15 min Marketing with GT
15 min Marketing with GT
Jon G Todd
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Best podcast for wedding pros
I’ve been a wedding photographer for over a decade and this is one of my fave podcast for marketing in my industry.
A must for all marketers!
The marketing world is so vast, and can be incredibly overwhelming. But Greg makes it so simple with his short episodes and quick, actionable tips!
Amanda Warfield
This podcast rocks!
I love Greg’s Podcast. He gives such great advice and it’s the perfect podcast to power punch your day!
So perfect for any business!
I love the “Touch it once” tip! So great. This man definitely knows his stuff.
This man is a genius!!! I love the super small tips I can implement.
Great podcast and easy listening.
Great episode!!! Will definitely tune in.
Bahama Indy
15 minutes to learn a thing or two...YES!!!!
Loved how Greg takes his knowledge and experience and creates smal, digestable bites and ideas that can be easily implementable. Looking forward to seeing all that I can learn for my business!
Awesome info
If you’re looking for practical, cost efficient ways to improve your marketing, this is the podcast for you. Greg is passionate about his business and it shows in his podcast
Enjoyed it!
Easy listening, great advice!
Great insight. Very practical.
Easy to listen to and very real. Looking forward to more episodes