A Better Way to Farm Podcast
A Better Way to Farm Podcast
Karen Fitch
Sharing serious secrets about profitable farming. With your hosts Rod Livesay & his daughter Karen owners of A Better Way to Farm.
Grab Another $15-$25/ac with These Two Last Minute Things To Do! Ep 41
It’s another time of the year to go to the field and we just have to share these implementable ideas in this episode to make a difference in your farm’s profitability. As Beck’s have been doing practical farm research on farm products, they have always been honest in publishing the results, as they are not funded at all. They test these on 5 different locations. And so, hear what they have to say on these very helpful farm goods that may just make the difference for you, fellow Better Way farmers!
Apr 5
7 min
The Shortage and Current Pricing Structure of Fertilizers Ep 40
We are going to go a little bit into current concerns of the unavailability of fertilizers, which consequently affected pricing structures. We are reminded Better Way farmers, that things happen and is no time to panic because every storm cloud has a silver lining. There will always be available alternatives and this is what we are going to tackle about in this episode. So, come and join Rod in this enlightening episode to learn more on efficient ways to run our farms especially during these trying times.
Mar 29
10 min
Farm Yield and Profitability, with Jerry Cox Ep 39
An honor to be able to pick brains with the 25-time yield champion, Jerry Cox. We're primarily going to focus on corn and soybeans but the principles you’re going to get may also work with the other crops we have. We are also talk in substance about foliar feeding and how to make it work in our farms. All these contributes in ways we can further increase farm yield and profitability which we aspire for our farms. Come and join us episode and know on better ways to run our farms!
Mar 22
50 min
Family Farming Using the Agrovantage System, with Chris Wilson Ep 38
For today’s episode, Tyler and Nick will accompany us to tackle on continuing efforts for growing and building a lasting farm legacy for all family farms especially with the help of the AgroVantage System. We are also burrowing for farm owners to be able to join our ProAG events as their goal to develop a foundation of education and information in agriculture that will secure the future of agriculture communities. Come on, join us in this fun episode and be up-to-date on better ways to run our farms!
Mar 15
27 min
The Importance of Continuing Education in the Agricultural World Ep37
Today, we are going to hear about the vitality of continued training in agriculture especially in growing our farms. From agronomy to soil tests, to better agricultural products, let us dig deeper into its applications down the road with Tyler. Come on, join us in this episode and be informed on better ways to run our farms!
Mar 8
19 min
Learning How to Make Profitable Farming Part 4 Ep36
Today, the last part of the 4-part series on profitable farming, we’ll dive into fungicides, insecticides, and foliar feeding. We can never emphasize more in this episode the very importance of getting the right product at the right rate at the right time and at the right stage (the 4Rs). Otherwise, we’d really hurt ourselves. Now let’s get into the details. Let’s go! Tune in and listen!
Mar 1
17 min
Learning How to Make Profitable Farming Part 3 Ep35
The 3rd of the 4-part series is a gem we should be listening to as Rod talks about other micronutrients and spraying practices we should note when it comes to profit farming. Again, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to know to get there. Are you ready to learn? Let’s go! Tune in and listen!
Feb 22
19 min
Learning How to Make Profitable Farming Part 2 Ep34
On this 2nd of a 4-part episodes, Rod will teach us the many benefits of using AMPLIFY-D and WEX! Amongst other farm products, research has shown creditable data to support these claims. Let us be reminded that when faced with adverse decisions, never be afraid to ask your WHY?? Also, in this episode you’re going to know more about X-CYTO. Do you really want to increase your yields? Get ready to hear the “Rod Challenge”! Let’s go! Tune in and listen!
Feb 15
32 min
Learning How to Make Profitable Farming Part 1 Ep33
Today’s 1st episode of a 4-part series, Rod will get on the right side of profitable farming amidst the gloom and doom in every industry in America. We just have to get on the right start. Because most likely, in everything, one can end like they start so we have to figure out how to get on the right foot. And for this, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to know to get there. Are you ready to learn? Let’s go! Tune in and listen!
Feb 8
28 min
Special Episode on Research-Backed Farm Tips with Jim Schwartz Ep32
On today’s special episode, it is our honour to welcome Jim Schwartz to the podcast! Born and raised in Indiana, after graduating from Purdue University, he has dedicated 36 productive years to agriculture and the seed industry. Currently, he serves as the director of research, agronomy, and PFR (practical farm research) for Beck’s Seed. We are as excited as you guys to discuss the importance of research with Jim so come, tune in and listen!
Feb 1
20 min
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