A History of Horror Podcast
A History of Horror Podcast
Christopher Brown
Examining horror cinema around the globe through the years
Introducing a new podcast from Christopher Brown – The Last Horror Podcast
Introducing the latest podcast from Christopher Brown. All about horror, cinema and storytelling.
Aug 15, 2016
2 min
The future and the end
What next for horror and cinema in general? The last episode tries to see what the future is.
Mar 25, 2016
26 min
Digital growth, VOD and the return to cinema
Films are more freely available than they ever have been. Horror films can stream on Youtube and Netflix but people are still heading towards the cinema
Mar 19, 2016
31 min
African nasties and a different underground
Nigeria and South Africa dominate a brief discussion on film from this part of the world
Mar 5, 2016
28 min
Egypt, Turkey, UAE
A brief look at films from Egypt, Turkey and a Tobe Hooper film from the UAE
Feb 27, 2016
30 min
9/11, a foreign threat and present day US mainstream
After the twin tower attacks horror changed. The birth of torture porn and the return to retro shocks. America realised that the reason the killer might be the house was that they might not just like them.
Feb 6, 2016
38 min
Japanese influences
In the 1990s what was, in Japan, a return to retro-styles of horror felt fresh for Western audiences. Vicious violence and sex fell away to be replaced by scary ghosts coming to get you
Jan 23, 2016
51 min
90s postmodernism, serial killers and the brief rebirth of the slasher
From serial killers, to a new breed of slasher movie and to seeing dead people. The USA 90s horror landscape had plenty going for it.  
Jan 9, 2016
48 min
China, India, Pakistan
A trip to China shows the split between Hong Kong and the mainland, India is a Bollywood treat and Pakistan only had their first gore film in 2007
Dec 30, 2015
49 min
The art of the British ghost story
At Christmas time there's plenty of reasons to be afraid. Here we look at the traditions of telling ghost stories this time of year.  
Dec 13, 2015
48 min
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