21st Century Entrepreneurship
21st Century Entrepreneurship
Martin Piskoric
Steven Gans PhD announces the Council of Mentors
22 minutes Posted Apr 1, 2020 at 4:52 pm.
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Steven Gans PhD announces the inauguration of the Council of Mentors

Steven is a visionary, compassionate and thoughtful leader and mentor. He is a Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, Entrepreneur and Funding Source.

“Steven's DNA is to be a guide for others and to bring out their greatness!”

Who mentors the mentor Gans asks?

There is a gap, he believes in the social and business space for a place mentors can go to be mentored.

The Council of Mentors, located on the In the Tribe platform meets this need.

Mentors are the trusted advisers to their clients who are for the most part leaders in their fields and companies. In these turbulent times, when there is disruption coming from all sides; public health, financial and technological, who do mentors go to for their own mentoring? The Council of Mentors has been established as a platform for peer to peer, group and community mentoring.