Wall Street Firms for Girls
Wall Street Firms for Girls
Sophia Manzo
Wall Street Firms for Girls is an informational podcast for college and high school girls where women professionals from Wall Street firms are interviewed on the inner workings of their positions and offer advice on how to get there.
A Career in International Private Equity
Andrea Onate is the Global Head of Private Equity Co-investments at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the $100BN private sector arm of the World Bank. Andrea describes her inspiring career in the world of international private equity by explaining the influence of PE in sustainable investing and the role of the IFC in Latin American, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. For those interested in working in emerging markets, she elaborates on the different careers within private equity and provides advice on how young women can enter this field. Moreover, throughout the interview, Andrea shares the journey of her unique career path to her current leadership position at the IFC, including her experiences as a woman working in one of the most challenging and exciting areas in finance.
Sep 4
38 min
The Skills and Mindset Behind Entrepreneurship and Financial Planning
Nicole Carson is the owner and founder of Second Story Wealth Planners, a financial planning firm. In this interview, she will begin by describing the roles of her position and experience as a business owner. Including, she will highlight how she partners with clients to build a plan toward their financial goals. Afterward, she will advise how young women can strengthen their approach to managing their own finances. Lastly, Nicole will provide insight into building the mindset and skills needed to become a successful financial planner, risk-taker, and/or entrepreneur.
Aug 1
39 min
Finding the Right Fit: The Experiences and Advice From a Partner at a Multibillion Dollar Fixed Income Asset Management Firm
Finding the Right Fit: The Experiences and Advice From a Partner at a Multibillion Dollar Fixed Income Asset Management Firm (25:23) -------- Carolina Siles is a partner at Lucid Management and Capital Partners LP, a specialized fixed income asset management firm.  In this episode, Carolina describes her career as a partner of a multibillion dollar firm and discusses her experiences working in finance, from her perspective as a Latina woman. More specifically, she talks about her work-life balance throughout her career and explains the importance of finding a firm that best supports your personal and career growth.
Jul 9
25 min
Breaking into Finance: Sweet But Fearless Founder Discusses Entry-level Positions
Mary Sullivan had over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry before she co-founded her program Sweet but Fearless, which empowers women to take on leadership positions in finance.  In this interview, Mary shares with us her amazing career journey in the financial services industry, and valuable advice for young women on starting their careers in finance, including how to apply, find potential employers, network, stand out, and obtain higher pay.
Jul 9
33 min
Different Careers at a Bank: Exploring Communications Careers in Finance
Not all careers in banking are finance and trading. Sophia interviews Esther Lee, the communications manager at Capital One, on the role of communications at a big bank. The segment first focuses on defining and detailing the skill set and opportunities of positions within this field, followed by a recount of Esther's own experiences at Capital One and how she has incorporated her passion for writing into a career in finance.
May 25
25 min
A Career in Private Banking
Interview with JP Morgan private banker Gretchen Gutierrez and her experiences and advice in pursuing a career in finance.
May 14
14 min
Introducing Wall Street Firms for Girls
Trailer introduction to Wall Street Firms for Girls
May 14
32 sec