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Friends with Friends
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KTLA in Los Angeles is known for many things, being the first TV station west of the Mississippi, legendary local news brand, and the place you can watch Friends every night.KTLA News Director Jason Ball and Producers Jackie Rodriguez and Vanessa Martinez analyze all 236 episodes of Friends one at a time with different perspectives. Jason is the OG who is the same age as the Friends and watched the show in the 90’s. Jackie is the a Friends fanatic. She has a Friends sweaters, bracelets. She’s been on the set and met the monkey that played Marcel.Vanessa is the newbie who just started watching Friends while staying at home because of the Pandemic.
S3 Ep.1 The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy
In this episode, Ross reveals his intimate fantasy to Rachel. Joey and Janice attempt to bond and Chandler reveals his own intimate thoughts to Ross.   Plus what happened in Friends that led to a lyrics argument with Vanessa and Jackie over Taylor Swift's Blank Space.
Sep 5
28 min
S3 Ep.2 The One Where No One’s Ready
In today’s episode, Ross has an important event to get to but has trouble getting everyone ready for his big night. Monica has trouble with the voicemail and Chandler and Joey fight over a big comfy chair.  Plus find out why this is known as a "bottle" episode.
Sep 5
22 min
S2 Ep.24 The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding
In today’s episode, Rachel attends her ex-fiancé and best friends wedding. Her goal was to lay low, but that did not go according to plan. Monica and Richard talk about their future together and realize their hopes and dreams don’t align.
Sep 3
26 min
S2 Ep.23 The One With the Chicken Pox
In this episode, Phoebe gets a visit from her Navy boyfriend, played by Charlie Sheen but Chicken Pox gets in the way of rekindling their romance. Find out who production called to help calm Charlie's nerves while filming this episode. Plus, Monica realizes her OCD tendencies are a little stranger than she thought after realizing her boyfriend, Richard has none.
Sep 1
19 min
S2 Ep.22 The One with the Two Parties
In today’s episode, the friends throw Rachel a surprise birthday party, but not all goes according to plan. Rachel’s divorced parents show up to the celebration and the Friends attempt to keep the parties drama free hits a few bumps along the way.
Aug 29
21 min
S2 Ep.21 The One With the Bullies
In this episode of the podcast, Chandler and Joey face two Central Perk bullies. Phoebe meets her half brother and Monica gets into the stock trading business and starts a job she isn’t a fan of.  Plus, we read listener fan mail!
Aug 27
32 min
S2 Ep.20 The One Where Old Yeller Dies
In today’s episode of the podcast, Phoebe re-watches all of the movies she grew up with after realizing the endings weren’t what she thought they were. Chandler and Joey realize how cool Richard is and Ross and Rachel tell each other the 3 magic words.
Aug 25
18 min
S2 Ep.19 The One Where Eddie Won't Go
In this this episode, we recap and discuss Chandler’s frustration with his roommate Eddie. We also reveal some of our own past roommate debacles. Joey’s debt piles up and Ross gives him advice on how to move on from his increasing debt.    Plus the girls learn how to “Be Your Own Windkeeper” and Jackie tells us her favorite self-empowerment book.
Aug 22
26 min
S2 Ep.18 The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies
In today’s episode, Joey loses his job on ‘Days of our Lives’ which remind Jason, Jackie and Vanessa one key component of surviving the entertainment industry. Eddie’s intensity increases and Rachel, Ross, Monica and Richard have a “magic number” discussion that leads to a groundbreaking scene for the 90's.   Plus, Jason gives Jackie and Vanessa a movie and television history lesson.
Aug 20
23 min
S2 Ep.16 The One Where Joey Moves Out
In today’s episode, Joey makes a life changing decision that leaves Chandler heartbroken. Monica and Ross attend their dad’s birthday party where word gets around that Richard has a younger twinkie in the city.
Aug 18
20 min
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