A Better Way to Farm Podcast
A Better Way to Farm Podcast
Karen Fitch
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Great content poor audio
Your content is awesome with great topics, but your audio is terrible. I can barely hear what there talking about with out turning up volume.
Garmer timm
This is your new favorite farm podcast!
A Better Way To Farm is my favorite farming podcast. It mixes personal growth and sound agronomics.
Honest and Professional
Not only does Rod answer great questions but he leads you to ask great question. He gives Clear yet deep analysis on fertility recommendations and requirements. So many great topics, I can’t get enough!
Mr. Seedman
Walking the Talk
Great topics and advice that helps farmers improve their bottom line and life. Rod has lived these messages for years and is an expert in his field. A positive light for Ag with a heart for serving America’s farmers!
Everything in that happens in Ag is good for someone
A podcast that highlights agronomy and farming issues and provides tactical information on how to overcome obstacles and achieve success. There really is a better (and different) way to farm!
A Notch Above
A great perspective on Ag with fresh insights on how to improve soil fertility and profitability. A great resource for any farmer to listen to and learn from.
Lesson to be Learned
I’ve been following the Better way to Farm Facebook page and listening to all of the videos Rod has posted almost two years now. The best part is at the end of the video and now the podcast I feel as though he’s been talking to me, personally, not to a crowd. Lots of wisdom, freely available. Keep up the good work and Thank You!
A Better Way To Podcast
I’ve known Rod and Karen (and the rest of the team) for years now and the knowledge and insight they bring into growers fields is one of honesty, integrity and compassion for helping growers achieve more. Great Listen!!
Awesome folks with an awesome vision and an awesome message ! Great job
Profitable Agronomic advice
A Better Way to Farm always brings information to the table which benefits the producers bottom line. Not necessarily what the mainstream Ag community wants to hear but the unvarnished truth to empower producers to ask better questions of those they are doing business with.
Chicken producer
Super Informative
I’ve been following A Better Way to Farm on social media for years. Rod and Karen are super informative on all things Ag related, this podcast is definitely in my library forever
Awesome people! Sharing Awesome information!
Great Resource
Awesome information about improving your crop production from reliable and relatable people. They focus on helping everyday farmers succeed.
Mouth 81