15 Minutes (With Flav and Windy)
15 Minutes (With Flav and Windy)
Flav and Windy
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I cannot stop listening
I am a huge fan of both of you. I find all of your work to be outstanding. Unfortunately I am not financially able to be a patreon support of either. This podcast is wonderful and I look forward to every episode. I am often surprised how interesting you both can make topics I do not have interest in. I would love to hear an episode on astrology. I do not personally find much in it, but I would love to hear what you think! COYS from Boston!
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Quality 15 Minutes
I absolutely love listening to Flav and Windy chat about the random topics that make up our lives. So much of what you both say resonates with me and genuinely makes me look forward to each pod’s release. Plus you’re both fully COYS so that’s obviously a bonus. Cheers from the states fellas!
stop timing it
the hard time limit holds the show back. some good conversations end for no reason. let there be wiggle room flav and windy, sometimes 15, sometimes 25 minutes, let the conversation end naturally.
Francois DeLeafsuck
A Worth Quarter-Hour
Topic suggestion: Friendship - How Flav & Windy became friends? Two pals from different backgrounds chop it up about topics from the sad to the silly to the joyous. The more you listen, the more you’ll begin to feel you’re a part of the friendship.
Keep them coming
i literally created an apple account just so I could post this review, because I think you guys do good work. I really have zero rational reason to care what two strangers have to say about a random subject, yet I’m somehow drawn in by every episode, and even a bit disappointed when the 15 minute timer rings. Not a football podcast, but could only have been designed by spurs fans - constantly leaving us unfulfilled and yet enjoying the ride, and always craving just a bit more - what could be spursier? well done. my episode suggestion - HEROES
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Starting a Podcast
Mates bloody good per usual. Interested in starting a podcast and wondering what are some details to go about it. Cheers #COYS
bolt fan 72
That’s COYS for Chatting Over Your Suggestions
Couldn’t ask for two better hosts or people than Flav and Windy. Fifteen minutes of thoughtful, humorous discussion over the topics you’ve always wanted to talk to someone about but never have. Episode suggestion: The Nature of Language (peculiarities of English, second languages, miscommunications while traveling, etc.)
Golfmanguru o yea
Brilliant format
Best 15 minute podcast on planet earth. Bar none. Better than the last 15 minutes of Ajax vs Spurs in the Champions League final
Perfect Length
The perfect podcast to listen to while you search pornhub for just the right video. The boys work themselves into a lather at the same speed as you and the podcast ends at the exact moment you need it to.
Changed my Life
The 30% supports
Drill Me
15 Minutes of Relief
Two nonces talk about rimming each other for fifteen minutes at a time. Worth a listen.
A solace of podcasts
It’s not often that within the heavy podcast rotation out there — of which, there are many I listen to that are focused on football — there can be found a “solace” (of sorts) in a podcast, but this one is. It’s short and simple in structure but interesting and engaging in content. Very enjoyable.
Superpower Vulnerability
I really enjoy hearing these podcasts on a variety of topics. It’s refreshing to hear an immediate and confessional discussion with a skirt pull towards the ultimate superpower, vulnerability.
30% strong
Another great pod from Flav and Windy. Great conversations, well articulated. Love them both.
Typical American Spur
Just a stellar podcast done by two very interesting characters that know what they’re doing when it comes to content creation. Flav loves it when you say it’s content, so keep calling his content “content.”