2 Jews & 2 Black Dudes Review the Movies
2 Jews & 2 Black Dudes Review the Movies
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Really enjoy this podcast
Subscribe and enjoy the laughs!
Good show love the humor. Screaming L.O.X.
I Love how It’s The Real interact with The LOX. They have great chemistry. Those intro’s are 🔥🔥🔥as is the whole show.💯
When y’all comming back
We miss this is it over or you taking a break
Moch mside
I miss the pod
Please bring this podcast back ASAP thanks !! Hope all is well!!
carlitouptown👟 on youtube
Man Cave Movie Reviews! Perfect!
Stumbled across this podcast today. I watched Parasite a couple of weeks ago so started with that episode. This was awesome. Funny and Real. Great takes by all of them. This is like walking into man cave and dudes are talking about a movie in such a way that is way different than your usual movie review teams.
Every episode slaps
These guys are the best in podcast life style
This app is the ish
Glad you guys are back
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Love that you guys are back. Serious, funny and informative all wrapped up in a great podcast!!!!
Love it
Love the podcast need to get more reviews!
Dirty water podcast
This podcast is hilarious especially when styles p likes to get real serious about John Snow!!! Very entertaining and a must listen!!
dirty water podcast
Insightful and hilarious!
The review on Coco was absolutely incredible! They really took a deep dive into the underlying messages that Coco had to offer along with being absolutely hilarious. They made the connections to real life situations that I personally could relate to. Very well done!
Been a big fan of both of these teams separately but the combo of them together is just perfect. There’s a couple movies I can’t wait for them to cover because I KNOW the laughs will be at an all time high. Keep up the dope work fellas.
Support these cinephiles.
This rag tag crew of of savvy film critics provide delightful insight and interesting perspective on classic and popular cinema. Although their opinions on the film “The Last Dragon” will make you want to fight one of them. Listen to find out.
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Come Do a Show in New Orleans
We need a live showing of Two Jews & Two Black Dudes live in New Orleans. Nah Fr Fr
Very funny and unique podcast!!!
More marvel reviews please!!!
I need some more marvel reviews it’s hilarious to hear styles and sheek duke it out over those flicks all the while Eric and Jeff are just like 🤷🏻‍♂️ haha.
More rom-coms!!!
As the You’ve Got Mail episode clearly shows, the future of 2J2BD is rom-coms. Let’s work through the entire Ephron oeuvre, move on to Nancy Meyers, and go from there.
Must Listen
How could you not enjoy this grouping? Plus, the movies they're talking about are all classics. But beyond that, just listen to the Airplane! review and see that it's about so much more than just the movies: the discussions are wide-ranging, candid, and full of the truth that you'd expect from the Rosenthal brothers and The Lox.
Who else would you want to give reviews of movies?! 2J2BD keeps me dying laughing every episode! Nah Fr Fr
Yung Lex from DC
Two Jews & Two Black Dudes & A Spanish Listener!
Man I was already of fan of Jeff & Eric aka ItsTheReal & who isn’t a fan of The Lox! So when these two mega powers came together to review movies…GENIUS!! It’s super funny & informative lol but NAH FR FR do yourself a favor and SUBSCRIBE! Subscribe to Two Jews & Two Black Dudes Review The Movies & to ‘A Waste Of Time’ w ItsTheReal!!
This podcast is great man. To hear all these great guys come together just to laugh and talk is what this is all about.
On the fence
Not on the fence about the podcast, it’s AMAZING. Just not sure if I’m sold on Jeff being a serial killer yet, need more evidence.
Best Movie Review Podcast EVER!
This podcast is far ahead of anyone else when it comes to reviewing movies! Love the dynamic between Jeff & Eric + The Lox! Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves movies and loves to laugh!
I would have 2 Jews & 2 Black Dudes review my life if ipossible
Great point of view and jokes, also makes me want to rewatch movies I haven't seen in some time, like You've Got Mail.
David Cho on iTunes
These 4 (sometimes 5) have never failed to entertain me.
This is one of the best things ItsTheReal has ever come up with and probably the most underrated podcast out. Also: we need a Sheek Louch highlight reel effective immediately. Keep it up. Nah fr fr.
Name a better podcasting crew, I’ll wait..
I give this podcast 5 stars, which equates to 10 Richie Thumbs. It’s nonstop entertainment and laughter. The vibe between them all is amazing and keeps me coming back to hear more. -BK
It’s The... Reel?
Eric and Jeff (and Styles and Sheek and sometimes Kiss) do it again. Their hilarious chemistry with The Lox is on display in this series that has the geniuses behind A Waste of Time waxing philosophical on new and classic movies. I give the show five stars, and ten Richie Thumbs.
hell yes.
hell yes.
Greg Noire
Even better on its own feed
Excellence in podcast form!! - from the 2 Jews
Eric and Jeff from ItsTheReal
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