A Happy Home Podcast: Christian Homemaking Homeschooling Homesteading | Family Home School & Biblical Discipleship | Keri Mae
A Happy Home Podcast: Christian Homemaking Homeschooling Homesteading | Family Home School & Biblical Discipleship | Keri Mae
Keri Mae Lamar
Cultivating a happy home in the age of distractions...you can, too! Loving God, people, and life. Momma of many, including one with Down Syndrome.
The CoronaVirus: a hope and a wish
“Among the daily chances of this life every man on earth is threatened in the same way by innumerable deaths, and it is uncertain which of them will come to him. And so the question is whether it is better to suffer one in dying or to fear them all in living”. The City of […]
Mar 19, 2020
14 min
Perfectionism: Promise of Peace…Deliverer of Pain
Many of us struggle with perfectionism: the effort to achieve an accomplishment that in no way can be improved upon. Unfortunately, this stems not from an effort to glorify God, but to either elevate our own selves to ourselves, to prove ourselves to other people, or perhaps to even bribe God (if I do […]
Dec 18, 2019
48 min
From My Kitchen Table…to Your Hands [book launch]
It’s finally here! I am happy to release FROM MY KITCHEN TABLE to you all, and my only wish is that I could have tea WITH you all, AT my own kitchen table, in order to talk about the things of the Lord, and what He is teaching us through His Word. Watch the […]
Dec 1, 2019
57 min
How to Overcome Distraction
“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” Leonardo Da Vinci Recognizing and overcoming distractions in order to cultivate a simple and deliberate life is key for my happy home. I think it’s key for your happy home, too. […]
Nov 12, 2019
44 min
Keeping Life in Balance… Is it Really Possible?
As we long for balance in our lives, we really need to back up and begin with the question, “Is ‘balance’ the right frame of mind? Is ‘balance’ even possible?” Give a listen and join in on the conversation. And check out our new book club! Super happy to be giving you the notes […]
Oct 14, 2019
1 hr 2 min
When God Moves You…Again!
Disruption in our lives is never purposeless or pointless, praise God. Despite the causes of said disruption, God is forming us more in Christlikeness through it. Our job is simply to trust His faithfulness and to keep our eyes open to His work. To see and hear the entire Downsizing series, click HERE. Blessings,
Jun 25, 2019
1 hr 22 min
Jackie Clay, Homesteader Extraordinaire
If you know anything about homesteading, or want to know anything about homesteading, then Jackie Clay is the woman you most want to meet. To say that I was so happy to talk to her is an understatement. Jackie has been homesteading for more than 50 years, and is currently living off grid on 160 […]
Mar 3, 2019
1 hr 17 min
When the Holidays are Hard
Every year when the Muzak floats throughout the stores, I’m a little bit irritated by (1) the manipulation (make em happy so they’ll buy more) but (2) it seems that every store got their Muzak from the same source so we hear the same songs from the same artists from the same year over […]
Dec 15, 2018
2 hr
Mission Sunday: When God Calls You to Get Uncomfortable
We were invited to join a congregation in our community for their Mission Sunday service and outreach. We initially thought, “No.”     But as we prayed and reflected, it was clear we had a message. It was clear we had readers and listeners. It was clear we had supporters and, above all, the […]
Oct 2, 2018
1 hr 8 min
Raising Healthy, Drug-free Families (part 1): Homeopathy with Joette Calabrese
Many people know that my husband is a principled chiropractor, and that I am a herbalist and have training and education in holistic nutrition. We depend on good lifestyle habits and nutrient-dense foods to keep us healthy. When illness comes, we use food and home remedies first, and, second, we use the team of […]
Aug 27, 2018
1 hr 14 min
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