2 Docs Talk: The podcast about healthcare, the science of medicine and everything in between.
2 Docs Talk: The podcast about healthcare, the science of medicine and everything in between.
Kendall Britt, MD and Amy Rogers, MD
Join cohosts Kendall Britt, MD and Amy Rogers, MD for a 15 minute check-up on current issues in medicine and health policy. The doctors examine current medical concerns in light of the best available medical evidence and the policy issues of the day with a focus on their impact on the doctor patient relationship.
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Data oriented and clearly explained medical issues
This podcast is great! It’s tastefully done even when addressing political topics where biases tend to show. Additionally, the studies supporting their stances on medical issues are always cited and presented beautifully and concisely.
Interesting and so Helpful
I love this podcast!! The hosts do a great job of breaking down major issues in healthcare while considering both sides of the arguments. I will definitely keep listening :)
Quality pod with great voices.
Short, sweet and scientifically based. Good stuff- thanks, 2 Docs!
Enjoy the talk very much
In health informatics major, like this talk so much, hope more are coming!
Political attitudes
You lost me when every episode I listened to spoke about politics. I listen to a medical podcast to hear about medicine. So I’ll find something else.
Love your style
Interesting and informative. I hope they’ll continue.
Favorite educational podcast
As an applicant to medical school and someone who is generally interested in the state of healthcare, this is my absolute favorite podcast. I’ve binged it for the past few months and have been absolutely absorbed/my interviewers were quite impressed! You two have inspired me to apply for a joint MPH and I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to my newest passion.
I am a medical assistant and there are a lot of things small practices expect you to know , that we shouldn’t know but have too, things most providers know. This has helped me greatly in my career In the smaller doctors offices that rely more on their staff
One of my top 3 favorite podcasts!
These 2 Docs are insightful, informative, and humorous. I've learned a lot about medical conditions and treatments, as well as the business and politics of medicine. I look forward to every new episode.
Informative, not too long, docs are enjoyable to listen to! Thanks for the scoop ladies.
interested NP
I was excited about this podcast and to be able to understand medical advancements/problems better. However it was more like listening to them spout of facts they’ve pulled from the internet 😪
Jo Tomas
Sadly they have the same perspective as every single other close minded “mainstream” doctor
I was hoping hear something alittle more thoughtful and open minded. I was also hoping to find doctors that didn’t ONLY repeat what government agencies told them and actually thought for themselves and looked at credible independent studies that weren’t only funded by a pharma company.
Perfect for the Pre-Med Student!
I highly recommend this podcast to any pre-med student. It has a wide range of topics, and all subjects are explained in mostly layman's terms. Dr. Britt and Dr. Rogers sprinkle in enough medical terminology and enough humor to keep every episode fascinating. In fact, I would recommend this podcast to anyone thinking about a future as a healthcare provider, whether as a future CNP, PA-C, DO, or MD. Amy and Kendall - please keep continuing to record!
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K. Gale
Old Geezer
A great place to learn about evidence based medicine!
Picks Up Where the Headlines End
This is such a great little podcast - you have the benefit of 2 Docs digging into health news and summarizing the evidence while also pointing out gaps and inconsistencies. The podcasts aren’t too long and neatly summarize information for non medical professionals. I especially appreciated episode 116 on weight loss. Would love to hear you address high intensity interval training, because as you point out, an hour of exercise per day can be difficult.
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Alpine Home
Please do more podcasts!!
I just found your podcast & I *love* it! Currently have listened to flu, thyroid & hospice. My only disappointmet is that you don't have more recent podcasts. Your down to earth dicussion, coupled with GREAT explanations of disease, illness & issues is much needed in this space. Keep it up & thank you!
Witty and Informative
These ladies are doing a great job on their podcast. They cover important, current health topics in a way that is entertaining yet still packed with information.
I not aware of your situation But if can you please stop rebroadcasting I’ll be very grateful. I listened to all the episodes and I really like what you are doing, short, informative and interesting Thank you
Nice work ladies
Clearly there doctors care about our patients. Enjoy their light hearted approach ....easy listening.
Great podcast!
Great podcast. Short and to the point never loosing my interest in a discussed topic. Just right speed. Very intelligent, professional and funny hosts. Highly recommended. Thanks.
Short and packed episodes.
As a future physician, not only is it encouraging to have two female physicians host the show, but they are direct, funny, and talk about everything involved with their topic. It is a completely informational, non-partisan podcast, which I'm thankful for.
Needs audio optimization
Good info on relevant medical topics and news. Odd echos sound like scary voices in horror movies. Needs a pop filter. Must talk into microphone.
I enjoy this show so much! Wonderful discussion. I learn something too. Thank you!
The PP issue is much more than you give credit to. Pro-lifers want to reduce unwanted pregnancies yes but the majority of PPs income comes from abortions. It's unfortunately a business and one of their main products is abortion. Many past PP employees have attested to this. I work in an ICU with dying patients everyday and I don't lack the empathy and respect that the PP worker has in the video you defend. Also will you do an episode on the side effects of birth control ?
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Informative and Entertaining
Amy and Kendall have great chemistry! I'm a med student and I love this podcast.
2 Docs Talk
They get into social issues where they don't k now all the facts. They should stick to medicine.
Jim in Charlsesotn
By Louise Veuve
I just listened to the podcast on Parkinson Disease. My best friend is my age, 68, and had early onset PD and has had it over 15 years. Your report was fascinating. She just send me a link that says a new drug has been found that promises better results than the main drugs being used now. I'm sure you can look up the research. I really enjoy listening to your podcast as it helps keep me informed about current issues.
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love the show
looking forward to your discussion on Trumpcare.
dog bit
Love listening to this on my way in to work!
Great podcast.
Doctor Recommended
More docs should do this. However, I do believe they had a "swing and a miss" on the sub clinical thyroid discussion. Thyroid supplementation should be more prescribed. 🙌
Informative and well made
I am a medical student and I listen to this podcast when I exercise. Each episode gives a simple overview of current medical issues. The format of the show fits the podcast medium very well (especially compared to some of the other medical podcasts out there)
Informative and engaging
I was recommended this podcast by someone at work. The episodes are quick and easy to listen to. Kendall and Amy always pick great topics that are very relevant for the average person wanting to learn more about health and health policy. A lot of what gets reported in the news and other media sources can be misleading and they are sure to point out additional context that is important. 2 Docs-- Thanks for your work and keep it up!
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KC fitness guru
Trump and EMS
My guess as to what Trump means by giving first responders greater access to Narcan is to extend scope of practice. In California there are tiers to pre-hospital EMS. First Responder is a certification which is equivalent to having a CPR and BLS card. This designation is sometimes confused with paramedic simply because paramedics, and in some counties firefighters, are literally "first responders". Then EMT-B (basic), AEMT or Advanced EMT and finally EMT-P or paramedic. In California, specifically Alameda county, administration of Narcan is beyond the scope of a First Responder or EMT-B. I wish 4.5 was an option, only because I agree with some other folks when they suggest experts get interviewed on topics of public policy and such. However, I am aware podcasts can be time consuming so I appreciate what the speakers are trying to accomplish while having professions and taking care of their families.
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This is very informative in an entertaining sort of way.
Great podcast
Absolutely wonderful podcast that anyone going into the medical field should listen to.
Pretty basic
My favorite so far was the coach talking about concussions. And the irony of it following the MMJ episode was not lost on me -cannabis is an excellent way to manage and heal concussions. Unfortunately, as the docs have said they aren't interested in learning more about the most incredible medicine in the history of man and more. BTW, NIDA has reason to say it's addictive, and a whole lot of reason$ to not look into those numbers. Chronic use of medicine isn't addiction -cannabis is NOT addictive and their inability to look critically into remarks like that is what makes this such a basic podcast. That and the hosts are pretty stilted in their reads. When they banter, it's fun, but overall stiff.
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Boh @ The Spliff Potcast
Superficial and lots of incorrect info
These docs have very superficial understanding of the topics they address and lots of info is not communicated accurately or effectively. As an academic epidemiologist who works a bit in policy, I am disappointed at how they treat several topics, many of which are better addressed by a public health professional or policy experts rather than a clinician without formal training in public health or policy making. It would be much better to bring in experts for the shows so they don't rely on their own limited knowledge and facility in these areas. That way they can take advantage of their natural dynamic while still having good information.
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Short and Sweet Medicine
As a premed student, this is a great way to stay informed about relevant medical issues and new developments in medicine. This podcast is very informative, easy to understand, and surprisingly entertaining! Love it all!
2 Docs Talk
2 Docs Talk is educational, interesting, and fun!
I just started listening to you guys two weeks ago and on my 1 hour + commute to clinical, it's informative and an educational podcast. Are you guys still actively recording or will this be most of the podcasts because I'm almost done with them :/ any how I hope this is an ongoing podcast. I'm a nurse practitioner student in my last year and I love to learn about new and upcoming advances in medicine to make me the most competent for my patients. Love that they address it in 15-20 minutes.
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A Great Show for Anyone!
Dr. Britt and Dr. Rogers developed a great format! The shows come out weekly and consistently, are short but definately not too short, and present a variety of topics that are backed by reliable research and cridible experiences. Its a very good pick-me-up for anyone interest in health and medicine. Keep up the good work!
Loike Doike
Interesting However Lacks Full Logic
Is killing humans ever good medical practice? I liked the podcast until I realized that the docs don't even explore the morality of abortion. Lack of philosophy and lack of logical thinking reduces their credibility.
JJ viewer
Love it! Two docs straighten medical headlines
Love this podcast. One of the best. I've learned what the medical news really means.
Quick, balanced, and fun
I love hearing these docs take on current subjects in medicine. As a medical student I've found it to be a great jumping off point for my own reading. They use solid sources and present great information on some hot button issues.
Great information packed into bite size
A great introduction (or refresher) on fascinating topics for anyone working or interested in health care.
Could this be my Dr. Dean Edell fix.... Great Show!!!!
I’ve been looking for a Dr. Dean Edell radio show replacement ever since Dr. Edell retired; this 2DocsTalk show is very promising and I hope it catches on! The two doctors on this show are great and big believers of science based medicine, and well done studies. Just wish the show was a little longer :0) …. Shows like this help make the world a better place. 5 stars all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thoughtful and entertaining
Amy and Kendall do a great job of explaining controversal topics in medicine. They are thorough, fair and never boring. I always learn something and the topics they cover are of interest to us all.
Pollo del Mar
Good way to learn about health & medicine
Good podcast with accurate and important information. As a fellow physician, I'm glad to see these doctors making it fun and easy for people to learn more about health & the practice of medicine. They have some good related resources listed on their related webpage too.
leslie keslie
top notch! informative, professional, genuine.
Excellent Podcast
This is a very intelligent and informative podcast. I like how the duration is on the shorter side, while still being packed with excellent topics and conversation.
Trent Dale
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