2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast
2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast
2 Black Girls, 1 Rose
Welcome to 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose! Where two black ass girls invade the whitest show on Earth...The Bachelor! Be sure to subscribe, as new episodes will be released each week featuring The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise recaps, commentary, and interviews :) Questions or comments? Connect with us on Twitter @2blkgirls1rose or on Instagram @2blackgirls1rose or email us at 2blackgirls1rose@gmail.com.
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Great podcast
Such an entertaining podcast - it feels like I’m chatting with two friends with hilarious insight on the Bachelor.
Sad about scrabble
Darn shame
So I completely understand paying people for content but to go from giving all full episodes for free to now only getting like a 10 minute clip is just outrageous. It’s a shame because I like the show but can’t justify paying for it for regular content that you could get for free from other shows
Princess char
My FAVorite!!
This is my favorite bachelor recap podcast! Chatty broads turned me on to these ladies, and I’m now deep into the backlog cause they always have me laughing out loud. Thanks for wading through this trash show for your fans!!
The best
That’s all you need to know!
Fave Bachelor podcast
Lots of bachelor media to consume and these girls have the hottest takes and the funniest commentary.
Faithful Patreon Subscriber!!
I LOVE the mix of funny banter and serious topics on 2 Black Girls 1 Rose! I am a Patreon Subscriber and it is completely worth it. I recently increased my subscription level to include the Lifestyle episodes and now I love them even more. Definitely recommend!!!
Allison FP
worth the money??
I just don’t understand why they don’t release the full episodes onto this platform. The teasers aren’t even that good to justify paying for the full ep. boring
Best ⏰ podcast ⏰ In Bachelor Nation
I put alarm clocks in the title of this review because if you are sleeping on this bach 🌹 podcast, wake up. This is one of the FUNNIEST and most thoughtful recap podcasts in this fandom. They are much more generous with the contestants in this show than I ever could be while still holding them accountable to some of the straight up NONSENSE that goes on. Oh and they’re hilarious and delightful and I can’t wait for a salary raise so I can up my patreon subscription. Love you both and I hope keep doing your thing!
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Jenny Garth
Breath of fresh air!
I love listening to these two. They crack me up! But they’re freaking smart too and it’s a breath of fresh air!! Love y’all I’m too poor for patreon but I always listen to a few when they become available!💓💓
Obsessed ♥️
This is my favorite podcast bc Justine & Natasha make me laugh my ass off every episode! In addition to literally being the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to, I LOVE how in depth their analysis are for all of their recaps. These brilliant, hilarious, & dedicated women are my role models. 10/10 recommend subscribing to their Patreon, if you have the means!
I wasn’t a huge podcast fan before, but I’m addicted to this one now. I have so much stuff to do, but I can’t stop listening to your old podcasts. You guys are HILARIOUS and actually add so much insight into the episodes. Keep doing you Natasha and Justine!!
Love it!
Natasha and Justine are both super insightful and absolutely hilarious, easily one of the best things to ever happen to Bach nation
Quarantine saviors
Been going back through the archives and feel like I have two friends keeping me sane through solo quarantine!
Awesome Podcast
This is a great podcast! Natasha and Justine are hilarious! Their recaps are effortless, and they create a fun environment while also calling out the racism in bachelor nation and other social justice issues that occur in the seasons. I love hearing their thoughts. Their interviews with bachelor nation guests are also very thought provoking. They ask in-depth questions that I am always interested to hear answered! 10 out of 10 would recommend!
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The best bachelor podcast!
Laugh out loud funny! 100% a must listen
Love this podcast
Just started listening from season 1 and I can’t stop. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
sigler man
Love it!
So good!
Can't believe it's taken me THIS long to come across the best Bachelornation podcast around, but I heard them on Chatty Broads and since I'm starved for fresh bachelor content and they seemed smart and funny, I thought I'd give it a try. Started from the first episode and I am HOOKED!! Hilarious hilarious hilarious, but also smart commentary and sharp observations. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! I love you guys!
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You will laugh ... a lot
I love this podcast so much. I laugh out loud several times each episode - often causing my wife to look at me like I’m nuts, while I’m listening in my headphones, washing dishes. I’ve watched the Bachelor/ette on and off for quite a few years now and only found this podcast during Peter’s season. It has truly brought me hours and hours of joy, listening to Natasha and Justine recap each episode, doing frame-by-frame analysis of when a lead or contestant was especially whack (or could get it). The Bachelor/ette franchise is such a weird thing in and of itself. I could never quite explain why I cared about it at all in the first place. So I definitely never imagined that I would be consuming additional hours of content on top of the weekly episodes, much less going back and listening to analysis of a season from 3 years ago with one of the least charismatic hosts of all time (I’m obviously talking about Arie). Yet, here I am. Natasha and Justine honestly put out such a quality and consistent product. I’m happy to be a subscriber on iTunes and patron on Patreon.
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What a gift, thank you so much!
I've been in a bit of a bachelor/ette rabbit hole for the last two weeks and was about to finish becca's season when I found this podcast. Listening to your episodes from that season has been the best thing to happen to me since I started watching this stupid show, so I just wanted to thank the two of you for bringing me so much laughter and smart commentary in these trying times! Also the interview you did with rachel was 🔥🔥
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LOVE this podcast!
Thank you so much for this bright light during quarantine! Love your insights!
Can’t believe I am only finding this pod now
Love you guys! Literally fave pod now after hearing you on Chatty Broads. Starting from episode 1!
New Listener
I just started listening after hearing you on Chatty Broads, and I am a HUGE fan. It’s so fun to go back and listen to old seasons. It’s like watching all over again. Such a good way to pass the time during these quarantine days!
You’re a podcast about the bachelor but yet somehow you spew racist garbage in most your episodes...if roles were reversed in this was two white people talking we all know there would be a mob coming for them. Some of the things you guys say is so racist it’s a bit much. This is supposed to be a reality show not some political, racist nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with loving your race and lifting them up but the fact that you constantly trash white people is ridiculous..again if roles were reversed you guys would be up in arms. Anyway, unsubscribed, no thanks.
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Shortened episodes?
It seems like the beginning of a lot of the episodes have been cut off. Maybe specific to Apple podcasts app, but ya it’s sad to not have access to the whole episode !
Look forward to it every week
Hands down the BEST Bachelor podcast out there. Most of the time I don’t even care about watching the tv show, I just want to hear these two talk!
Thank you
Love y’all’s podcast. I am also especially grateful that you posted your episode “Dear white liberals” for free. You definitely did not have to do that but did anyways and I am very grateful. It was informative and moving. Thank you again for speaking from the heart and sharing your thoughts and experiences when you shouldn’t have to.
My favorite podcast!
Natasha and Justine are the bright spot of my week! You’ll laugh; you’ll nod your head; you’ll feel like you’ve gained two new friends. I consider this podcast essential listening if you’re a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette/BIP. 100% worth the Patreon!
friend from DC
The best bachelor podcast!
Seriously this is the best bachelor/ette/recap podcast out there. I was so happy when they started recalling Ready to Love and Love is Blind because I want to listen to their commentary about basically anything. 100% worth a Patreon subscription!
Funny even if you don’t watch the show
Hilarious podcast, very fun and creative. The two hosts have a unique perspective and have really fun segments every episode. I didn’t even watch the bachelorette or bachelor before this, and don’t really now tbh, but it doesn’t even matter. Still a super fun podcast to listen to. 😍
I started with S24 and stayed for 2G1R
This podcast kept me watching the batchelor. They even have me trying to find more bachelor/bachelorette content. They’re smart, witty and so on point!
I love these two!
The only reason I watch The Bachelor
I actually skipped watching Peter’s season after hearing how trash it was and I STILL kept my Patreon for them because listening ABOUT this season was amazing. I didn’t feel like I missed out on a thing by not watching. I was even able to keep up with the jokes on reddit, That’s how good this podcast is. The only hot takes that matter. Well worth the Patreon fee.
New fave Bach podcast
This is easily my favorite Bachelor podcast, & I’m so glad to have found it. Justine & Natasha regularly make me laugh out loud, but they also tackle serious topics, like the representation of Black women in media. Great balance, good insight, makes me feel like I’m hanging out talking Bachelor with friends. Pass the wine!
Best Bachelor Podcast
A must listen for bachelor fans (or even if you don’t watch the show!!). I’ve been listening for three seasons now and genuinely look forward to listening each week. Their takes are often so much more nuanced than other podcasts I’ve listened to and bring a much needed voice to Bachelor nation. Keep doing what you’re doing ❤️❤️
I’m Not Alone!
For the longest I thought I was the only Black woman who was obsessed with The Bachelor and then I found this podcast! I love Justine and Natasha and even though I’m so over Peter I’m watching this season just so I can listen to them!!
Indignant, insipid, and inarticulate
These girls are professional complainers. They also speak highly of spiteful, mean-spirited girls, so either they are poor judges of character, or they have a penchant for bullies. Also, nothing they say is very noteworthy or thought-provoking.
What Crap
I’ve been a podcast listener for close to 10 years. This is the first pod I’ve ever come across that treats the pod business like a couple of crack dealers. “Here is 7 minutes...now go to Patreon if you want more.” If it’s worth it, you’d get advertisers.
Pretty terrible podcast
I wanted to like it but first it’s so short, the first few minutes are them just kind of talking amongst themselves and then when they finally get into the show they always root for the mean girls, which is fitting because if you listen to them...they’re also mean girls. They have some good takes on occasion but it’s not worth sitting through to hear them when those takes aren’t rare and can be found on other podcasts with much better content.
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THIS IS A MUST LISTEN. Justine and Natasha are absolute stars and have the best banter going. They are so hilarious, poignant, witty, and the two of them have the best chemistry. It feels like you’re talking with your funniest girlfriends on the couch.
The only Bach podcast worth your time
Totally in love with this podcast! Natasha and Justine are unapologetically real, bringing the Bachelor to a whole nother level of emotional intelligence that we all know this show is flat out unworthy of. The hosts are hilarious and thoughtful, and at this point their podcast is the only thing keeping me watching this trash show. 😂 I’ve listened to SO many other Bach nation podcasts, and none come close to this one. Recaps, church announcements, Bachelor nation news, email call outs, Becky of the week, invites to the cookout — couldn’t ask for more amazing content. So happy to throw in a few bucks a month for this smart entertainment. You’re killing it, 2 Black Girls! Proud to be a Patreon crew member.
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The Absolute BEST 🙌
Natasha and Justine get straight to their juicy reactions to all this Bachelor foolishness! Why isn’t EVERYONE listening them...mind boggling! Their craft is superior to every other podcast. They both recap the episodes AND provide laugh out loud worth commentary every week. Definitely go back in their archives and listen to their recaps of Arie’s season—I’ve listened to it twice and it deserves an award. Fresh. Funny. Fabulous. You two black girls deserve all the $$$ for putting in THE WORK!
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Much need POC voice
Natasha & Justine have rosen from their humble beginnings with ratchet microphones to an AMAZING podcast were they express their thoughts and feelings. They are funny, entertaining and most of all just genuine about their opinions - Bach related or otherwise. They are the real deal! If they branched out to different topics.. I would still listen.
Best bachelor podcast
Justine and Natasha balance serious discussions with lighthearted banter SO well. I could listen to this all day (and have been since I found it). They manage to take the show seriously enough to critique it, but lightly enough to make their recaps hilarious. I shudder to think what they’d make of my wardrobe and love life choices, but would definitely be highly amused by their reviews.
Best of the bachelor podcasts!
I’ve listened to most of the podcasts about the bachelor, and this one is definitely my favorite!
Love this podcast!
Excellent podcast. I love listening to it on my drive to work. I’m constantly loling. These ladies are awesome and I always look forward to the church announcements. They got me into Ready For Love and it’s a new fave but I still love Bachelorette of course. #mikeshouldhavebeenbachelorandyourknowit
The voices we need
Sooo funny and the voices we need! I look forward to this podcast each week!
I’m Asian-American and love bachelor podcasts but am always frustrated with the erasure of minorities in their discussions. I appreciate your insights so much, esp. in the sphere of white liberal racism—which is sometimes so much more insidious! You guys are HILARIOUS, raw, snarky, and I’m hooked! I also appreciate that this podcast acknowledges that POC does not just mean black. Other POC can often be forgotten on the Bachelor since the most represent POC tends to be black.
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Post Show Drama
I know you all are focus on ‘ready to love’ but I would love to hear your take on the Rachel v. Colton feud.
Podcast Queens!!
This is the only bachelor recap podcast that matters! Natasha & Justine are podcast queens. Please support these girls as they try to bring some variety into this space. They have howling at my desk every week!
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