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Well,  after a few technical difficulties we are finally back to our regular scheduled uploads.  Thanks everyone for sticking with us while we figured it out.   We are back with the 20th Episode of The Bite.  This episode we keep it casual and cover all sorts of different topics from dream fishing destinations to state records.   Give us a follow on our instagram @TheBitePodcast for updates! 
Sep 9
1 hr 42 min
Kerr Lake BFL, DIY Brush piles, New Swimbait Alert
This week on The Bite we get a full recap from Matty Ice & Gotgills on the BFL tournament they fished at Kerr Lake.  We also talk about different concepts for manmade brush piles and where some good spots to place them might be.   Also Matt SBFishing & Billy Baits give us a rundown on a brand new DREAMSMASHER Swimbaits prototype.  Thanks everyone for listening and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @TheBitePodcast!
Aug 11
1 hr 39 min
Potomac BFL Recap, Keeping Bass Alive, And UFOs?
This week on The Bite.....The boys discuss the BFL that took place on the Potomac River. We also talk in depth about how to keep you fish healthy in your live-well. We also hear a wild story from gotgills and matty about something “unidentifiable” they saw on the water!!! Follow us on Instagram @TheBitePodcast and as always thank you all for listening!
Jul 24
1 hr 34 min
Summer Bass Fishing Techniques
This week on the bite, the boys discuss their favorite summertime techniques. We get into topics like fishing deep vs shallow, favorite baits, and how to find them when the water temps start rising! Thank you all for listening and sticking with us through the quarantine and be sure to follow @thebitepodcast on instagram for more updates!
Jul 14
1 hr 19 min
After 3 month break due to Covid-19 the boys are finally starting the podcast back up.   Thank you guys for all the messages and support while we were gone.   We are all super excited to get back into things and continue right where we left off.   We got tons of stuff in the pipeline so keep up with us on instagram @TheBitePodcast for updates!   As always,  thank you all for listening and be sure and let us know if you have any topics or questions you'd like to hear us cover!   Stay safe out there!   
Jun 27
1 hr 9 min
Interview With Gary Dobyns
This week we are welcome Dobyn's Rods Founder, Gary Dobyns,  to The Bite.   Gary was down at the BassMaster Classic and called in to talk some fishin' rods with The Boys.   We were super exctied to have him on the podcast and we hope you guys enjoy it.  Be sure to check out for all the info on these amazing rods.   Also the crew are all headed down to Smith Mountain Lake to fish a BFL Tournament.   So follow us over @thebitepodcast on instagram for live updates from Smith Mountain all weekend long!   Thanks for listening!! 
Mar 12
42 min
Florida Recap, Favorite Spring Baits, Top Fishing Deals
This week on The Bite..........We are siked to welcome back Matt SB Fishing and hear some of his epic stories about his month long trip to Florida.  We also go around the table and break down some of our personal favorite spring time lures for going after those pre-spawn giants!  You’ll also hear from our special guest and founder of, Jesse Kirk.  Jesse tells us all about this awesome website he created to help the fishing community find the best possible deals on the web.  Thanks for listening!!!
Mar 5
1 hr 49 min
Prepping For Tournaments, Spinnerbaits vs Chatterbaits, Keeping Things Simple
This week the boys talk about what it takes to get ready for the upcoming tournament season. We also get into personal preferences on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and the when, where, and why, of choosing one over the over. Lastly we talk about how sometimes it’s good to take a step back and just keep things simple. Plus so much more. Thank you for listening and make sure to give us a follow over @thebitepodcast on instagram!
Feb 27
1 hr 37 min
Listener Live Stream, Private Lakes Vs Public Lakes
This week on The Bite we decided to set up an Instagram live stream so you guys could ask us questions in real time.  We had a blast hanging out with everyone and getting to respond to some of the questions you all had had for us.   This also managed to lead us back into a pretty interesting debate we've been having amongst ourselves about fishing private lakes versus public,  give it a listen and head over to @TheBitePodcast on Instagram and let us know what you guys think....We also had a very special "little" guest hanging out with us for the evening as well.  As always thank you everyone for listening and be sure to subscribe to The Bite wherever you listen to your podcasts!
Feb 20
1 hr 35 min
2 New Personal Bests In The SAME DAY!
This week on The Bite.... 20lbs with 2 fish! Hear the full story about how Matty Ice and Billy Baits both caught their new personal best bass on the SAME DAY.   We also check in with Matt SB Fishing on how things are going on his trip down to Florida.   Alex fills us in on the Elite Series and MLF events that kicked off this past week.  And Ace Boogie makes his triumphant return back to The Bite for the first time since his son was born.   Thanks for listening and be sure to follow us on Instagram @TheBitePodcast to check out pictures of Matt & Billy's new PB's!   
Feb 12
1 hr 33 min
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