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A Better Way to Farm Podcast
Karen Fitch
Sharing serious secrets about profitable farming. With your hosts Rod Livesay & his daughter Karen owners of A Better Way to Farm.
Two Crucial Tips to Boost Fungicide Applications Ep50
It’s another productive week ahead of us Better Way folks! We are now taking a closer look on fungicides. There are a few things that have to be considered before stripping it. Are we going with what’s already proven? If you do prefer that then let's get right into this episode-full of tips on applying fungicides during the best stages and time, to push our yields. So, come and join Rod in this enlightening episode and learn more on profitable ways to run our farms… 😉 😉 😉
Jun 7
10 min
Three Tips to Maximize Late Planting Ep 49
Rod is going to lead us in this episode on the benefits of being ready still despite late planting. These are very helpful points to consider when we want our crops to mature faster in time. Tune in as Rod teaches us important lessons in handling late planting scenarios. Come on, let’s hear and learn in this quick series of episodes on advanced tutorials in managing our farms, the Better Way…
May 31
6 min
Who Are You Working For? The Importance of Investing in Relationships Ep 48
We are going to start the week right by discussing sometimes fail to recognize, that is our relationships. We are going to shift from agronomy because if we are doing great things, if we're not investing time in our relationships, it could be of questionable worth. Tune in as Rod teaches us important life lessons not only in handling our farms but also in ways to nurture our relationships. Come on, let’s hear and learn in this quick episode of modern-day lessons on doing things the Better Way… 😉
May 24
6 min
To Graduate or To Commence?? Ep 47
It’s another week to learn and grow the Better Way! Rod will help us this episode to realize what real essence of graduation is. Are you looking back to the end of an era or are you looking forward to accomplish more? Listen and tune in as he teaches us in properly laying out commencement exercises as a way to plan future activities and programs that will yield us better results in our farms and our future. Let’s hear and learn in this episode of modern-day lessons on better ways to manage our farms
May 17
8 min
What Doubling Down Can Do For Your Life Ep 46
Rod will give us a chance to reflect on the tremendous difference a farmer can make if he just thinks differently. We get distracted sometimes, and we drift further down the river if we don't work to improve. Do you let yourself slip out on the sidelines? Tune in as Rod teaches us how to properly plan for success of 2022 even with all the disturbance that COVID left for us to tend. So, let's continue this conversation in another episode of eye-opening lessons on better ways to manage our farms… 😉
May 10
9 min
Find Your Passion and Move Forward Ep 45
Going back to the previous episode we had on PURPOSE, when pursuing agriculture, is your purpose etched in your hearts so much so that you continue to heed on your calling? Today, we are going to talk about a subject that is also tied with the one above and that is PASSION. Kayla will be teaching us a thing or two about passion and how we can integrate this in our vocation as better farm owners and continue to move forward with grit and determination.
May 3
10 min
A Purpose Driven Life Ep 44
Today, Rod will be tackling on a deeper dive through each of our life’s purposes. With this in mind, the greater good should be at the heart of all our actions. When you are experiencing life's challenges, always remind yourself of who you are. You should never be distracted by anything except your true purpose. And yes, this also stays true even in running our own farms. Now, let's continue this conversation on another episode of eye-opening lessons on better ways to run our farms… 😉
Apr 26
9 min
We Need Change, But Why? Ep 43
In every situation in life, changes are inevitable but when should we know that it has to come from us, and why? This is one question that Rod will speak of in this episode of A Better Way to Farm. He will be sharing with us his 5 Rules for Life that gives valuable lessons we can openly apply to the management of our farms. So, come and join Rod on a further episode of eye-opening messages about running farms in a more rational manner and adapting to the changing environment… 😉
Apr 19
11 min
Would You Rather Be Preparing or Repairing? Ep 42
In today’s episode, Rod will talk about getting onto the better side of things amidst the storm that we as farm owners have gotten due to a variety of reasons. When it seems that everything is in short supply, how are we to handle these supply chain challenges, you say. This is where the value of Preparing comes in, our Better Way folks! So, come and join Rod in this valuable episode where he talks about sensible ways to run our farms and defeat procrastination… 😉
Apr 12
8 min
Grab Another $15-$25/ac with These Two Last Minute Things To Do! Ep 41
It’s another time of the year to go to the field and we just have to share these implementable ideas in this episode to make a difference in your farm’s profitability. As Beck’s have been doing practical farm research on farm products, they have always been honest in publishing the results, as they are not funded at all. They test these on 5 different locations. And so, hear what they have to say on these very helpful farm goods that may just make the difference for you, fellow Better Way farmers!
Apr 5
7 min
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