Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast
Alex Cardinale
Welcome to Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! This is the tropical fish keeper's podcast! Every and anything aquarium and tropical fish will be discussed here. Come and get your freshwater and saltwater fix. Monster predatory fish are Aqua Alex's specialty but you'll soon come to find out that Aqua Alex has a wide spread knowledge of many different species in the aquarium hobby.Aqua Alex has been keeping fish since he was 12 years old. Now he gets to share his passion, and love of tropical fish with the whole world! Thanks for choosing Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! Enjoy the Aquarium Hobby and listen to all of our episodes!
Aqua Alex LIVE: Fish Keeping YouTuber  Payton from PF Fishing
On this episode of Aqua Alex LIVE here on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, I interview one of my favorite fish keeping Youtubers! Payton has many awesome aquariums and many different tropical fish species. He is quite knowledgeable and knows a lot. He works at a local fish store and has great content on Youtube. It was a pleasure having him on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast and I look forward to interviewing him again.CHECK OUT HIS CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE!'fpm3xtr6'
Aug 11
25 min
Aqua Alex LIVE: Flowerhorn and Cichlid Lover Gabriel  Gomez
It's the 2nd episode of Aqua Alex LIVE! Aqua Alex LIVE, where I Aqua Alex interview tropical fish keepers from all over the world and give you the fish keepers a chance to hear about their experiences and their knowledge.Our special fish keeping guest today is Flowerhorn and Cichlid lover Gabriel Gomez. Gabriel has bred numerous species of cichlids including Midas Cichlids and Cuban cichlids.Gabriel has some awesome information on cichlids and flowerhorns that he shares with us!Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!
Jul 15
57 min
Aqua Alex LIVE: Special Guest Fish Keeper Eric Sherwood
Welcome to Aqua Alex LIVE!, a new fun series where I will be interviewing tropical fish keepers from all over the USA and world. It will be great to hear from fish keepers and learn about their experiences and their love of tropical fish. On the debut episode of Aqua Alex LIVE, I have a very special guest lined up! New listener to my fish podcasts and Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, Mr. Eric Sherwood joins me for a fun discussion on tropical fish. Eric and I ask each other wonderful questions and have a fun conversation.Eric has kept oscar cichlids and has had many large aquariums but at the moment he has only a betta aquarium.Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!!!
Jul 8
50 min
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast 500th Episode Celebration Party!
Welcome to the 500th Episode Celebration Party for Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. in 2013, I created my first aquarium and fish keeping podcast called Aquatic Wetline. Fast forward all these years later, Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast has become the longest running tropical fish podcast. I could have never imagined that I would be celebrating 500 episodes but today I am doing just that with all of you the wonderful tropical fish keepers!To celebrate 500 episodes of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast aka formely known as Aquatic Wetline, I have 4 awesome tropical fish keeping special guests, tropical fish chat, we hear from fish keepers who tell us about their proudest moment as a fish keeper, and more! Hear the ground breaking announcement at the beginning of the show that relates to the past, present, and future of AHP!Planned for the show:- Little Egypt Aquarium Club Founder Jeremy StellhornJeremy will discuss his club and angelfish and apistogrammas.- Pet YouTuber Matt Thibodeau Matt will discuss hermit crabs and tropical fish.- Fish Keeper Anthony Naples Anthony has over 30 aquariums and he will be discussing freshwater shrimp, African Cichlids, and Flowerhorns.- Nature Artist and Tropical Fish Expert Sam Garcia JR AKA Sam ScalzFind out about Sam's latest tropical fish art work and more!Special Party Guest: Author of the Truth of the Unknown Intrepreter Paul AramouniMy best friend and author comes on to promote his book and Youtube as well as announce the winner of his book giveaway!Tropical fish chat! Learn about rummynose tetras, flagtail prochilodus, Florida Gar, Pink Tail Chalceus, and Geophagus Brasilnellis.Fish Keeper's discuss their proudest momentsWinners of the Truth of the Unknown Intrepreter Book Giveaway and $50 Live Aquaria Gift Certificate announcedALL THAT AND MORE!!!!!!!!Thank you for tuning in to this fun 2 and a half hour show!Enjoy and we will see you for 500 more episodes!!!!
May 30
2 hr 35 min