Podcasting Q&A
Podcasting Q&A
How long should your podcast episode be?
4 minutes Posted May 10, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Brandon from Digital Marketing Tool Talk asks, "What is the ideal length for a podcast episode?"

One of the great things about podcasting is that there are so few rules regarding what makes a great podcast. There are some podcasts that have episodes longer than 3 hours (*cough* Joe Rogan *cough*) and some that are 10 minutes or less. Focus on making your podcast as long as it needs to be to say what you need to say without worrying about hitting a certain target.

As an overall trend, we've seen the average podcast episode length hover around 43 minutes (and it hasn't really changed for 5+ years). There have certainly been plenty of short-format podcasts coming out recently, but there's nothing magical about having shorter episodes.

Also, because there are no rules around how long your episodes need to be, you can have varying lengths of podcast episodes within your show. If your episodes normally come in around 15 minutes, it's totally fine to drop a 25-minute episode if you know your audience is gonna love it! Just don't get too crazy and do something wildly different than what you're audience is expecting without giving them a heads up first.

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