30 Minute Italian
30 Minute Italian
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She is an amazing teacher!
Fantasia Eda
Grazie mille
Love this podcast it’s everything I been looking for. No so nulla di starting & holding a conversation, so this is a game changer! So funny and engaging 💖
Enjoying your podcast
I am a native Spanish speaker that loves the Italian language. It feels more fun to learn Italian with your lessons. It was very helpful to review confusing words episode from English to Italian like sensible versus sensitive. Thanks.
Not 30 minutes. Not native speaker. Mostly in English.
Why? Try you tube videos with native speakers using the language naturally. Not just in phrases.
Could not be more fantastic
This podcast could not be more fantastic. It’s just what I needed and haven’t been able to find: common phrases and nuances of the language. The host speaks so eloquently and clearly, both in English and Italian, and has a delightful personality and inviting & enthusiastic attitude.
Love this!
Cher is charming, fun and interesting. A wonderful way to learn about the Italian language and culture. Keep the episodes coming!1
As an expat living in Rome I was excited to find this podcast; unfortunately the information is inaccurate.
Love it. Thanks!
Wonderful lessons.
Wonderful, fresh content
I love this podcast! It is such a nice compliment to the more structured learning. It makes me feel more informed on current language and typical conversations. Highly recommend
Rapid fire
I would like this podcast if not for host’s machine gun delivery. It is too much to listen to what often sounds like a stream of babble.
First rate
Articulate in both English and Italian, well organized and presented. I haven’t found a better Italian language learning podcast, website, email lesson subscription anywhere. There are several good ones out there, but none better.
Learn a lot in every episode
I love the colloquial sayings and various ways to say the same thing.
I was reading my notes from prior emails and found this podcast.... it really made a difference on how I can grasp concepts easily and in a fun way. Love it very much. What a fantastic source of information, vocabulary and perspective in Italian. Being able to read, write and then to listen the entire podcast increased more and more my motivation to continue learning this beautiful language. Thank you Cher !!! Claudia 🌸
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Just started listening, and love it. Thanks!
Poi and Cosi was a good episode
I only listened to a couple, one of the podcasts I thought had too much English, but if you search for topics you want for clarification, this is useful. I like the short format, it would be good to listen to one of these episodes each day vs overload with too much information. Update: I’m changing my review to 5 stars from 4 because I’ve listened to more shows, and I feel like I’m learning more than I already knew as an “advanced beginner”. This doesn’t replace a language course, but it is good material to supplement it. Her pronunciation is excellent as a native American English speaker. Learning a language should be done with different mediums and I recommend you add Cher’s show to your rotation.
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Not bad...
Granted, I have a long ways to go but her lesson on how to use poi and coding was every upbeat, non complicated and very informative. I will listen to other lessons as I like her style. And... I am easily able to take notes as she speaks. A plus in my mind.
Songbird Learning
Practical way to learn
Simple lessons that are convenient and easy to follow
A light-hearted and fun podcast
This is a very light-hearted and positive podcast, which helps to improve your conversational Italian. I like all the interviews and speed date episodes particularly. Thanks to Cher for all of your efforts in sharing your knowledge, interesting facts and motivating us to learn more! I also appreciate bite-sized lessons via email. Wish you best of luck! Grazie tantissime!
Karkna K.
Does not teach Italian
I listened to FOUR episodes and this girl spoke not a single word in Italian. She talks about getting ready to speak Italian and how much time you should set aside, blah, blah, blah.
first two podcasts a waste of time...
I can only review Cher Hale's first two podcasts (How to start learning...) and (How to go from knowing ciao to...). They were aproximately 30 minutes each. Neither podcast included any actual Italian, mostly only personal information about Cher and encouraging the listener to keep up their efforts (which have really yet to begin). I can only assume that additional episodes are an improvement; it would be hard not to.
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Great Resource
I just started listening, but this is one of the better podcasts for learning Italian. It has a variety of topics and types of programs--useful phrases, verb tense discussion with examples, interviews, learning methods, etc.
great tool
jake donoho
The best italian podcast I’ve found yet!
I’m currently in Italy trying to improve my language skills and happened upon Cher’s podcast. Not only is there a VAST library of informative lessons, I found Cher’s style to be really inspiring and her energy is infectious. Learning a language is HARD but she gives you gentle encouragement along the way. I also love how the podcast and the written blog often mirror each other because sometimes I need to read what she’s talking about. Her podcast has lessons and also cultural tips too.
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What an AMAZING resource to learn and continue learning Italian
Congratulations on cracking the code to effectively learn Italian. This is a great program fully supported by your wonderful site. Truly impressive.