A Brown Girl Podcast
A Brown Girl Podcast
Blythe & Byrd
“He Got the Sugars!”
1 hour 17 minutes Posted Jul 21, 2020 at 10:31 am.
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Show notes
Ashley and Blythe kicked it off with a trill stroll down memory lane reciting some of their favorite Boosie hits! Ashley co-signed Dreamdoll and the girls discussed the force that is Young MA. 50 Cent and his ridiculousness is discussed followed by the disrespect of black women on a larger scale. The girls are not surprised by Kanye’s latest shenanigans (I mean, are you?!) Blythe talked about her meh Facebook dating experience. Jada and Will brought it to the red table and the girls weighed in. More corporate pandering is on the horizon but the Redskins are finally doing something right by changing their mascot. Speaking of athletes, the girls had a roast session on the noname fool who took it upon himself to disrespect the Legend, Miss Jill Scott. Blythe got in her artist bag to discuss the BET Awards and left a few words of wisdom.
Ashley’s jam: Miss Kissin’ on You-Boosie
Blythe’s pick: Inner World-Dalai Lama