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Winning Webbys and Science in Spanish
2 minutes Posted Apr 15, 2022 at 12:56 am.
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We’ve been nominated for a Webby! Show us some love and vote for us here. We promise it only takes a minute.

Stay tuned for more new episodes in English y en español.



Episode transcript

[Funky background music playing throughout]

Hello there 2Scientists listeners, we hope you’re doing well albeit perhaps a little confused at the brevity of this episode.

How could we possibly be squeezing a whole scientist interview into a piddly little 2 minutes and 30 seconds?

Well that’s easy, because today we’re not.

For 9 long years we’ve been chatting with the coolest scientists over their beverage of choice. We’ve been totally engrossed by tales of their research and grossed out by the toilet stories (and yes that’s right toilet stories PLURAL)

Now our little podcast is all grown up and getting nominated for awards!

So today, I’m just a girl broadcasting to her audience, asking them to vote for the 2scientists podcast at the Webby awards. Yes indeed, we’ve been nominated in the Science and Education category and we’d love to have your support. Maybe we can’t overcome NASA, but you know you want to help us beat Big Publishing. So go on. Go to our website 2scientists.org or look in the show notes for a link to click. We promise it only takes a minute and we’d forever be grateful!

Speaking of our website, you’ll also see a revamp as we launch our Spanish language sister pod which we’re imaginatively calling 2Científicos. So we can share the scientific love ahora en dos lenguajes.

We promise we’ll be back with a proper episode very soon. Until then, this is your host Parmvir Bahia, saying go and vote!