What's Going On In Banking
What's Going On In Banking
Ron Shevlin & Cornerstone Advisors
What's Going On In Banking brings you the latest in Banking, Finance, and Fintech with insights and commentary from industry leaders, and breaking news as it happens. Host Ron Shevlin is the Chief Research Officer for Cornerstone Advisors, Forbes Contributor, and author of the "What's Going On In Banking" Annual Report.
Why Is Marketing In Decline?
Marketing majors at business schools are declining and boardrooms are dropping marketing’s seat. Even marketing professionals are failing to effectively market themselves. In this episode, Ron and guests Derik Sutton (CMO, Autobooks) and Mary Anne Keegan (CEO, Etch Advisors) discuss these challenges. They also explore the changing landscape of marketing and the need for a balance between short-term results and long-term attention.
May 1
31 min
What's Going On In Fintech?
In this episode, Ron Shevlin interviews Nigel Morris, co-founder and managing partner of QED Investors, about the current state of fintech. They discuss JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s annual shareholder letter, the impact of AI on financial institutions (and what to watch out for), what U.S.-based banks and fintech companies can learn from emerging markets, the underserved small business lending space, and much more.
Apr 17
25 min
How Are Consumers’ Banking Behaviors and Attitudes Changing?
On this episode, Ron examines how and why consumers are shaking up their banking habits with Liz Wolverton, the executive vice president and head of consumer banking and brand experience at Synovus. Together, they explore how next-gen digital bankers are – get ready – baby boomers and how younger consumers are downgrading their financial institution by moving some of their money elsewhere. Liz calls this trend “silent attrition.” They also explore what people want from a bank account, includi...
Mar 27
22 min
Finding the Next Wave to Ride // The 2024 What's Going On In Banking Report
In this episode, Ron Shevlin and Steve Williams discuss some of the hottest findings of the 2024 What's Going On in Banking report. Come for the data. Leave with ideas on successful deposit strategies, faster payment prospects, and other ways to combat growing competitive threats. Also, hear some comments penned from your peers on the thorniest challenges and biggest opportunities they see in the months to come.Download the full report now!
Feb 14
33 min
Is PayPal's Stablecoin a Threat to Banks?
On this episode, Ron dives into PayPal's groundbreaking announcement to launch its own dollar-pegged cryptocurrency with special guest Todd Baker. Together they examine how PayPal's bold move into crypto could revolutionize payments.Learn why PayPal is betting big on stablecoins becoming the next generation of digital money, discover how decentralized finance may reshape transactions, and find out what risks challengers like PayPal pose to traditional banks and payment networks.Will privately...
Aug 29, 2023
18 min
Is the Credit Card Competition Act Good For Anybody?
The Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 aims to shake up the payments industry, but would its intended consequences actually happen? Let's dive into the proposed legislation that would let merchants route transactions through networks beyond just Visa and Mastercard.On this episode, Ron talks with Michele Alt (Co-Founder of the Klaros Group and former OCC Official), to explore whether this act would truly increase competition and lower costs for consumers and merchants alike. Or might it have...
Jul 25, 2023
23 min
Why are Digital Banks and Fintechs Dominating New Checking Accounts?
On this episode, Ron Shevlin sits down with fintech analyst Alex Johnson to deep dive on why fintechs like Chime and Square captured nearly half of all new checking accounts in 2023. They explore the generational shifts towards fintech, whether niche players will survive, and if rate hikes can win back younger consumers. Unpacking the future of the checking account, they analyze the challenges digital upstarts face to retain and expand customer relationships over time. Get the data-driven ins...
Jul 19, 2023
24 min
What Should Banks Do Now, Now That the Fed Is Launching FedNow?
On today's episode, Ron and Peter Davey discuss the upcoming FedNow real-time payment service, its impact on banks and credit unions, and the technology behind it. Tune in for an insightful chat on how FedNow and RTP will transform the banking industry, promoting resilience, efficiency, and customer focus.
Apr 19, 2023
19 min
Can Banks Gain Cloud Leverage With AWS, GCP, and Azure?
On this episode, Ron talks with Barb MacLean, SVP and Head of Technology Operations and Implementation at Coastal Bank. They discuss a recent report from the US Department of Treasury regarding cloud adoption in the financial services industry. The report criticizes the big tech providers Google, Amazon, and Microsoft for their lack of information sharing, user-unfriendly tools, and vulnerability to operational incidents. It also raises concerns about the concentration of power in the hands o...
Feb 16, 2023
18 min
How Will ChatGPT Impact Banking?
On this episode, Ron talks with Chris Nichols, Director of Capital Markets at SouthState Bank, about how banks and financial institutions can adapt to the growing utilization of ChatGPT and AI in the industry.
Feb 6, 2023
17 min
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