realized this wasn't something she should feel ashamed about. Telling these kinds of stories helps destigmatize sex work, which makes it safer for current sex workers. Librarianship is changing, especially as the profession begins to evaluate itself through a greater anti-oppression lens. Librarians can learn a lot about class struggle and privacy advocacy from sex workers. https://www.kristycooper.com/books   
Sep 30
27 min
Cal Freeman - On Writing
Cal Freeman was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He is the author of the books Brother Of Leaving (Marick Press) and Fight Songs (Eyewear Publishing). His writing has appeared in many journals and he has also worked as an educator for Oakland University and InsideOut Literary Arts-Detroit.   He has a new book of poetry due out in April, 2022. He is a member, and contributing songwriter, to the folk ensemble, The Codgers.        Podcast music by Zunsette.  Beginning Middle End, Summer 2020. 
Sep 24
51 min
Lauren Groff - ‘Matrix‘
Lauren Groff's new novel, Matrix, her first since Fates and Furies, is a defiant and timely exploration of the raw power of female creativity in a corrupted world. Lauren Groff is a two-time National Book Award finalist and The New York Times–bestselling author of three novels, The Monsters of Templeton, Arcadia, and Fates and Furies. https://laurengroff.com/ 
Sep 16
18 min
Laura Hulthen Thomas - ‘States of Motion‘ / ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe‘
Laura Hulthen Thomas is the author of 'States of Motion,' a short story collection (from Wayne State University Press); she also heads the undergraduate creative writing program at the University of Michigan's Residential College, teaching fiction and creative nonfiction. A story that she performed on this podcast is going to be published this month via Fail Better magazine. http://www.wsupress.wayne.edu/books/detail/states-motion   http://sites.lsa.umich.edu/rcwriters/
Sep 12
42 min
Paula Hawkins - ‘A Slow Fire Burning‘
In her third novel, Paula Hawkins shows that even good people can be capable of terrible deeds when it comes to revenge... How long can secrets smolder before they explode into flame? Hawkins is the author of the national and international bestsellers Into the Water and The Girl on the Train. Her latest is an exploration (and meditation) on anger, grief, and a nuanced sort of vengeance. 
Sep 4
17 min
The Unerased Book Club
We're chatting with Sheela Lal and Fatema Haque about the Unerased Book Club, building community through Asian American Literature. The Book Club was founded by Sheela in Ann Arbor in 2018--but she currently resides in Ferndale. Fatema joined as a co-facilitator and that forged a partnership with the non-profit organization Rising Voices of Asian American Families. More info at: https://www.unerasedbookclub.com/ And follow: www.instagram.com/unerasedbc  Their next book is Bright Lines by Tanwi Nandini Islam Music by Zunsette. 
Aug 28
36 min
Stephen Mack Jones - Dead of Winter / August Snow Series
Stephen Mack Jones is an award-winning playwright, and recipient of the prestigious Kresge Arts in Detroit Literary Fellowship. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Detroit-based thriller novel August Snow, published by Soho Press. We're chatting about Detroit as a setting, the allure of the mystery genre, and crafting a compelling protagonist! https://www.stephenmackjones.com/august-snow-books    Music by Zunsette
Aug 21
38 min
Megan Abbott - 'The Turnout'
Megan Abbott is the Edgar-winning author revered for her suspense writing that explores the dark underbellies and competitive atmospheres of intimate, powerful, and vulnerable spaces traditionally reserved for women. THE TURNOUT is a revelatory new psychological thriller set against the hothouse of a family-run ballet studio during an intense and fraught season. https://www.meganabbott.com/ Music by Zunsette
Aug 14
18 min
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