2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer
YMH Studios
Weekly, comedian best friends Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer get together in the bear cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do: make each other laugh.
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Bear down
Better with no machine squeals!
ray ray mc'bigears
What a gem!!
This Podcast is by far the funniest podcast out there!!!!! What a Gem of a duo! Get ready to laugh your ass off!
Dear Tom,
I’m balder than you and Bert but that’s because I have more testosterone pumping through my body. Anyhow, I pray the two of you don’t go in for doll hair like plugs anytime soon. 🕯 You could borrow some of Bert’s ball caps. He has a vast collection and it’s the best trait about him. 🕯 🧢 👴 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Waste of time
Lame and boring. Just same stories from their 25 podcasts
Rachel Greene Approves!
Best fun with Kool aid since Jonestown!
Two bears 10 ads.
Christ is it getting bad. Everyone knows how successful Rogan is yet no one follows the perfect antidote of ads before and after the show. Just when a story gets good or I start cracking up laughing it get ruined by a ball shave ad. It’s unfortunate.
Bundt just talked about porn and I wanted to throw up. So I unsubscribed instead.
If your a fan of these 2 or are just looking for a funny podcast I can’t recommend this enough.
Live these boys
Instantly became my favorite podcast!
Berts still fat
Bernt Chrysler and Garth Brooks have the best podcast you can listen to while sipping gallons of kool-ade and entertaining Jennifer Aniston while her security looks on anxiously
These two are hilarious
Love every episode of this podcast
this show makes me horney
Pooder Rodney
Brett and Tim
Bert and Tom are like the last two brain cells I have fighting for control of my brain and soul. This podcast makes my 10 hour workday bearable. One of the top podcasts out there. Great work.
that one guy from Alabama.
Great listen
Two of my favorite comedians together with no f$@k$ given. Love you guys keep up the great content
Good but annoying
Having to listen to the producer laugh is potentially the most annoying thing. Good podcast, funny, and interesting but hearing the laughter of the producer at every little thing is infuriating.
I’m done
Can not stand Bert anymore. He has gotten literally intolerable and I just can’t listen to him.
These guys are selling out
As long as they spout out their silly ads and fill the minimum time needed they could care less if it is entertaining. They’re money hungry sell outs.
Best Pod
Two of my favorite comedians on one Pod...or in one cave. The natural flow between these two is outstanding, I don’t think they even need to have an agenda before the show. Very natural and funny. Definitely not wise to listen to with a full bladder.
Good way to kill an hour. Nothing special most of the time, but you can usually count on one belly laugh a show. Would be 5 stars but the episode where they tried to name presidents was so cringeworthy that I can’t take them seriously when they talk about anything serious.
Love Bart and Tim
two freaks
Cake Joleman
Getting lazy
Getting lazy with the intro the song was the best part
Be cautious
This podcast is a rough one to finish
Bert Eating
Listening to Bert eat brought me back to a simpler time of hogs eating ravenously from a trough.
Tom rocks
Berts still a fat racist
Every time Brett talks, I wanna kill myself.
Bart is so fat and annoying. Todd is the only reason to listen to this show, even though you can tell he hates listening to Brent, too. Your family hates you, Brad!
Death by clocks
Bear Necessities
Brent and Todd are the bestest!
Stop burping in the microphone, it’s gross.
Other then that I love it
Relavent social issues
Poignant yet reserved and conservative discussion about worldly topics those are things you should not expect on this podcast What you should expect is to wet your pants and laughter
Biff Spliff
Falling off
Leaning in to Bert’s defiant stupidity and unchecked alcoholism lately has been a bad strategy.
Generally miserable, but sometimes hilarious.
Long stretches of Bert being insufferable with small nuggets of absolute golden comedy. The best part of the show is the guy in the background laughing out loud when Bert says something stupid. I’d give 3 stars if Bert would never eat on the pod ever again.
High and tight
I give it 5 stars because I only needed 4 strokes.
great but also, maniac
A podcast guaranteed to make you laugh. Though I will say, there’s an insane maniac in the backyard of every podcast that laughs at every other sentence. It almost makes this podcast unbearable. Almost. Keep it up thiccc boyz. Update: After Bert talked about eating his boogers and not brushing his teeth I’m done with this podcast. Digesting.
This is becoming Berts therapy session
Jenn Aniston
Burts drinking...
This is definitely a great podcast, but the episodes where Burt drinks definitely suffer from his actions. I wish he would just stay sober for this because it has so much potential. Drunk burt kinda ruins the show. Tom is always an all star
Bert Kreischer 🤮
Bert is super annoying with his squeeling, and Tom has become super boring. I don’t understand what people like about this.
Absolute gold
Find myself in tears holding my stomach on many occasions. Much appreciated
Lord 5quad
Bert eating donuts
Every episode is great except for the one in which I had to listen to bert eat krispy kreme donuts for an entirely unnecessary amount of time. The most awful noise in the world. I love this podcast.
Listen more, Bert
I’d like to hear Tom talk more.
For Your Safety
There was lots of talk about this pod before it finally happened, and then when it started, Tom and Bert thought it might only be a twice a month pod. Then Covid hit, and now we get it every week. So I guess thank you Covid? I look forward to it every week.
I used to think Tom was a douche but from this podcast he’s actually pretty funny. And my dog keeps asking about Bert. What is going on
Fan of Bert
But he makes me cringe listening to him on here! Is like he tries so hard to impress Tom and the gang but he’s not funny !! I love his stand up and will continue being a fan , I just been annoyed with him the last 2/3 episodes trying. To get the Kool aid flame again ! Love you guys tho
I love this pod but no one ever wants to listen to berts fat ass get fatter. It's so unnecessary, tell him no sometimes.
Stop eating in the mic
Okay podcast but Burt is constantly eating and drinking in the mic.
Nadav laughing at Bert in the background makes me so happy
I switched from watching this on YouTube to just audio because I said I’d switch over if Bert touched his face 100 times
I’m begging you
Stop chewing into the goddamn mic
Moldy anus
Best Episode Ever.... Again!
Toast to the whole team! It’s awesome to listen to nothing but just rambling jokes of honesty and hilarity and ignorance and genuineness! Each show is getting better wish nothing but success!!!
Great podcast
Awesome podcast but concerning how Bert Chrysler likes to have sex with his dog!
Tom kills! (bike repair people)
Very funny show, thanks for the laughs. Bert should never interview anybody. Can’t wait for Warren Sapp to join the show!
Bert is my dog’s favorite comic
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