A Film and A Movie
A Film and A Movie
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A Must Listen
Alonso and Daniel are fantastic to listen to; their love of film (and movies) is clear. I must confess that I don’t watch a lot of movies but I love knowing about them. This podcast is a must listen if you want to improve your film literacy and be charmed at the same time. You may even watch more movies. Keep up the excellent work!
Two points of view!
I dig it! Dan and Alonso come at things from different but well considered points of view. Mainly it’s fun for movie nerds and film fans. It’s supposed to be a more art house type of “fit” paired with a more general release “movie”, but often I haven’t seen either movie (or film!). So it’s a great source of movie recommendations for me. They often have guests are are just terrific as well. I listen every Wednesday and never miss an episode, regardless of the section of films. I always learn something.
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Two guys, two movies.
Alonso and Daniel love movies and this is a fun ride comparing movies with similarities from different genres and eras. You may know one of the movies but not the other so it functions as an entertaining way to discover new films.
Michael From Mountains
Old recs meet fresh pairings
I’ve always been a fan of Alonso’s critiques from writing to energetic hosting - and Dan just adds extra charm. Many of these films have kicked around on my list for a long time, and it’s great to have a built in double feature and exciting discussions to dive into after (and sometimes before). Worth it!
Pilar Duralde
Pop some popcorn
I'm a big fan of both classic films and modern motion pictures, so this podcast is right up my alley. Dan and Alonso talk about both genres with encyclopaedic skills and wit. Since we can't pack the theaters for a blockbuster yet, just hit play on this podcast. You'll love it!
Good stuff: it makes you want to see the films.
The exposition of the films is good and informed, and the discussions between the hosts are fluid and easy on the ears. I am enjoying this a lot. Makes me want to see films I have never seen!
Great podcast because it doesn’t matter if you’re the kind of cinephile who watches Dreyer or the kind of movie buff who loves Nolan, there’s an entry point for all. And the guests are pretty top notch. There’s a real glee in discovering new films And Dan really embodies this while Alonso can fill in history, context, etc.
Great podcast!
My classic film knowledge and experience is limited to basically classic musicals but I love listening to this podcast where they talk about movies/films from a variety of genres. It’s so clear that Dan and Alonso know and love what they are talking about so it makes me interested and want to keep coming back every week. It’s a great listen!
Love the movie comparisons!
As a DTH fan, love listening to Dan, Alonso, and their fantastic guest every week! Enjoyable even when I haven’t seen either of the movies being reviewed. Look forward to this every week!
So good - great to hear about classic and contemporary movies, love all the guest critics as well.
Another Alonso duralde pod
Seriously, give this man all the podcasts right now. Fascinating to hear all the connections between new and classic movies I would’ve never noticed otherwise. Alonso and dan sound like they’ve been doing this pod for years, great chemistry
Kevin LP fan
Great fun!
I discovered Alonso through What the Flick, then Linoleum Knife. I’ll check out anything he’s on. This is another winner! I know Dan from Show Me the Meaning, which is also a blast! So cool to have these two talking movies. They have a balance of intellect and personal recollection that is very appealing, and the guests add great value.
Another hit!!!
This is such a smart and fun podcast for movie lovers and novice movie goers. I look forward each week to following along with the movies and discussion. Highly recommended subscribing to this podcast.
Love this new show from two funny and insightful movie reviewers. Highly recommended
Fun film chat
A pro film critic and an amateur movie buff get together to connect a recent fave to a classic, and the talk is fun and smart, pointing me to some films I’ve never seen before.
Unique spin on a film podcast
Definitely a unique and interesting spin on the usual movie review podcast. It helped introduce me to a movie with which I was not familiar and provided a nuanced and fascinating compare/contrast
Lively film discussion!
I love movies and I love to hear Alonso talk about movies, and this podcast definitely fits the bill. Interesting new concept for a podcast and I’m excited for future movie and film pairings.
The cologne ads are the best.
Good stuff
I’m excited for more Alonso & Dan
Finally a good movie podcast!
Super stoked about this. Can’t wait to see the titles you choose!
Can’t wait!
These guys are great! Can’t wait!