2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer
2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer
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Audibly Can be tough
Bert squeak laughing and the guy laughing too hard at stuff in background kinda ruin it
Eric Dicap
The best
Not gonna lie, was feelin in the dumps tonight and threw this on and immediately turned my mood around
Ep 77 is my life
Sitting at a table full of people who are latching into the wrong details in every story. No matter how many times they tell it. You guys are hilarious
Good podcast but somehow politics always get brought up. Could definitely do without that
Bert smells
quantity not quality!
Netflix isn’t in China
R word
Meh. Replace Tommy. Let’s go.
Bert stop
Stop talking about politics. You sound R worded.
Top Notch! 🙌🏻
I love how spontaneous this shows is. It can go any direction in the drop of a dime. Fantastic work, guys. Super entertaining!
Aleksander the gray
Bert is a Toddler
If you want to hear a grown man smack into a microphone as he shoves Krispy Kremes down his throat, this is the podcast for you. Good luck ever hearing much from Tom as Bert annoyingly takes over every single episode all while contributing absolutely nothing of value. The man wants to write a self help book but I can’t see myself taking advice from a man who couldn’t spell “nightmare.” Tom is fantastic but unfortunately you won’t see that much as he has an overbearing slob of a human who will make you want to punch him in the mouth EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. After 37 episodes, I have given up hope that Bert would learn any level of basic manners.
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Basically Tom listens while Bret tells stories of parental achievements.
I have cried laughing at the podcast. Two of the best storytellers at their finest!! Burnt Chrysler and Tom Segura are hilarious! I look forward to each episode and keep recommending it. Thanks 2 Bears!!
It’s the Bert show
If you want to hear bert talk for the entire podcast this the show for you. If you want to become dumber for having listened to a show this is the one.
not pHaMIlY
Help me Bert!!!!
Bert talk Tom into helping me get a chance to see his show in Lexington, Ky at the Comedy off Broadway! I ve seen every stand up both of you have been on, I also suscribe and listen to all of both of your podcast! I’m a monster fan but the show has been sold out since it was posted! Help a loyal fan get into a small comedy club!
Crossover ep.
Loved the crossover episodes with Andrew santino and Bobby lee. So funny. Keep it up.
Haters gonna hate!! Bad friends+ bear friends equals best friends Love it
Needs negative stars.
I used to be a Tom segura fan but the way him and Burt talk down on those who have different views is appalling. They talk as though they hate it when someone talks down on others but then they do the same thing. I am no longer a fan.
#2K Berts Way
Please do not do the Bobby Lee Andrew Santino thing again. Painful. Bob is a red hot mess. Do not try so hard. Douche bags
Bent Paddle
Thank you
If it wasn’t for this show I don’t think I’d still be alive. You guys have helped me step away from the ledge. I truly thank you for all that you guys do. I feel joy when listening. You’ve brought me to think outside the box most of us are trapped in.
Ship fitter
Garbage human beings
See title.
3 bears and a lady
I think Bart and Tim, I mean Brent and Terry are awesome. Although they need to have someone on to make a third bear, It should be a black bear, or a panda.
Episode 74
That’s was the worst episode so disappointing I listen to every episode but that made me want to drive off a bridge
Nobody has ever laughed that hard mr.background producer. Bro nothing is ever that funny. It’s like a dumb applause button. Cool at first but it’s overkill now HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahHahahajjajajajajaj
I love 2B1C but...
I love the boys but I hated the Bobbi Lee w/ Andrew S episode So unfunny and a waste of my time.
Petey Pablo III
5 stars just because andrew and Bobby were on this show
I’m giving your podcast 5 stars because I love bad friends
A couple knuckle heads worth every second.
The most recent episode features Bart’s Korean accent bit, and it is insanely accurate.
Mr. Right now.
One Bear Two Holes
The perspective portrayed was unusually accurate. Two people. One seems to care more about the other. The other is skiddish about themself. Took a shot at the chosen people. Would recommend the Sklar bros.
Coach Pinot
Love you guys!
No Bears, 1 Cave?
If both of you aren’t there, please don’t make the episode. Just skip it. 2 Non bears, 1 Cave doesn’t have the same “pop”.
Bobby & Andrew
2 Friends No bears🤟🏻
Keep It Simple Stupids
Quit bringing up politics in every episode. I know your policies, we get it your progressive and better than us average joes. I listen to laugh and get through 12 hr shift on 3rd. When you don’t bring up politics your great
You are the funniest two men on the planet
I love listening to you guys and Burt makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe sometimes but when you bring up politics and you obviously get your information from one source it kills it for me. When you said you had witnessed an attempted coup I thought you were talking about the election result instead you were talking about the idiots who stormed the capitol. I feel terrible that you live in California because I spend a lot of time out here for work and I hate it. Your governor has really destroyed what was left of this beautiful place. I decided to go for a walk and have a cigar in Burbank the other night and I got told to put a mask on and put my cigar out or I would be fined. I was walking by myself in the evening. I grew up here and California and I still have family here. I am ashamed of what California has become and I’m ashamed to tell people that I was born here. I apologize about my “California rant“ but it saddens me deeply. I hope you guys are doing well and I wish you all the best this is one of my favorite podcasts.
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Bobby Mike
Burt Krusher ruins it
Burt grew up a rich spoiled life, but now non stop talking about white privilege. He talks like all whites are racist & privileged, but he can spew racist garbage & hide behind “its comedy, so it’s ok for me, but not you”. They are turning into another Hollywood SJW mouthpiece.
618 Bdown
Good content, awful audio mixing
Love these two comedians and their weekly rants on random things, but the audio is terrible. I have to crank my car volume almost to max to hear both of them, and then when either start yelling my ears get blown out. Put the mics closer to the guys, or just fix the audio mix. You guys have a whole team at YMH that should be able to fix this problem. Also whoever is constantly laughing in the background needs to just stop. The contents funny, but is it really THAT funny that you’re busting a gut anytime either Bert or Tom say anything?
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Makes me happy
Only podcast I relisten to!
So dam funny !!!
I have never listened to a podcast before this is my first one ever and you guys are so amazing and vibe together
listen to the pod at 1/2x speed
I highly recommend listening to this pod at half speed (at least part of it). Makes them sound even more drunk and it’s just a delight.
The Average Kahuna
Beary Good!
Love these two together. They start my Mondays off the right way.
I’m not saying all Bert fans are racist, but if you’re a racist you’re probably a Bert fan. There’s 2 minutes of ads every 3 minutes it seems
Mighty Durkules
My Favorite Podcast
I’m rock hard listening to these guys.
Bert needs to chill out a little bit
I’ve loved this podcast for awhile and still listen to every episode, but lately it’s just turned into a Bert therapy/idea session. The constant interrupting and “big ideas” have been kind of funny for awhile, but I’m getting a little tired of this 1 bear 1 cave format #lettomspeak
New subscriber
I could have given you more stars but I don’t think I can continue listening for much longer. Whomever that idiot in the background laughing is, you need to lose him. The talent is funny but I can’t stand that hyena’s shrieking laugh. It’s so irritating it’s all I hear.
This is America
Listen to two bald, fat, racist, (mostly) white guys talk about all the money they’ve made being bald, fat, and racist.
Riki tiki lag
Bert is terrible
Google Ban
There needs to be a ban on Barts googling requests. Maybe, also cut his mic occasionally
Come on Bert
Bert must have dementia because he won’t stop telling the same stories. Also please front load the adds.
If there is ever a live action Simpsons
Burt is a shoe in for Homer , respectfully
Front load all the ads stop interrupting the show with ads y’all are rich enough already.
Still 5 stars tho
Nucking futs
None stop laughs and I’m mostly here for Tom getting Bert drunk and fat all cast. LOOOOVE YOU GUYS!
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