15 Minutes to Freedom
15 Minutes to Freedom
Ryan Niddel
E518 Interview with Kris Cross | Founder of EMR Tek
38 minutes Posted May 20, 2020 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes
Today I’m blessed to be joined by my friend Kris, the founder of EMR Tek.  EMR Tek is a company that focuses on light therapy and filtering out harmful rays.  After being diagnosed with vitiligo at 3 years old, Kris and his mother flew to Germany to meet a doctor who specialized in light medicine.  After seeing incredible results in the treatment of his own condition, Kris’ interest in the technology only grew as he got older.  Find out how Kris has developed his personal experience into a passion for helping others, a successful business, plans for the future of EMR Tek, and a host of other incredible ideas on ways to “hack” your body.   If you’d like to experience red light therapy for yourself, head to https://www.emr-tek.com now!