Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.
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Great Program
This is a great publication from some expert woodworkers. They present topics in an accessible manner and are passionate about their work. If you think that a woodworking podcast should be about woodworking exclusively, and never contain an irreverent, off topic joke, this podcast may not be for you. For the rest of you, it’s recommended.
Ok to listen to half the the time
It’s ok if there’s nothing else to listen to. Geared toward the DIY’er so I have to skip past 3/4 of each episode
Great stuff
Good info, good background noise in the shop. Was disappointed though because I started on episode 1, and always imagined Asa looking like Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg in Arouns The World in 80 days. Not so much.
Great Podcast
I run a small wooden boat shop in the northern suburbs of Boston. While my town has a great history of wooden boats and craftsmen it’s hard to find people with similar interests in the depths of being a nerd about tool selection, scrap wood hoarding, and the lines between nice power tool efficiency and hand tooling fits and finish. A few weeks ago I gave your podcast a try (I’ve never been into podcasts before) and I’m hooked, lots of great tips, and general banter which reminds me of groups I used to work with in bigger shops before I struck out on my own. Lunch discussions about a certain tool not working right or comparing that time you almost died (figuratively and some times literally). Anyways, thanks for putting these conversations out there on the internet for all of us.
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Woodworking meets nerdy humor!
This has to be the best woodworking podcast out there. The hosts are a wealth of knowledge! Their personalities all compliment each other so well, and there appears to be some real comradery between all of the finewoodworking staff! Keep up the great work Ben! And gang! Side note: can we pay Matt to come back on the podcast as a guest every now and again or what?
Gen. Sweetpants
My Favorite Podcast
Work keeps me out of my shop for extended periods of time. Listening to Shop Talk Live keeps me connected to my happy place. Thanks for all you do!
Idaho Film Guy
5 star estimation
I picked this review from the scrap pile, looked at it, estimated it’s rating as 5 stars. Turns out I was correct.
Good lord
Whether you’re a woodworking pro, enthusiast or just a plain ole’ wannabe- In fact you don’t even have to like woodworking at all; these guys(and gals) are deadset entertainers. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to pick up a hand plane and go “how do I sharpen this thing?” Six stars.
Tanc By Design
Boat transoms
I have an antique aluminum boat that I want to make a new transom (rear of the boat where the motor mounts.) most people use plywood because it’s cheap and easy, I like to do a little extra every time I do something. I wanted to use kiln dried 1-1/2” walnut but I don’t know how it fares in the weather. What would be a good exterior finish for the wood? It will have holes drilled in it, and it will get wet when it’s splashed but it doesn’t stay wet.
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Woodbe woodworker.
I enjoy listening to the back and forth between you guys. I never fail to learn something new each time I listen to your podcast. Keep up the good work!
You can count on it
This panel discussion podcast has been around for a long time and new episodes are reliably issued every two weeks. Very few podcasts can claim that kind of longevity. The panel consists of professional woodworkers. Even when they discuss stuff I can’t use (like using machines I will never have) I find it fascinating and always learn something new. Thanks you guys!
Can’t get enough
Hey guys and gal wanted to thank you for the podcast. I just went though all the Shop Talk Live podcasts I can find. I can’t seam to find another one that compares to it so looks like I am going to have to listen to them all again!! Thanks and keep up the great work.
Lil B AZ
Useful, realistic and sarcastic
5 stars for being useful and realistic. As an avid hobbyist woodworker with limited skill, limited time, limited space, and limited money, hearing Mike P. Etc. Cogitate about what tools and techniques to use to make well documented high quality work is a case model for me. This podcast is much more real and useful than the magazine and TV show where 90% off the tools and space are out of my reach, even if I achieve the skill level as the magazine authors. The sarcasm exhibited is tolerated because the rest of the content is so good
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JTP 123
Top of the League
Just as FWW is the BEST woodworking magazine, so STL is the BEST woodworking podcast. The regular commentators -- editors from the magazine -- answer valuable questions knowledgeably and articulately. I have started working my way through the archive, and haven't gotten bored yet. Listening to these guys makes me yearn to take a course with them! And I have to be grateful that they answered my novice's question.
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Cisco (aka Martin)
The Best
If you're a woodworker, this is essential listening. These guys go into fine detail on all the little tips and tricks that it takes to become a better woodworker. I'm a pretty new myself, and I feel like I've gained so much knowlegde by listening to these guys chat. It's reassuring to know that other people have the same issues as you, and it clues you in to what to look out for in the future. Not only that, but I always feel excited to get out into the shop afterwards. Whole hearted 5 stars.
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Great pod but
All, I am listening form show 1 and I continue to get great advise. However, in episode 50 (I know, a long time ago) you answered a question pertaining to insects in wood and how to get rid of them. One of the suggestions was to wrap the wood in plastic and then use a bug bomb. I am not sure if that will work, but as woodworkers we make sawdust. Having wood coated with poison, and then making it air born in the saw dust does not seem like the best of ideas. A year ago I took down a walnut tree, milled it and let it dry outside. The Wood got powder post Beatles. I treated it with boragaurd which killed the insects. Before I coated it I asked the manufacture if it would be dangerous to breath when it is in sawdust. They responded that it is never good to breath sawdust, but it is no worse if there is boragaurd in it. I realize we should all try really hard to capture the dust at the source, but that is not always possible. Thanks Mike Gitberg
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Love this podcast
This podcast makes being in my car the next best thing to being in my shop! The tips are great, I'm always buying new books or reading articles or ordering tools that I learn about from the podcast. I'm a subscriber to the magazine and the website; the podcast really ties it all together and makes it easy to get the most out of the subscriptions and discover new aspects of woodworking that I might have otherwised missed.
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Roberto Cipriano
Lost its magic. Still informative.
The episodes of the last several months seem to have lost the fun and magic of the first few years. I get the sense that they’re bored, distracted, or one of them is pissing the others off. I listen now for the information (which is still good, if not mostly a repeat of what’s already been said in past episodes) rather than the joy of listening like I used to. Interviews are always good. I’d like to see FWW make Brian Boggs a permanent host by Skype or something—he tried to do something last year on his own but it didn’t seem to gain any traction. I really valued his expertise vs writers who are all good at woodworking (but not known for their work). Also having a guy like Boggs talk with other super accomplished people would be an extra treat.
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Usually it is good but this episode from Las Vegas is a real stinker
Did John Ratzenburger show up intoxicated or he just a jerk? Let's not mix personal politics with woodworking. How about we stick to woodworking?
Risen to 5 Stars
Over time, this has become my favorite woodworking podcast, and the first podcast I listen to when it is issued. Only gripe is that it only comes every other week - would be better weekly.
Great Show
If you enjoy woodworking grab a pen and paper and listen carefully. Great show
Simply Awesome
I found this podcast a few months ago and have spent all my shop time binge listening since. The awesome jokes, stories and practical advice make it easy to listen to and unwind. It's like having a few buddies in the shop with me that share my sense of humor. Don't ever change.
Matty 82
Sorry, but you are not as funny as you think you are
While informative, the constant laughing at their own lame jokes is incredibly tiresome. It is truly sophomoric and is reminiscent of teenage boys with their first experience on a tape recorder, or perhaps a better analogy is a teen boy band being interviewed and trying to come off as cool. Dial it back a few notches okay?
Shadwell von Bernstein
One of the best things to happen to podcasts.
First off, Mike Pekovich is the Gandolf of woodworking. He reminds me of my dad, and that's a good thing. Matt Kenney is a true snarky (and hilarious) woodworking inspiration. Reminds me of most of my friends. Asa is a class act, and hopefully the host of more video interviews and shop tours. Tom reminds me of a marine sniper turned woodworker for some reason. And Ed is funny, and a great podcast host. Well done gentlemen. You've made my work life a lot more enjoyable.
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You guys are great. I’m only 26, so I need more knowledge and you’ve provided a lot, and it’s great because I don’t have to take time to sit down and read a bunch of magazines (I can listen while I’m at work). I’m building the shaker workbench and it’s a great project to help me hone some skills, I’m able to just build and mess up here and there without worrying too much (It’ll get beat up anyway). I can practice panels, dovetails, mortise and tenons, drawers etc. without fear of ruining something more important. Keep it coming!
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Love Love Love!
I hope Andrew Keys and Garden Confidential produce more podcasts!! This is such a great resource for gardeners, and appeals to a younger audience (unlike many other garden resources…). I laughed out loud many times listening to these, and am back downloading more after my initial trial run. My favorite part so far is the reading of comments regarding invasive plants on a gardening website. Hilarious!!! My second favorite part so far is the story in the beginning of the cactus podcast. So funny! Keep up the good work!
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This is a great podcast
Great podcast. Wonerful topics, and Andrew is a exceptional host. Very talented!
Love it!!
This is a great podcast. Thoughtful topics, off the beaten path subjects, well-written and always enjoyable. Recommend as highly as possible!!
This is my favorite podcast-ever! Very interesting topics and guests. Andrew Keys has a marvelous voice that is relaxing and engaging at the same time.
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