2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast
2 Black Girls, 1 Rose: A Bachelor Podcast
2 Black Girls, 1 Rose
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Thankful for this space on the internet
Long time listener, first time reviewer. I’ve been a loyal fan of the podcast and these 2 Black Women for some time. Their energy is infectious, I know when I tune in I’m guaranteed a good time, and they just get me (also a Black girl over here 💁🏾‍♀️)! I’ve been a long time Bachelor viewer but never saw myself depicted in the franchise or within Bachelor Nation, so I’m thankful that Natasha and Justine created this space to let us listen in to their conversations and give a voice to all the Black and Brown women who also enjoy the franchise for the fairytales wrapped up in ridiculousness, even though the show was never made with us in mind. Keep up the good work!
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Sandra Dee 12345
Keeps me in bachelor nation
Natasha and Justine are truly the only reason I’m still in Bachelor Nation and putting up with this mess. They’re weekly recaps are the perfectly paired with a Trader Joe’s run - just as long as you’re ok laughing in public. Thank you ladies for shedding like on ABC’s 👀🤯, and advocating for change in this ridiculous series!
Smart and funny
Love the podcast. I listen for the recaps of The Bachelor/ette franchise. This show is smart and funny. Conscious of culture, racism, etc.—everything I would hope for! And funny! A much needed voice in the franchise from two black girls proudly being themselves and sharing their opinions. Thankful for their voices and perspectives.
Frowning Mind
You da best
This is the best bachelor podcast. It is a MYSTERY to me why these ladies do not have at least 500k followers on Instagram at this point. They deserve it. The laughs, the commentary, the keeping sh*t real…5 stars.
mr bach fan
Your new favorite podcast
I absolutely love these women! They are so funny and insightful. As a WOC myself, I feel like they always say what I’m thinking when I watch these Bachelor Nation shows. Natasha has made me feel seen in her analysis of the shows, and Justine can make me laugh simply with the way she says “okay” or “sir.” They strike the perfect balance between intellectual stimulation and humor when it comes to reality television. This is the best Bachelor podcast out there!
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CeCe Polanco
Elevated discourse and lots of fun!
This podcast keeps my guilty pleasure of watching bachelor franchise shows fun but also elevates the discourse. The bachelor has a super obvious and problematic time with race and diversity- these ladies call it out and add so much necessary commentary to the crowded field of bachelor podcasts. I love the hosts and their take on everything fashion, representation, controversy, Bach-nation news, and life. This is the only Bachelor podcast I actually want to listen to!
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favorite bach recaps!
incredible and hilarious recaps from the sweetest pair of besties!
Awesome recaps
I’ve been listening to this podcast since it came out bc I was also interested in creating a similar podcast! I love their recaps and I love the POV, it’s always great to think about the Bach and other reality shows and how they portray black + brown people and specifically black women!
My favorite recap pod
They hosts are grounded, funny and provide the constant reminder that reality shows can do so much better in representation and portrayal of deserve cast members. The community on Facebook has been my go to to discuss the shows live and I live for it.
Love it.
I love the banter and discussion and find their perspectives so insightful. I can be found cracking up listening to it on the bus commuting to work.
Funny and great perspective
Love listening to this podcast every week to get their take on bachelor(ette) and BIP. The gals always make me laugh out loud when they’re roasting these clout chasing fools. They also give credit where credits due. It’s refreshing and I can’t get enough. Glad I finally subscribed to the patreon!
Best Bach Podcast Ever!
Love Natasha and Justine! The recaps are hilarious and spot on. Two great friends give an intelligent perspective on messy reality tv and you laugh right along with them.
Excellent Bachelor Podcast
This is honestly my favorite Bachelor podcast. Justine and Natasha are hilarious and provide a much needed voice in a sea of Bachelor podcasts.
A delight!
An incredibly fun and very thoughtful recap podcast of the ever messy Bachelor Nation shows. I look forward to their opinions on the episodes every week! You definitely need to add this show to your Bachelor podcast rotation!
I heard about these ladies through Chatty Broads and had to join the Patreon right away! They give a perspective on Bach Nation that I wasn’t getting before and I love to hear it!
Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Spectacular
Natasha and Justine are so fun to listen to. They’re funny, do a great job recapping the Bachelor & franchise and truly care about their listeners. I feel like I’m listening to my friends talk about these shows. They offer different takes while being lighthearted. I wish I could give them more stars!
Perfect balance of humor
It’s the ONLY Bach podcast I give my time to. The hosts really know how to balance what to take seriously and what to not take seriously AT ALL about being a fan of the Bachelorverse. They create a community for fans who are eager to have their brain candy move into the 21st century when it comes to social awareness. Thoughtful, funny, and always entertaining.
My favorite weekly podcast
I have been listening to Natasha and Justine since the very beginning and their voices are so important in this space. I love their podcast and the community they have fostered! If you like what you get on here, be sure to become a patron! Love you two!
caz sews
Hilarious, thoughtful, real 🙌🏽
I’ve been listening since the beginning, Arie’s season, and Natasha and Justine keep it so real. Listening to them feels like kickin it with 2 good friends and laughing about the ridiculousness of reality TV. It’s so refreshing to hear real commentary on the social issues that play out on the Bachelor/ette/BIP. I love the balance between the humor and the discussion of uncomfortable topics. Thank you Natasha and Justine for providing this space and being so real!
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The best!
This podcast is consistently one of my top two favorite bachelor-related podcasts! Natasha and Justine make me laugh so hard every week and also bring a new, different perspective that is much needed in this franchise. Highly recommend.
Best BN Podcast
This is the only BN podcast that I listen to as soon as it comes available. I love Justine and Natasha. They’re so funny and their takes are where it’s at. Love these girls.
One of the best Bachelor podcasts
These gals are spot on with their takes on the show. They have created such a wonderful community and they put the work needed into this podcast I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.
Pinapple girl
My go to Podcast!
These ladies host the best recap podcast in and outside of bachelor nation. Talking about race, gender, sexuality, micro aggressions, body image and toxic masculinity (I could go on) is something that’s pushed to the side in most other Bach recap podcasts. Natasha and Justine want to talk about it and bring concerns they have about people on the show and bachelor nation as a whole to light, and they are relatable and hilarious while doing it. I’ve listened to all their episodes twice now and I’ll probably listen again after I finish writing this. ❤️
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As a woman of color this podcast even rubbed me the wrong way. These females are just outright racist & mean spirited. Shouldn’t be representing black women at all!!!
We get it, you don't like Katie
I'm a pateron member and enjoy the show but Katie's season was un-listenable (I know, not a word). They never had anything good to say about her. Not to say that you have to like everyone but it was so negative that I just stopped trying. Back for BIP coverage and they're still on the negative. We get it. You didn't like her. She didn't wear designer outfits and you thought she was ordinary. Please let it go and stop bringing it up. Love this show so much, please chill with the negativity!
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Inconsistent but can be fun
Awesome during Matt’s season. Not as fun during Katie’s season. Very, very negative. The empathy is gone. Will probably unsubscribe soon but might pick back up during Michelle’s season. Recommend theblckchelorettes instead. Definitely more fun but still appropriately critical. Just a more enjoyable vibe.
I started with the most recent episode and was laughing so hard with their recap. I think the ladies bring humor to parts that deserve humor, give respect when credit is due and calls out the basic men for their basic-ness. Can’t wait for next week. Queens 👑👑
Realy thought I’d like it but turned out to be a waste of time.
I was recommended this podcast by one of my friends who watched the Bachelor/ Bachelorette with me. Straight off the bat, with the bachelorette ep1, these ladies had a rather negative/ off putting tone. They didn’t discuss anything about the episode, just criticized the men’s physical appearances, clothing, and intro. I thought this would be like a deep dive into the episode and a recap of what went down with fair commentary. It felt very condescending and had higher hopes for the second episode. It was 18 minutes long with a guest speaker and the entire time it was rambling about this girls life in NYC (nothing about the show) and her personal life. For 18 minutes I listened to 3 girls talk on a topic I did not want to listen in on. They expect people to pay for their Patreon but the content just isn’t giving. Side note, I didn’t appreciate how they made many comments about race and would say the n word so freely. Just not a well-put together podcast in my opinion and needs revision as far as what kind of content people expect to hear.
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Used to Love, WAY too woke
As a black woman I found a lot of solace in this podcast and even supported on Patreon, until the show started essentially supporting Marxism and double-standard racism without even having the decency of admitting so. It used to be lighthearted, with jokes ranging from happiness at the sight of a durag on Mike Johnson, to supporting cancel culture, and downright hatred of more conservative bachelor nation members for literally no good reason. No thanks.
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Less Hatred Please
I used to really enjoy listening to this podcast. I also followed these ladies on Instagram. They recently posted a caption that states that Ben Higgins is vomit inducing. I asked why. They blocked me from their page for not understanding what they have against him. They also deleted my comment. Raising awareness with regard to racial issues is very important. But, baseless hatred is not ok.
The best out there.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for the past three seasons. It’s truly a gem. Natasha and Justine are incredibly funny women and really add something new to bachelor nation.
I discovered you lovely ladies on Chatty Broads and had to subscribe. Your authentic honesty and humor is refreshing!!
These women are truly so delightful! Thank you for going on Chatty Broads. You’ve gained one more listener! Keep up the amazing work ladies! ❤️❤️❤️
Natasha and Justine are simply the best. I look forward to their discourse and recap every week (way more than I look forward to the show itself!). If you’re at all interested in bachelor nation, this podcast is a MUST.
AHB 88
My favorite podcast (not just Bach!)
How has it possibly taken me so long to write this review?!? I have been a patron of this show for maybe two years now? Anyway, it is one of the few things I spend money on that I never question. It is absolutely worth it! One of my favorite times of the week is when a new episode drops. I loved last week’s episode so much and it really crystallized for me why I love the show so much. It is such a truly fun and deeply smart show. I loved how Natasha and Justine asked their listeners to make sure to follow other people for education and information about the experience of being a Black person in this country. I do and I will continue to, but ladies I have to say that y’all have educated me tremendously by the way you let your listeners into your lives and experiences. There is truly no better take on Bachelor Nation! That being said, I will listen happily to you two no matter what subjects you choose to cover! Thanks for being a part of my week and my life!
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Thoughtful, nuanced, and hilarious analysis of a trash show. Bachelor Nation is truly not worthy.
Ray McRo
Best Bach Podcast EVER
A friend recommended this podcast to me as we watched the Bachelor and I am so glad she did. I now listen to the podcast BEFORE watching the show because if I’d more enjoyable that way. They do a great job of reviewing each episode as well as commenting on Bachelor Nation happenings.
The entire truth 🙌🏾
This podcast is where it’s at! Justine and Natasha are funny and insightful, I love to listen to their takes on what’s happening in Bachelor Nation. I discovered and started listening to this show when they where recapping Love Is Blind and stayed for the Bachelorette recaps even tho I’d never watched an episode of any of the Bachelor franchises show before! That’s how good this podcast is. They’re able to balance the fun and humor that goes along with recapping a reality TV dating show with discussions about the realities of dating and living in America as black women. If you’re looking for a “good trouble” podcast to go along with your show watching, you’ve found it! -Asatta from the What Makes Me Well podcast.
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Best Bachelor Podcast
I’ve tried many bachelor recap podcasts but none compare to 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose. They’re funny, entertaining, and thoughtful. I listened to one clip of their recap and immediately became a Patreon member! If you love drinking wine and laughing at the bachelor (all in good fun) this podcast is for you!!
The only Patreon on subscribe to!
So smart and funny! Love y’all!!
LOVE Justine and Natasha!
This podcast is the best. Love their commentary, love their friendship. They are hilarious and insightful and entertaining. Listening to them gets me through this mess of a franchise.
Love their point of view!
This show always offers a different take on the Bachelor and the whiteness of the franchise. I really appreciate the hosts sharing their opinions and critiques. Plus they are hilarious!
The best Bachelor recap podcast
Honestly this podcast is better than the TV show, I would listen to Natasha and Justine talk about anything. Definitely recommend subscribing to their Patreon, this podcast is a ton of work. They’re not afraid to tell it like it is and call out the many problems with Bachelor nation. This only got more difficult with the recent racist behaviors by several “beloved” players and their aggressive fans (*cough* I see you one star reviews 🙃). But they’re also so much more than smart, they’re also super funny and a joy to listen to.
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Favorite Podcast
Best Bachelor recap podcast out there. Natasha and Justine are incredible.
The best Bachelor podcast
Natasha and Justine are the best—by far the best Bachelor podcast out there. So worth paying for the Patreon.
Rachael McConnell
This had me ROFL! I lost my mind. So brilliant! I love these gals and they are now part of my weekly bachelor rotation of podcasts. Love you ladies! Gonna spread this podcast!
This podcast is more entertaining and thought provoking than the Bachelor/Bachelorette show itself! Hosts Justine and Natasha provide moments of laughter, introspection, and great analysis of scenes, while also covering important topics such as misogynoir, colorism, religion, and patriarchal foolery. Signing up for their Patreon has been incredibly worthwhile as the podcast gives so much and even has content on other shows and lifestyle topics. Definitely recommend this amazing podcast
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I love Justine and Natasha! Delightful podcast and a critical perspective that Bachelor Nation needs. Thank you!
Racial discrimination is abhorrent; check yourselves ladies. May God have mercy on your bitter souls. 🙏🏿
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