500 Greatest Films Podcast
500 Greatest Films Podcast
Hector and Keller
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A lot of love for this podcast
It was recommended on Twitter, and I am so glad I checked it out. It has gotten me through some tough times during quarantine. They have great guests and wonderful chemistry. I will be a listener for as long as they continue to make episodes. I very rarely write reviews, but these guys deserve it. Thank you Hector and Keller!
2 Fast 2 Reviewious
My favorite discussions of the Fast & Furious movies used to be from How Did This Get Made. But Hector, Keller, and Chelsea have made for some really great discussion of each movie. They have thoughtfully gone over the real world social aspects of the franchise, while making funny observations along the way. Defund the police!
Jesse Glaspey
500 Greatest Podcasts
This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants an in depth movie experience from two eloquent movie enthusiasts and their guests.
Oh F&$K
Hey biggie wiggle I was a dummy and didn’t leave my name it’s a Albert nice to meet you. Still a fantastic pod. I’m gana go back to my cave now thanks guys.
Biggie wiggle
Thanks for the laughs!
Not going to lie. I haven’t listened to the podcast in a while. I usually save you guys for long road trips. Heard about the podcast through following Hector on YouTube stuff but stayed for Keller once I found out he is a Texas baby like me! I slowly started to watch all of Anderson’s films back in April in preparation for his next film. Checked back in with you guys this month and lo and behold- you guys are doing a deep dive analysis of all his films! Of course, I had to listen to all of them. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and thanks for the laughs! (May I suggest doing the Nolan films after the Fast series. Someone has to explain Memento. Internet explanations are not going to cut it!)
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My favorite movie podcast
I love listening to people discuss things they love and both Hector and Keller inject that into every episode. Even when reviewing a movie they do not like, they at least do so in a thoughtful way. It’s never just “oh this is trash.” I’ve found so many great movies from this show, so I can’t thank you guys (and guests) enough. Keep up the great work.
Listened since episode 1
I followed Hector over to this podcast from host YouTube stuff, I loved his short animation series. When my phone bricked on me this was the first podcast I subscribed too and that is saying a lot because I listen to about 60 hours of podcasts a week. I am a huge film nerd and I am majoring in English to become a screenwriter. This podcast is what convinced me to make the switch from Marketing. Absolutely great podcast, and as a half Latinx geek I relate completely to Hector. Their newest miniseries on Wes Anderson is great, I am writing this as I listen to their Life Aquatic episode.
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Elin Saldivar
I pledge my allegiance to Hector and Keller
This podcast is the highlight of my week and the reason I’m not going crazy at college.
The Siskel & Ebert of a new generation.
I absolutely love this podcast. It is clear Hector and Keller love movies and it’s a joy to listen to them discuss each episode’s film while also offering up insightful commentary on movie culture, politics, and tech (E.g. 3D).
Eric Curtin
Good dudes making good content
I started off listening to this podcast on a road trip when I tried to find the song 500 miles to play as a joke and this podcast popped up. My friend and I ended up listening to this podcast for most of the 30 hour road trip. I started by just going through and listening to ones of the movies I've seen and then I went through and have now even listened to the ones that I had never seen. The guests are always great. Hector and Keller are some of the most engaging and personal hosts I’ve listened to. And I’ve also mega appreciated the bonus quarantine episodes.
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Jaxon Harris
Great show
My favorite part of the show is listening them just now realizing the inequality that woman and people of color have been going through in Hollywood for the past 100 years. Keep up the good work.
Only one man could make a better podcast...
That would be our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. But until he rises again, this podcast will do nicely.
Fun podcast about someone else’s top films list
Hector and Keller have watched a lot of movies and bring that to analyzing this list of 500 top films from 2008. The guests are always good and knowledgeable as well. And yes, analyzing a 2008 list of top films is a bit weird (stupid?) and so is this podcast.
mr foo
Quality Content
This podcast loses focus and gets derailed more than any other and I LOVE IT. Look forward to listening every week
Don’t Waste Your Time
The worst podcast about movies I’ve ever heard
Cartoon Monster
Thank you
You guys are amazing and I have enjoyed and learned so much from this podcast! Keep it up!
Best Podcast
Best podcast out there really like hearing what you guys like and dislike about all these movies. Also like the guests you guys bring on.
Wicked Smaht
Always a fun journey even when the movie under review is problematic. It’s great to look back through cinematic history to see how films have aged. The guests are always insightful and one of my favorite questions for the guest is “why this movie?” Each epithets better and better
Echo River
Great reviews...too much talk about remakes though.
I have seen and known about Hector & Keller for many years through Geek & Sundry. I throughly enjoy their antics & hijinks.....this podcast in particularly!!!! I also feel that I know them personaly because they have both interacted wtih me some on Twitter & on Instagram as well. Both Hector & Keller are great to listen to and have a vast knowledge of film. I <3 their guests as well!!!! The ONLY downfall I do have about their podcast is the fact that both of them seem to harp on remakes so much. I am a firm believer that Hollywood needs to stop with the remakes & revamps! There's too much of that & not enough originality in the business today! Other than talking too much about remakes, this podcast is very enjoyable to listen to.
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It's better than listening to rats scratching in the walls as the t.v. switches to a test pattern...
Great funny podcast of two friends who invite a third friend over to watch some of the greatest movies of all time. And then they almost review the movie.
Keller and Hector and guest do a great job of discussing the film they’ve watched from a cinematic perspective, while also exploring the cultural and political implications of each film and the setting it was made in. They do all of this while being very funny. It’s a podcast that will appeal to anyone who likes movies, and to anyone who is willing to explore and think through different points of view and ideals. Absolutely worth listening to!
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Very good
Very good podcast. I like it.
Worth a listen
These guys know their movies and can be very funny; however they can also be a little heavy-handed with the politicization, which can be off-putting. If you enjoy movies and don’t mind a healthy dose of left-leaning sociopolitical commentary, then give them a listen.
Opinions I want to hear!
As much as I’d want to meet Keller, anything less than a 5 Star review would spell bad news. I don’t want to experience that much SAW! Seriously, though I really like this podcast. It’s exactly how I want movies to be talked about and it’s entertaining but informative. As a completionist, I started at 500 but I’m a dummy and you can jump in anytime to be part of the convo on Twitter! Here’s to 500 more films! (Pronounced fillums cuz accents).
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Fun project - great conversation
Each episode is such a fun experience, even on movies I haven’t seen or likely won’t see.
A Reason to Love Mondays
I’ve been listening on my commutes to work, and it’s a great way to start off the week. Hector’s and Keller’s colloquial approach provides relatable critiques to casual listeners and film junkies alike. Each episode is both enlightening and hilarious. The hosts and guests offer stimulating commentary on the industry’s history of misogyny and racial bias. This is more than a podcast about films—it’s a genuine exploration of the cultural impact of cinema.
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Hilarious, like the hosts
As a person who likes movies, but doesn't bathe in the blood of them every morning, this is a really fun, funny take on some of the "best" out there. It's seriously helping me figure out which "classics" to actually watch!
Good stuff
I’ve been waiting for a podcast where a random ‘great’ movie is picked and then analyzed. The Empire list simply serves as an organized list to go of off and I love everyone’s takes. I’m caught up through the Sideways ep and I’ve liked each ep so far. The Superman Returns ep is great and full of hilarious takes. Good show!
Chad Indy
Beez Kneez
Honestly, a really fun time with friends reviewing movies in a very relaxed way. Hector, Keller, and friends are witty, insightful, and relevant and I’m pumped to listen to these each week for the next ten years!
Hector and Keller talk smart about movies
The easy chemistry and sharp humor of the hosts make for a fun listen, but they also approach each movie with thoughtful openness that makes me consider them in new ways. They are tackling Empire magazine's 2008 list of the 500 greatest movies of all time. I am not sure if they will make it through all ten years, but I am along for the ride however far they make it.
500 greatest films podcast
Hector and Keller are great together. I love watching them crack each other up. And I love movies too.
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