7 Minute Security
7 Minute Security
Brian Johnson
7MS #604: A Two Tool Teaser
26 minutes Posted Jan 1, 2024 at 6:51 pm.
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Show notes

Today we tease two upcoming tool releases (shooting for Q1, 2024):

  • TCMLobbyBBQ - a Python script for PC players of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game to help players get out of lobbies and into live games ASAP! The script uses PyAutoGUI to take screenshots of what part of the game you're in, then make appropriate key presses and mouse clicks to get into lobby queues, then alert you when the game actually starts!

  • EvilFortiAuthenticator - this tool will allow you to steal administrator API tokens from FortiAuthenticator which can lead to full compromise of the physical device.

Happy new year!