A Cup of JOE with Dre'
A Cup of JOE with Dre'
Joe and Dre'
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These guys are great. Loving positive Black men who aren't afraid to share their prospective on the world. Keep it up guys. We appreciate you guys. Nah fr. Fam Bam 💥 Love guys
From: Jusakidfrombrooklyn!
Aloha MF!s How can I not enjoy hearing my family talk. My purpose took me away from my brothers for 23 years. Thank goodness for tech, I’m a little closer today. It’s literally been decades since hearing my brothers voices together. Keep it up, I’ll be there soon!
Kings.Co Mo
Cup of Joe with Dre
It gets no realer than this!!!!! Real life lessons delivered over the airwaves.
May I have another cup, please?
Loving this podcast! I love finding new podcast and I’m glad I ran across this one. All eight episodes are fire. Keep up the great work Joe and Dre.
My dudes
Man!!! I saw my boys had a podcast on Facebook so I said was going to check it!!! Joe Hall and Dre are two stand up brothers. A great conversation from two real dudes!!! Check out my boys!!!
richard lew3