40 Minutes of Funk
40 Minutes of Funk
Michael B
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Interview we’ll done
Mike was a pleasure to talk to. I was extra pleased to see one of my favorite musicians Robert Walter on the episode after mine, and to hear the show was voted in as a top 100 podcast. Keep going man. Beautiful production and curation.
I love this podcast.
I love this podcast. The more I listen the more I understand that funk is a lot more than just a genre or style of music. It is also worldwide community of creators and artists connected by common musical ancestors. Every episode, Michael and his guests focus on a particular expression of funk. And it is much more than just a history lesson - they actually play the music that they’re talking about on this podcast. After listening for a while, a bigger picture of the “funk world” has come into focus that I didn’t even know was there before. Strongly recommend.
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Love this Podcast
Love this podcast more and more. The artist Michael interviews have great stories and interesting backgrounds. My favorite part is getting a taste of the music they produce DURING THE PODCAST! I’ve definitely found some new funk favorites.
Funky and smart!
I love it when artists get to talk about their craft, the things they love. This is clearly the aim of this podcast and Michael B is a fantastic host with the knowledge and discipline to know when to prod further, when to “fanboy” out, and when to just let the artist talk. I’d give it 6 stars if I could.